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Quick ways to create lead magnets – the lead magnet review – J.R. Fisher

quick ways to create lead magnets hey
are you trying to create a lead magnet or maybe you don’t even know what one is
in this video I’m gonna explain exactly what a lead magnet is how to create them
simple and easy and get real results and we’re starting right now hey everyone J.R. Fisher here welcome
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right tools and on this channel I share all of that with you I’ve sold millions
of dollars of both digital and physical products online over the years and I’ve
come across things that just plain work and things that don’t work so I like to
share those things with you so you have that advantage now have you already
tried to do a lead magnet do you know what one is put your comments below so I
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let’s get going first off you know what the heck is a lead magnet you know I
remember first time I heard this I had no idea what it was but really it’s just
an incentive that marketers use to attract potential buyers to getting on
their list so it’s actually a little piece of information maybe it’s a PDF
you know maybe it’s a webinar maybe it’s or whatever but it gets them on my list
so that I can give them something for free value so that they can give me
their name and email and I can start marketing to them why do you need a
well quite honestly every single business needs an ale people are past
that stage of saying well I’m just gonna join your email list and see what shows
up in my email box people don’t want to get emails unless it’s something really
targeted towards them so what a lead magnet does is it actually gives them a
piece of information they’re particularly looking for it can be a
checklist it can be a PDF whatever but it actually gives them real content and
real value and it will make them want to give up their email and name and give it
to you now the more specific you can make this the better if you if you had
10 steps to give better customer service you may or may not get that many opt-ins
but if you say download this case study of a company that use my 10 steps to
improve their customer service and see what happened with them that’s a little
bit more interesting a little bit more compelling and you’re gonna get more
opt-ins if you word something like that so now that you understand what a lead
magnet is let’s take a look at what’s gonna make your lead magnet good in
other words what’s gonna make people actually opt in for your lead magnet now
there are seven things that you want to do that are gonna make your lead magnet
absolutely irresistible so let’s go through them real quick number one
solves a real problem so if you can word that your lead magnet is gonna solve
their problem then people are gonna probably opt in so you know we sell
survival food so a lead magnet for us could be you know protect your home in
the event of a break-in and that is interesting to somebody you know you may
word it you know the five steps to protect your home in the event of a
break-in and that’s something valuable that
somebody may opt in for because we’re actually solving a real problem that’s
something you know are our customers out there want to protect themselves we know
that their preparedness people so if we give them something of value like that
they’re very likely to opt in for it number two it could be something like
promising one Wyn so let’s say you’re in the weight
loss arena and you may do a lead magnet that says lose seven pounds in 14 days
by doing these three things now if people hear that they’re gonna be like
well yeah that’s a win that’s what I want to do so I’m definitely gonna opt
in for that so think of it in those terms also also number three is be super
specific so your lead magnet let’s say you’re teaching people how to write
sales emails it may be something along the lines of five ways to double your
clicks on your emails by using this method and people are gonna look at that
and go well five ways I want to know what those five ways are so be super
specific about it and it’s gonna really speak to the people that are looking for
that particular problem solved number four is the exciting part here’s the
exciting part quick to digest and what do I mean by that make it short it
shouldn’t be real long we’re not looking for a 100-page document nobody wants to
read a hundred page document they want something short it can be as little as
one or two page PDF and here’s the cool thing about that it doesn’t take you
long to do something like that and it gets them the result much faster so if
you can condense it and you make it easy to digest which is number four then of
course you’re gonna get more opt-ins because they’re gonna look at and say
yeah I can grab this and get a result real quick I don’t have to spend two
days reading a report so don’t do very long lead magnets they don’t work number
five make sure it has high value you know whatever you’re giving this
consumer you’re actually showing them what your company is what you are right
up front so if you don’t give them real value then of course they’re not gonna
be impressed and they’re not gonna buy your products on down the road so make
sure it has high value I’ve even taken some of my courses that are a group of
videos and gave them away for free so that somebody could actually see what we
can do and we can help them with their business and the cool thing is if you
help them right before they buy anything from you they’re more likely to buy from
you if you help them and get them results in advance that’s something you
want to think about too high value number six is instantly accessible okay
don’t make them jump through a bunch of Hoops don’t make them opt-in and then
you’re going send them an email and they’re gonna
have to click and then they’re gonna have to download it as soon as they give
up their email and name take them to the page where that product is that PDF is
those videos are so make sure they get it quick people like instant
gratification and if they have to go through two or three steps like you
sending them an email and having to download it then they may never open
that email they may never see that email and then that’s where it’s gonna stop so
you want to put as few barriers in front of them as possible and the best way to
