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Rating The Best And Worst Betta Fish Tanks For Sale Online (Pet YouTuber Reaction)

Rating The Best And Worst Betta Fish Tanks For Sale Online (Pet YouTuber Reaction)

Hey y’all, welcome back mandy. With my hectic life paths where we talk about
all things pet and pet related and today I thought it would be fun to rate the best and
worst benefits tanks we can find on the Internet. So I already got my coffee in my lovely Christmas
mug because you know, it’s almost February. So now that I’m caffeinated, let’s raid some
betta fish tanks. Oh No. Oh my gosh. So the first thing that pulls up is the aquion
that uh, falls. This is like one of the absolute worst tanks. Like, look at this thing. Look at the pictures of this thing. This thing is terrible. This is like the worst tank. You can’t fit a heater in there for starters. It, I don’t, I don’t even want to know how
big these little cup things are and how you got to fit three bettes in this tank. Like how are you going to put three bettas
in this tank? Like even if you put this whole thing together
and it wasn’t three separate pieces, like that’s still, that’s still way too small and
you’re going to shove three beds in there. They might be better off staying in those
little cups that they sell them in. This is just a terrible tank. Not to mention the flawed design. First off, that is jumped. I don’t see any lids on here. You’re going to put three about in here and
it’s got a waterfall, so you know what’s going to happen. You know what’s going to happen. This fish is going to end up going in here. Then both visier going to end up in here and
then you’re going to have three bed as in one little teeny tiny cup. Three male bettas in one teeny tiny little
cup. That’s not going to end in disaster or anything
that has just don’t buy this same zero, zero out of 10. I would give it a negative. Can we give negatives? Negative a thousand. This tank gets a negative a thousand. So next up we have this bio bio orb, orb baby
classic four gallon aquarium, so at least it’s a four gallon. That’s a good size, but it’s round and the
way I look at it as if if when you’re looking at your fish, your fish is all distorted. Looking then what, what’s your fish seeing
like what is your fish scene when they’re looking out through the glass. If you’re fish looks distorted, then you probably
look distorted and so to their surroundings. So don’t put your fish in a ball. Please don’t put your fish in a ball. I mean maybe if this was like a 20 gallon
or something, maybe if this was a 20 gallon or it wouldn’t be so bad, but in a four gallon
that’s going to distort the fishes vision. Plus how are you going to enjoy looking at
your fish? If you’re fishing is all distorted and weird
looking because it is a four gallon. I’m going to give this tank like a four out
of 10. So next up we got the top end three point
five gallon in chant aquarium. So this is like an oval tank. It’s not going to distort your view as badly. It is a three point five gallon tank. The light on this tank, as I understand it,
is low level lightings, so you wouldn’t be able to grow a whole lot of different types
of aquatic plants, but I mean it’s not a bad starter tank. It’s not a bad little star kid probably am. So I’ll. I’ll go ahead and give this a six out of 10
sanex we got the top thing, one gallon liquidy split aquarium. This take is terrible. First off, it’s a one gallon. Second off, it’s got the dividers, so you’re
supposed to be able to put to bettas in here. I wouldn’t even put one betta in here without
the divider. It’s the one gallon tank and it’s too small. It’s too small for fish. It’s got a terrible light on it and it’s just. It’s not a good tank. It’s not a good tank. Not at all. Zero out of 10. So then we got one of my actual personal favorites,
which is the top thing. Five gallon glass aquarium. This tank has a really good light on it. You can grow quite a few different types of
plants in here. If you wanted to do a planet aquarium and
it’s got a really good filter on it, it’s got a pretty good filter on it and it is adjustable,
so that is always a plus. It’s a nice tank. It looks really nice and it is a five gallon
