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R64: Mario’s Road Trip

R64: Mario’s Road Trip

*Retarded64 intro* Mario: MAMA F**KER! *old fashion car beeps* Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY *Toad and SMG4 sarcasticly being excited* YOU’RE GONNA LIKE IT! Mario: Okee dokey! Mario: Lets-a go! F**KER! *Toads retarded voices* Mario: Come on! Mario: Lets-a go! Toad: What? (oh shit) toad: FUCK. THAT. SHIT. Mario: No! *italian Gibberish* Mario: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Mario: This-a makes me so happy! Mario: OOF! Its good that Smg4 knows how to drive! Mario: Lalalala mhhmhmm La La La ! Mario: Haha! Here we go! Fishy Boopkins: Hey guys! It’s Fishy Boopkins! Fishy Boopkins: And today i will be your GPS! 😀 *SMG4 furiously yelling out of anger* Fishy Boopkins: And maybe we can be friends because… Fishy Boopkins: I am so lonely… Fishy Boopkins: DO you guys want to play any games!? Fishy Boopkins: I got, i got this new Hello Kitty phone! Fishy Boopkins: Please call me guys! Fishy Boopkins: Uhhh, ok ok, uh, so uh, so you might wanna, take a left. (They took the wrong location didn’t they) Fishy Boopkins: WAIAIT, that ain’t right… Oopsy poopsys Fishy Boopkins: Uh, silly me… Fishy Boopkins: Take a left turn Fishy Boopkins: Or, or was it straight? Fisy Boopkins: Just go that way i guess Fish Boopkins: Hm.. That.. FIshy Boopkins: Ah, crap I’m lost Fishy Boopkins: Can’t do anything right ;( Fishy Boopkins: Ugh, I am so bad! (1 like=1 friend for Fishy Boopkins) Fishy Boopkins: Wait a minute lemme get my GPS out! GPS: Oh, oh hi Fishy Boopkins! Fishy Boopkins: Hey Fishy Boopkins! Can i get your help? GPS: Sure! GPS: I have been good lately! Fishy Boopkins: Oh, very good! Fishy Boopkins: I bought some new games, you wanna play with me? *SMG4 is 10x more angry then before* Fishy Boopkins: It’s called “A Server” in minecraft. Fishy Boopkins: ahhhhH!!! *retarded angry yelling* Mario: Hey! Oh ye-mama mia *italian stuff*(Peanuts? Seriously?) Mario: No problem! Mario: Lets-a go! Mario: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mario: THAT WAY! (You fuked up now) (toad wants tacos in 3 2 1) ♫ Waluiiigiiii’s taco stand ♫
(You know i am kinda hungry…) Mario: WOAAH! Mario: HAHAHHAAHAHH! *Buncha yelling* NOM NOM NOM NOM ♫ You used to call me on my cell phone… ♫ ♫ Late night when you need my love ♫ Smg4: OH YEEEHHHH Mario: BLECH, boooooring ♫ Booty booty booteh! ♫ Mario: KAWAIII DESUUU Toad: HA! gaaaaay POKEEEEMON, GOTEH CUTCH EM ULLL I KNU ITS MAH, DESTINEEEE POKEEEMUN (there’s somethin’ about ya GUUUUUUURL) Mario: Mhhmmm! ♫ If you like chicken nug- ♫ Toad: NO! TEY SEE MI ROLIN, TEY HETIN *Bunch-a retards fighting over music* ♫ What is love? ♫ (This song: The song that cures problems) ♫ Pen pineapple apple pen… Apple pen… ♫ (Oh god) ♫ Oooohhh pineapple pen ♫ (wtf) (the songs shit tbh) Smg4: right… Mario: mhm. (Oh no they ran out of fuel) DED SMG4: Ah crap! Mario: Hm… *italian stuff* (Oh god please no) Bob: OH MY GOD IS THAT YOU SMG4 AND MARIO SMG4: RUN BITCH! Bob: I HAVE BEEN LOST IN THIS DESERT FOR DAYS Mario: Hurry up already!!! Bob: YOU COME TO RESQUE ME! Toad: THE POWER OF SATAN COMPELS YOU SMG4: Oh come on already!!! D:

100 comments on “R64: Mario’s Road Trip

  1. 2:33 kills waluigi
    2:36 Mario eating waluigis tacos
    Waluigi in heaven: HOW DARE U TOUCH MA TACOS 🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

  2. Toads face on the thumbnail though
    Edit: 4:41 i’ve forgotten what this song is called. SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!

  3. TIL Silva gunner invented waluigis tacostand in smg4. amazing. also, anyone know if there's a link to the awesome horn version of Mario land 1 theme?

  4. In 7:07 did you realize that toad push the gas pedal even though he is supposed to push the brake pedal and the gas pedal made the car stop
    Like if you notice that

  5. f this video that was the best GPS ever like if you agree. I am not subscribin until I get a episode where fishy boopkins is the star.

  6. Person:Let's Watch The Simpsons episode Chief Of Hearts!
    Me:But,I don't wanna watch it,Lisa is my favorite character and she didn't talk in it!

  7. Hey mr smg4 could you please do a toad adventure? I think it would be cool if toad had a secret organisation and Mario followed him to it to screw it all up!

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