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Quick & Easy Open Face Tuna Melt | Healthy Recipes

Quick & Easy Open Face Tuna Melt | Healthy Recipes

Kris Gethin here
with I’m putting together a very
fast, quick and easy meal, or snack. It’s a tuna open sandwich melt
that I like to do if, you know, I haven’t got much time. So I just put some
fat free Pam on there. I’m gonna throw on the piece of
bread because I don’t get a– I don’t have a toaster
in my kitchen. If you’ve got a toaster,
throw that on there if you want, however this is a quick and
easy way to do it as well. So I’ll put the bread in there,
I’ll toast it either side, just a little bit. And once that’s toasted, I’m
gonna put one fried egg in here as well. So I just preheated that
so turn it down just a tad. And then when that’s cooking,
when the bread is cooking on the one side, once it’s done,
I’m gonna turn it over here. Put that there now. And then what I’m gonna do
is put the tuna on there while it’s cooking. So let me get a fork here
that I didn’t prepare earlier. So I’m gonna throw this on. So I got one tin of tuna that’s
just soaked in water, you know, not in brine and not in oil
so it’s just, you know, it’s a low-fat meal here. The only fat that we’re
gonna get, the good fats from the egg yolk here. So I’ll just pack
that on there like that. And then ’cause I don’t really
like the taste of tuna, I get one low-fat slice. Some countries you can get
fat free but here in India, I can only get low fat. Low-fat slice–shut up, dog. Of cheese, all right? Now to make sure that melts
there, we’re gonna put this makeshift kind of lid on here. It isn’t supposed to be
a lid for the frying pan, as you can see, but
it’s all I got. So once I hold the heat in
there, it helps melt the cheese just that little bit extra and
it also helps cook the top of the egg yolk
so it isn’t so runny. But, you know, if you want it a
little bit runny, you can do so. I don’t mind it either way. You know, it all goes down
the same hole, you know? So I’ll just let that cook
for a couple of minutes. I’ve got some chopped tomatoes
here that I’ll add on there. You can put some
lettuce on there, you know, it’s entirely up to you
at the end of the day. And my ketchup of
choice is by Walden Farms. You can get this online. I think you can–yeah, you
can get it on There’s a huge
line that they hold. Some of it’s on I think they’ve got an extended
line that I haven’t tried that you can get elsewhere but
I like the essentials, like the barbecue sauce, the
pancake syrup, the ketchup. And because it’s calorie
free, it saves your abs, especially when
you’re on a diet. So let me just lift this lid
up and see where we’re at. The cheese is melted
and it’s fallen off. So as we are with the live
filming, there’s no way I can edit that out. If I screw it up, I screw up. But anyway, it’s okay,
we’ll save the day. So I’m gonna throw
this egg on like so. Doesn’t matter if
you break the yolk. If you break it, so be it. Okay, so throw that on there and
then you can add the tomatoes on there if you want. It’s up to you,
but I like to add it just for a little bit of flavor. You can hold them
on there intact. That’s pretty much it. I did have a spatula here
somewhere so I can pull it off. Then that is pretty much it. So you’ve got like your
open tuna melted toasty, cheese melted toasty. So there you go, bon appetit.

30 comments on “Quick & Easy Open Face Tuna Melt | Healthy Recipes

  1. Kris, you are brilliant. I'm on week 7/12 and ever day I thank god I stumbled on your 12 week transformation. From my husband and myself, thank you.

  2. Next time you make it try going bread,tuna,tomatoes,egg, then cheese. I feel like that might help hold it all together better. Good video though, thanks!

  3. I love that recipe. I have been eating it for years. You can also throw in a slice or two of Avocado. Kris I love how you go with the flow.. good on you mate!

  4. I haven't laughed this much in ages, hilarious cooking show! Shut up dog lol. Leno &Letterman are boring scripted. This guy is real LMFAA comedy!

  5. Kris u r amazing cook as well as trainer too….sometimes it happens in cooking the cheese one…to all the dislike guys wht was wrong in this video?

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