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Quick Dinner/Tilapia Recipe/Queencecile

Quick Dinner/Tilapia Recipe/Queencecile

hello guys welcome to my channel today I’m going to show you how to make this quick and fast in very easy tilapia recipe so as you can see I already have my fresh tune up here over here and all you’re gonna have to do it just go ahead and put some cuts on your tea lap here okay so you’re gonna put some cuts like this to make sure that the flavor when you are sizzling your tilapia that the flavor get into the meat so really inside tilapia so the cut is going to be looking like this when I do how many clean this one and give this one some carrots as well so make sure that you clean the inside and make sure that your hands are washed of course make sure that your tilapia is clean inside and out from there you are going to start seasoning your tilapia so today I’m going to be using magic if you can use salt you can use pretty much anything that you want but I’m going to start with using magic your face and seasoning my magic cube like this is because I want to you don’t have to do this but if you want to season it like this first you can just go ahead and start doing this first but it’s really optional you know it’s really optional you don’t have to do this but I like to do this first because I want my fish to be well sitting ok so now that everything has been well sitting with mana tube or salt depend on why seasoning you are using I’m going to start making my base sauce for the fish so to start with your base sauce you are going to be needing shallots and I’m going to be grabbing some green onion as warmed and I’m also gonna be doing some ginger you can use you can use anything else you want but for this recipe we are going to be working with shallots ginger green onion and some garlic and also we’re gonna need some olive oil and I’m gonna be using some roasted red bell pepper you don’t have to get the roasted bell pepper you can just get the regular bell pepper but this for this recipe I’m going to use the worst about pepper because it has a sweet flavor into it and to post your own bell pepper if you want to do the additional stuff you can definitely go ahead and roast your own beverages go ahead and put in your bell pepper on on the sheets or pen put it in the oven at 350 degrees and then roast it for about 30 minutes until you see the you see the outside of the skin of the red pepper skin becomes black and then from there you just remove it that means in the in another video so let’s use this one because it’s easy and fast I’m just going to go on and open our roasted bell pepper and it looks like this as you can already see I’m just gonna go name putting right there I’m gonna take about two two roasted bell pepper and I’m just gonna go ahead and chop them you don’t have to chop them up then finally you just have to chop them you know as big as you want because either way you are still going to cookie usually to cook so we don’t need it to be chops like these there now I’m just going to go ahead and give my Crowley so what I’m going to be doing as well it just go ahead and chop my garlic I can say you don’t have to chop them in go ahead and grab your shallots as long so the reason why I’m using shallots is just because shallots has a sweeter taste flavor taste you go a night it’s shallow just a regular army but the taste to a it’s it’s treated with any regular army so that’s why I like it so I’m going to be using it for this dish only if I can open it yes guys so to make this you just think I have to be a professional cook you don’t have to be but as you can see I need like a small garbage oh you don’t have to be a professional cake to make this fish anybody making it’s really easy and simple you can make it if you are giving people a room or you are just having you are just cooking for like your husband or your your wife you know okay so now all of my vegetable has been chopped I do have green onion ginger shallots garlic and the roasted bell peppers I’m just gonna gonna grab my oil and I’m gonna go ahead and put it into my pan yes your pen is gonna be hot because I already had my my pain hot so it’s gonna be smoking hot so we’re gonna go ahead and [Music] [Music] now you are just going to go in and turn it make sure everything is cooking properly a little bit and then I’m going to grab one of my magic kill just gonna go on and trap it there just because the reason why I’m putting one magic cube into my vegetable is because I want my vegetables to have slavery so what I’m going to put into my fish it’s going to taste really good and you can also use this vegetable for it you know there are not that sure you can use this sauce for their own so here we were just cooking it until everything becomes a little bit translucent we are not going to cook it all the way through just because just because 101 just wanted the flavor of all the vegetables garlic onion and ginger and you know like putting onion all the things to like explain things together and just become one one slavery okay so it’s looking like Alex our vegetables are looking really good so just think to be adding a little bit of the water this to give it a little bit of the sauce you know not too much and just cook it a little vain okay so our vegetables are cooking really good and let me just gonna try the sauce yeah it’s okay so everything is beautiful like you can taste the garlic the shallots ginger remove it after you remove it you’re just gonna go ahead and grab your blender okay guys so our sauce is looking really good guys so I’m gonna go ahead and start putting it into my plane so you’re just gonna go ahead and grab yourself and put it into the now we are going to go ahead and join our and just take a look at this sauce look how creamy and just reaching beautiful color so now we are going to grab our fish and then we’re just gonna go ahead and put it here and then we’re just gonna go ahead and start dumping some of the sauce on the fish and then you’re just gonna go ahead and start marinating your fish you know like this salt it’s so good like your fish it just gonna be so happy that you are you know marinating it with this fish well you are marinating with this salsa and so now our fish has been coated everywhere so I’m gonna go ahead and let it rest for this two hours and then after that we’re gonna go ahead and cook it after it has been two hours since our beautiful fish has been marinating so you can use the oven if you want but this is such a small oven it’s called a roaster oven on to roast your chicken your fish anything so here I just have the aluminum here inside just so that way so that way I can get all the sauce that’s gonna be dripping from the fish when I’m cooking it and it’s not gonna be too messy so I’m just gonna go ahead and grab my fish and put it here inside I have already preheated my toaster oven at 450 and we are going to cook it for about one hour to two hours just depending on how we see how it’s gonna look and yes guys so I’m just gonna go to place the right there so yeah and then once you place inside you’re just gonna go ahead and cover it in let it cook until everything is ready as being only 14 minutes since I was cooking it at 450 degrees some oven cooks faster some other don’t cook faster so if you feel like you have to cook it for 1 hour go ahead and cook it for 1 hour just because mine only 2 3 minutes doesn’t mean you have to cook it for 40 minutes so this is our fish oh my god it’s good and I just need to find a way to put this so after you remove your fish you are going to governing drip this sauce on top of me because that’s your sauce right there you don’t wanna miss out on anything my fish is done and I’m just gonna do a quick decoration so you can really just use lemon or lime you know it doesn’t really matter what you use just make the plate look really nice you know so yeah so here I’m just gonna go in for my lemon I’m gonna go ahead and add my tomato just to give it some coloring things you know you can also use it though and just how are you running and in here I do have my parsley you can also use cilantro if you want or you can use green onion but it’s only for the purpose of the decoration use everything you have in your home you don’t have to buy you know like expensive stuff or anything like that like here I’m just trying to plate in and see how everything would work again you have some vegetables like I have broccoli here you can just go ahead and put your broccoli on the side or you can also do cauliflower or if you’re like you know you’re eating them with something else like fontaine or potato you can just do that here I have my fish I’m gonna go ahead and show you out the ending process of it and I just wanna say thank you so much for tuning in today thank you so much for being with me and watching this to life your recipe I hope you guys make and I hope you guys have fun making it and love the recipe so here we do have our food I’m just gonna go ahead and cut a little bit so we can taste the food that we made right you know because we cannot just go ahead and show you guys I’m gonna get some broccoli on the side I need some fresh tomatoes let me go and look gone into the finish this fish is so delicious like I just people comment on you go ahead and try this and you have to make this done if you are African you can eat it with my kimbap Cuong down anything this is the bone make it for your husband or your wife there are just things going to be happy because this is good so thank you so much for tuning in today and I hope you guys subscribe to my channel and comment down below and don’t forget to click the poster through kitchen hi Colin it’s the notification thing just go ahead and click that so that way when I post a new video you’ll be able to see it you’ll be notified and you’ll stay up and update up today anyways guys okay so I hope you have a wonderful day and bye I’m going to face it

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