tank, so I give this one a 10 out of 10 megs. I don’t even know what this is. I don’t even understand what this is. So this is a one point eight gallon mini aquarium
umbra fish hotel and it even says it’s great for Goldfish. What’s are you going to put a goldfish in
a one point eight gallon, whatever. This. This is crazy. This thing is crazy looking like, what is
this? I got to look at more pictures of this thing. I don’t understand it. This is a crazy take. Look at this. Look, look at this. What is this? This is not a take. This is. I don’t even know what this is. This is not a tank. Don’t put fish in this. Don’t ever buy this. This is the worst thing I think I’ve ever
seen. Negative 3000 out of 10 ton. Next we have the top thing revival, waterfall,
desk aquarium. It’s a five gallon and I, I dunno, I think
this is probably a pretty nice tank. It looks a lot like the fluvial ci, I think
it’s like petsmart version of the flu will cheat and I did have a fluvial ci tank and
I did really enjoy that tank. It was a five gallon glass tank and I don’t
know exactly how strong or how powerful the waterfall is on this one versus the flu will
ci. The CI had a pretty pretty low flow on it. It was more just kind of a relaxing, relaxing
tank. My fish seemed to do pretty well in it. I was able to grow a lot of plants in it,
although I don’t know quite what the lighting is on this one, but I was able to grow a fair
amount of different little plants in that tank, including my Amazon swords. I think this would be a good time. This would probably be a good starter tank. It’s a nice looking tank and it’s got that
nice relaxing little waterfall sound with it. So I’m gonna. I’m gonna. Give this a nine out of 10. Oh my gosh, I don’t even understand what this
is. And on top of that, they’ve got goldfish in
here. They’ve got fancy gold in here. What is this visual bubble? Deluxe Acrylic Wall mounted fish tank with
bonuses. What size is this thing? It looks really small and it hangs on your
wall that there’s so many things wrong with this. I don’t even know where to begin. There’s no filter. There’s no heater. You can’t put a filter or a heater is mounted
on the wall and it’s a bubble. It’s like a little bubble coming off the wall. Like how it looks like. This thing is 10 inches in diameter. I don’t know. It doesn’t say anywhere. Like what the size of this thing is, what
the size of this little tank is. But judging from these pictures, judging from
these pictures. This tank is just awfulness. This is awfulness. And then on top of that they put goldfish
in this picture. Please don’t put goldfish in this thing. Don’t buy this thing. I don’t even understand like I don’t. Why do you want to put a fish tank on your
wall? That’s like a little bubble. That is that you can’t even do anything to
fix this. This is a terrible, terrible, terrible situation
for a fish. Negative 10,000 out of 10 and I think we have
a winner for like the worst Betta tank I’ve ever seen in my life. And that is this aquaculture better tube aquarium. I don’t know how this is an aquarium. It’s a better to. So you’re gonna put your fish in a tube. What is this? Is this is by far the worst I’ve seen. This is by far. Look at this thing. It’s a tube. So to not only can you not put a filter or
heater on it, like is it too. Why would you put your fish in to fish? Don’t go into. They go into tanks, not tubes. How this. This isn’t even qualify as what is this? Why does this exist? You could connect them. Well, what are these? They’re like the size of a little cup. So basically you’re going to take the better
job that the fish comes in and turn it on. Its side and you got one of these betta tubes. You win, you win aquaculture. Worst beneficial tank I’ve ever seen in my
life. Negative a trillion of 10. You get a negative trillion out of 10. Congratulations. Aqua culture. Worst tank ever. So wow guys, just wow. I knew there was some bad but tanks out there,
but I’m kind of speechless right now. Like I’m kind of speechless. Please provide your bettas with at least a
minimum of a two point five gallon tank along with a heater and filtration. And so anyway guys, that’s all it really happy
all today. As always, thank you so much for watching. I love you guys and I will see you in my next