do that is make it instantly accessible and number seven so so important
demonstrate your expertise whatever you give them in this lead magnet make sure
it’s something that really shows that you have value that you can bring value
to their life and you can get them results because understand this lead
magnet is kind of like that first date it’s gonna be your first and last
opportunity to make that first impression so if you don’t give real
value if you don’t demonstrate what an expert you are in this particular area
but what your product can do for them then of course they’re probably not
going to buy from you later on okay let’s look at my top ten types of lead
magnets in order of how well they convert now the number one one is a
checklist number one is checklist people love checklist because it’s easy they
can set it down they can go through the checklist they can mark things off they
know they got the thing done so number one is a checklist here’s a couple
examples of some artwork for a checklist and you can see it really leads the
person to want to give up their information because they want to get
this result so these are a couple of really good examples right here now the
next one I really like is called a cheat sheet people are like oh yeah I get
something that nobody else gets I I kind of get ahead of everybody else now
here’s an example of a cheat sheet and this one was created for bloggers and it
says 52 headline hacks a cheat sheet for writing blog posts that go viral
now bloggers want their posts to go viral so this is a very benefit driven
type of lead magnet for them it also removes all of the you know having to
think and come up with ideas you don’t have to wrack your brain about anything
it’s all right here for you then next one number three is a template
templates are awesome because it allows the person getting this particularly
magnet to just fill in the form it’s already set up it’s already organized
and all they got to do is fill in the template now this is a really good
example right here it says where can I send you my 72 word magic email template
so it tells them right up front that all they have to do is use this template and
it’s not real long it’s only 72 words and they can start getting results
almost immediately now these are also very useful if you’re an expert or a VIP
in the industry because they want to know exactly how you do things and they
want to copy those things okay if you want to make your lead magnet even more
powerful you can actually combine it and make it bigger than what it originally
is instead of one template you can have a whole bunch of templates now if you
know this digital marketer did this one here it says the ultimate Facebook ad
template library so what this does is it tells the viewer that they’re gonna have
a whole bunch of templates to do a whole bunch of different ads because they know
they don’t have to do just one ad they’ve got a bunch of ads to do and
this can help them out tremendously number four works really well and that’s
called a swipe file why does swipe files work so well well quite simply put the
person doesn’t have to do anything all they have to do is take your file and
use your file and get results from it for example the ultimate social media
swipe file includes 72 headlines for social media posts that you can simply
well swipe and you could use these headlines for your social media
number five is examples if they have an example of something that already worked
and they can use that to help them out they work amazingly now for instance bid
sketch a proposal software uses a sample client proposal as a lead magnet and
gives it out to people to get them on their list in fact you could turn one of
your popular post into a lead generating machine by optimizing it for your
keyword plus examples and then adding an example lead bag
as content upgrade the next one is a script scripts are awesome because they
actually tell the person exactly what to say and do for instance if they were
going on a job interview you can actually provide them with a script for
job interview so that they get a better result and hopefully get the job another
great example of this popular lead magnet creation by Marcus Craig is three
persuasive video scripts that you can steal
number seven is a toolkit why well because everybody wants to know the
exact tools that the experts are using the people who are super successful in
the industry if they know their tools they know they can get the same results
if they use the same tools now the next one is a web app that’s this is a really
cool one because they have to actually log in to your site
to use this particular app and if they’re logging into your site you get
their email so now you’ve built your list and they have to keep coming back
to your site to actually use that app for example Brian Harris created this
web app called list goal which is completely free to use however when you
sign up for it Brian gets permission to email you and he can sell you other
things number nine is a resource list a resource lists are great because people
can just go to that list and find the information they need on a particular
subject and it saves them a ton of time and that’s what this is all about is
saving them time my giant guest blogging index has been a huge hit for that very
reason for someone looking to write guest posts all the tough research has
been done for them so it makes it super easy to do and my final one number 10 is
a calendar people love calendars if you provide them with a calendar for example
if you’re in the fitness industry like blog Gotti’s you could offer a workout
calendar this way your users don’t have to think about what exercises to do
every single day because you’ve already mapped everything out for them and it’s
all planned now if you’re having difficulty with how to make these I
would just go to up work or 5:00 or you could hire somebody to make any of these
for you now if you found something here that you think are pretty interesting
that you’re gonna try let me hear your comments below have you tried to do your
only magnets what results did you get put
your comments below or if you just have questions about how to do any of this I
really appreciate you listening and as promised there’s a $97 ecommerce course
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I’ll see you in the next video

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