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100 comments on “Quick Keto Meal Prep – Salmon & Cauliflower Risotto / Comida Ketogenica

  1. Hi, Kevin! I always love watching your videos and today, I actually did meal prep watching your $75 meal prep challenge from kroger! I am a pharmacy school student and I learned from pathophysiology class that long term ketogenic diet could result in ketoacidosis so it should not be a long term diet.. so hope you watch out for any symptoms such as shortness of breath! That means your blood is too acidic! Wish you a great week!

  2. Love the shirt Kevin this recipe looks so good and it's easy will try but first one question coconut cream does Sprouts have it or where would I find it thanks.

  3. your recipes are insane! this looks delicious. I meant to ask you – how do you usually reheat your recipes? I don't know if you have a video about that or not. I can't stand microwaving food; I'm thinking of trying to prep in glass containers that are oven-friendly.

  4. I just discovered your site and made the recipe yesterday. I turned out super great. The asparagus came out kinda wilted, but that cauliflower risotto though…. Amazing! I would like to learn about ketogenic. I looking for to fix meals that will help me loss weight, but also help in building muscle.

  5. Hi! I found your channel looking up Paleo recipes, just now. This looks wonderful! I'm new to cooking fish and I'd like to eat it more at home, so this recipe is on point for me! (Extra points for the asparagus! Mine is always soggy, baking it on a rack us brilliant!) thanks! subscribing!

  6. I've been battling with the decision to start a ketogenic lifestyle for a while now. I have a busy day to day schedule and I'm not convinced that I'll be able to keep consistency. I also have some worries about the food costs involved. I know the science behind it is high fat, but nourishing your body high quality fats and proteins can get expensive. On top of that, I'm 21yrs old, so most, if not all, social gatherings involve beer and pizza and whatnot.
    Any tips from your experience with transitioning to keto would be awesome! And any low-cost, make-ahead recipes would be helpful to see if this is a realistic option for me.
    I love cooking and learning about nutrition and fitness. Your videos and recipes have always been a go to for me. Thank you!!

  7. I started following you a while back maybe 2 years ago. Then I stopped because I fell off track and today I started looking into keto to start Monday. And wow I'm so glad you are also doing it!! I can't wait to see more keto meal prep videos from you!! Please do more.

  8. Thank you so much for posting! I just started livin' the keto way and this is def helpful. Finding delicious keto recipes can be challenging. Would love to see more keto vids.

  9. Highly interested in keto but having difficulty finding delicious recipes, meal prep, and variety. Using healthy fats and protein without resorting to read meat and extra bacon.

  10. I personally love eating keto! I have found it to be the only way I can successfully lose weight and keep it off, while also knocking back my pre-diabetes. I feel so much better eating healthy fats, and I eat less in general when I do. I've gone off the diet a few times, but I always come back when I feel really icky, and know I've been doing what I'm not supposed to LOL. I love this meal prep, and I can't wait to try it! It's refreshing to see a different recipe for cauli-rice than just plain, or stir-fry type. Thanks!!

  11. I've been eating nothing but fish & veggies for a bit now & I've seen a big difference! I didn't even know it was a Keto Diet I've also been working out, mostly cardio bc I'm aiming to lose belly fat. Any who, I cook every day my fish bc I'm not sure how far fish or this meal can be prepped for. Can you please let me know if I can cook this on Monday's and save up until Friday? All help is appreciated! Thanks!

  12. Ive been on Keto for about a year now. i used to weigh almost 310lbs at 51% body fat. I can proudly say today I weigh in at 195lbs at 24% body fat. this diet with regukar excercise and workouts is amazing.

    This recipe looks amazing and I cant wait to try it! Keep em coming!

  13. I recently had weightloss surgery and I was informed that a keto diet would be the best long term for me but I don't know anything about it or how to even start. all information would be helpful

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  15. At first the keto diet was hell but now I'm 3 months in & my body has changed so much from it. Now I'm 18 lbs down and energy level is super high.

  16. Hey Kevin, would you recommend the keto diet for a female who is trying to lean out but not necessarily 'bulk'?'

  17. OMG Thank you so much for this. This is like the Salmon dish served at the restaurant Clyde's. I can't wait to try it.

  18. Half of video is introductions & advertise. Cooking instruction for cauliflower risotto is not even fully explained. Sigh

  19. Love this prep and meals!!! Ive learned alot! I get mine from healthy pursuits!!

  20. I tried doing ketogenics for a while, but realized my body was going into ketosis really fast. So I had to let this one go. Anyone experienced the same thing? Asking for a friend

  21. I love it when you prep meals it shows that it's not hard and also you end up with more time on your hands at the end of the week.

  22. Haha 😂 you're funny! Love the cauliflower "rice" idea 🙂 been on keto the last 2 weeks (following it 90%—had quinoa and fruit a few times BUT I was good overall). My experience: I stopped craving sweets ( i see sweets at work and they mean nothing to me). I did zoodles a few times, cauliflower pizza, salads, and steamed veggies with a protein. Only coffee and a protein bar for breakfast and making a lot of keto bread which is BOMB! 6 days into it I was irritable and grumpy but not due to hunger, just was pissed off for some reason but better now. I think it is a great lifestyle to go on, if not full-blown Keto, at least very low carb, especially for people with diabetes.

  23. 420 Degrees F = 220 degrees Celsius. Can you please also mention the European metric system? Thanks. Greets from Holland.

  24. If you squeeze the water out of the cauliflower it will brown a little and be less runny then it can absorb the delicious coconut and chicken broth flavours. 🙂

  25. I really just heard about the Keto diet over the last couple days. Excited to hear more. Going to try the this recipe tonight. Thank you!

  26. I dont really like the taste of coconut will the risotto have a coconut taste, if so can I substitute for another cream or sour cream even?

  27. Thanks for sharing. I have been looking at the keto diet for sometime even put a friend to start but I feel when i start putting together ideas i dont know where to start… i want to start a 7 day plan for my husband and myself as he has been recently diagnosed with diabetes. Need to make some changes to lose weight and maintain the weight loss when we reach our goals..

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