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Quetzal Adventures on Fish’n 4 FUN! TV Show

[Mechanical sound] Tami: So I’m back out with
Capt. Stan here on the Delta and we’re fishing for
stripers again today. Now I’m very excited about
today because I have never fished for stripers
this way before. We’re using what looks like a
bass lure with what looks like a bass worm,
a worm we would use for bass fishing, hooked on the
end of it. This thing looks crazy, I’m so excited to see what
we’re gonna catch with this. ♪♪ Narrator: HERE WE GO! Stan: Rotate left Tami: Problem here. This fish
is not co-operating he wants towards shore which
is right across both these lines. Stan: Ok rotate left some
more come on. You tell the fish where you
want it to go. ♪♪ Stan has put us on the fish. Stan: Is that a nice fish?
Tami: Good job Stan! ♪♪ Haha…hooo Narrator: NO DOUBT TODAY IS
TURNING OUT TO BE A REALLY GOOD DAY [mechanical noise] ♪♪ Basically what we have here
is a deep running lure It’ll run anywhere from about
10-13 ft deep. It’ll run, oh will run at
anywhere from 2 1/2 to 3 miles an hour back about 100-110 ft. This is a favorite color here
in, here in the Delta right now. It’s called a firetiger. This is a P-line Predator. [Mechanical sound] ♪♪ Fish on. Heheha Narrator: HAVING THE RIGHT
FUN. I THINK SHE’S HOOKED. ♪♪ Is that a nice fish or what? Oh my goodness what a beauty
look at this thing WOW! Check this guy out. he-hoo! Look at him. What a beauty.

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