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Hy kids, moms, dads and everyone else, In this video we’ll be showing you the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo that Nicolas loved so much and now is baby Andreas turn to play in it. This is his first time trying the jamparoo. Nicolas is having fun like he always does cleaning the jamparoo for his brother and of course he needs to give it a kiss for good luck. Bebelino, what do you think about the jumperoo? Let’s see the toys… in front it has a blue elephant that the baby can twist, a big eyed parrot and a cute swinging monkey Here is a wheel with all these animal pictures. You can turn the wheel if the music turns off you can spin it and it stats again. We have the on/off button, and it has 2 volume settings. If you push this button to the single note it only makes a few animal sounds, the baby has to spin this wheel or jump for the sounds to start again. On the double notes I think the music goes on for 5 minutes. All these toys are really easy to install into the seat ring, just snap them in place. This front toy requires 3AA batteries. This next toy looks like a buterfly but is a dragonfly. The baby can pull it up and down. The baby really really like chewing on this toy. And the wings make a crinkling plastic noise. Next we have this big transparent ball with a sun inside and it can be spinned. Down there is a peek-a-boo tiger, you push the yellow button and it comes out from hiding. Peek-a-boo! We also have here this colorful wheel that spins And on the other side there’s a little snack tray. This is another spinning toy with a blue lizzard inside and it also has some little balls that make the noise when spinning. We have the same cute parrot up here on the frame tubes, it moves at several heights so the baby can pull it and play with it. On the other side we have the blue lizard. It has 3 different heights that are easily to adjust as the baby grows. you just pull the strap, put this bar to the desired height and than you push it back. 1 is the lower setting for the younger baby. Without bouncing your baby’s toes should touch the floor. Now to the spinning seat. As you might have noticed throughout the video I put the seat pad on the seat the other way around. The narrow part should be in the back so it can support baby’s back and the wider part should be in front. To take off the seat it’s very easy just lift
the seat ring while pressing this The cover is also easy to put on and take off it’s a little bit tricky with one hand. Now that the cover is off let’s put it the right way. The wide part in front and the narrow part in the back. The seat pad is also machine washable and dryer safe witch is great. Especially that the babies drool all over it. Let’s put the seat back in you just snap it into place. The seat spins 360° so the baby can play
with all the toys. You can also fold it a little bit, just press
this button and push down. It doesn’t fold a lot but is good if you want
to take it to another room and it might not fit the door. Or maybe you want to store it in a smaller place. Putting it back is as simple as a click. Now let’s see the bebelino in action. He is here 5 month and a half and this is his first time trying the jamperoo. The weight limit for this jamperoo is 25 pounds that is about 11,5 kg All in all this is a good product, I really
like, it keeps the baby enertained and it’s very good for the baby to jump as he develops his lymphatic system.

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