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31 comments on “RAINFOREST JUMPEROO Fisher-Price – Demo and Assembly 👈

  1. Can you fold/collapse this jumperoo for storage? Can't seem to find any video that shows it. Thanks!

  2. The frame pivots to a nested position and it folds so you can carry it from room to room. It makes a smaller circle, if that makes sense.  In other words, it's not completely folded and is the same height,but the circle base folds in and is smaller.
    Otherwise, I think it would need to be disassembled. Check out the extended description on – there is a picture of what I'm referred to.

    By the way, Caius (from the video) is now almost 8 months old and still loves the Jumperoo, but he makes SO MUCH NOISE jumping up and [email protected]

  3. Thanks so much. i can see that it isn't hard and doesn't take long.  i was looking at the Baby Einstein as well.  One you tube video review mentioned that it took an hour to assemble. They didn't actually show any of that. i looked at the assembly instructions online—most complicated thing i've ever seen!  Maybe it has more activities, not sure.  

  4. Great video New Day Videos! If you love Little People, be sure to see my new video of the City Skyway Car Ramp: !

  5. Thank you for making this video. I bought mine secondhand and didn't know how to remove anything so this was a really big help! 🙂 can't wait till my little one gets here to play in it. Your baby looks like he's in love with it.

  6. I bought mine used and I haven't been able to figure out how to adjust the seat height to the 3rd and tallest position. The strap doesn't have enough slack because the bungee part stops it going through the slot further and the metal L shaped pin doesn't come out that I can tell. Please help! I've searched every website and video I can and nobody mentions this at all! What am I missing???

  7. thank you. My mother has been getting after me about this for her kids for two weeks and finally took the time to do it. I thought the instructions were misleading as usual but they weren't. Just needed to actually see someone put the club in the seat. Thanks a lot.

  8. Thank you for this video. I was having the hardest time figuring out what jumperoo to get. This did such a good job showing the features!

  9. can you tell me please how much the packet weighs? I want to import one of these but I need to know the weight. thanks

  10. great video! just curious if you can take the play stations out of the main plastic part to clean it? I bought on second hand, and it's pretty dirty in the crevices.

  11. Thank you much for posting this, saved me a lot of time when was putting everything together all in one day!

  12. I wish i could see how to put it back in the dark box. Omg my baby loved this and has outgrown it but now I wanna put it away and I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get it back into the dark box 🤦🏻‍♀️😩

  13. My baby had really great head control and alert at 3 months but not nearly as big enough to reach the floor to bounce lol shes just now getting a little past her tip toes at nearly 6 monthes but she hasn't got the bouncing part so she gets frustrated and ends up crying after like 5 min

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