61 comments on “Rating The Best And Worst Betta Fish Tanks For Sale Online (Pet YouTuber Reaction)

  1. Lol I love the review. The 5 gal u gave 9/10 is pretty cool. I have 4 Bettas and the smallest tank one is in is 10 gallon.

    PS maybe put the Christmas mug away until November 😉

  2. I was REALLY hoping you'd comment on the fish in the picture for the 3.5. A SWORDTAIL AND A GOURAMI CANNOT LIVE IN A 3.5!!!
    The 5 gallon can't fit platys, gouramis OR corys. Let alone together. Uhg. Drives me nuts. STUPID MARKETERS. All of those fish need MINIMUM 10 gallons.

  3. Don't want to make you more angry after that negitive Trillion for Aqua Culture. But "windows has detected that your performance might be slow" 😉 And it may be throwing off your ratings plus or minus a 1000 or so:)
    Awesome rating video<3👍 Can't wait to see more! Thanks Mandy!

  4. Totally agree.I got a 5gallon topfin waterfall but I put my own lid and an accuclear 30 on it bafled. Dont like tall tanks but it fit by my bed. Only single betta.

  5. Hi There! I was wondering if you have any suggestions for my black moor. He has white all over both of his eyes and I have been treating him with api fungus treatment but it don't seem to be doing much. What is the best way to treat him as I don't want him to lose his eyes! Thanks for any advice!

  6. I am shock why so less views and like ,Best video and Best suggestion, Do you have Facebook and Instagram if you have pls do share ,again thanks for great video Madam.👍🌷

  7. I have the Betta falls and it is amazing and my three males love it and the plastic is foyer so they can see each other so you can stop

  8. I have the first tank (Aqueon Betta Falls).
    It has lids on every single compartment, I have a heater in the base (not in any of the "cups" as you call them), and it is much larger than it look in that picture.
    Maybe try being less of an arrogant know-it-all and stop rating tanks when all you can see is a picture online.

  9. I am so glad you made this video. Before I got my betta, I had no idea what they needed. Did my research, and was surprised they even sell these horrible tanks. Because people will buy them I guess? I think people see bettas as decoration and not a living little being. So sad. 😥😥

  10. I had a betta once. She lived for about a year. Might get another someday. Gonna go with a 4-5 gallon cuboid tank

  11. It'd be cool if they turned it into like a 6 gallon tank=) this fish tank has lids for each section I saw the video that for this product

  12. I love the pictures they use, that 5 gallon has terrible fish ideas… One cory? I only have three cory and I know I need more (getting more next Friday) one cory would be so stressed.

  13. Those round aquariums on the wall look like what you would have at sea life in Finland (but they are a bit bigger)

  14. the waterfall tanks definitely have lids on them and they’re honestly bigger than the look in the picture

  15. look Im a big betta breeder and Bettas can survive and thrive in any of these tanks as long as u give them good water and food they can breed and thrive

  16. Hi MyHecticLifePets! I just got a beautiful new betta fish and names him Levi! Unfortunately all he does is stay on the bottom in a little corner unless he needs to take a breath. Do you know why he any chance? Do you think he is just scared? Any advice helps!

  17. I have 18 splendens. 8 female, 10 male. My first 3 males live in the top fin 3.5 gallon tank (I rig the filters to work better and grow simple plants), 2 are in a divided 10 gallon, 2 have their own 5 gallons, 1 lives in a 10 gallon with 2 female guppies, 1 lives in a 10 gallon alone (but I’m looking to get him some buddies), the last male is super sick (*purhased* him from Walmart because he was dying) and lives in a 3 gallon plastic container with a sponge filter. 6 of my females were raised together and live in a sorority, and the other 2 females live in a 20g with honey gourami, a Molly, and some cories.

    On a side note, one of my males appears to be biting his own fins. He has no tank mates except a nerite snail, but there are very small nips on the very back of his tail. They are new from 2 days ago. Is he stressed, sick, or just silly? He doesn’t have fin rot (yet), is there anything I can do to stop him? He’s in a 3.5 gal. I tried to upgrade him, but he was trying to bully the guppies so one of my other bettas went in there. Thanks!

  18. The first one is better then you think I had one for years and no problem and it does have a lids and the lids and things on it to make sure they dont jump or fall in another tank and it is bigger then it looks in the picture look at it at a store or something not the picture and it has room on the bottom below the tanks for a heater

  19. I bought the Top Fin 3.5 gallon Aquarium (7.5/10) a couple of months ago and I decided i should create it as breeding tank. I added a couple of large aquatic plants and a bag of rocks leaving it there for a day then i added my male crown fish for about 4 days after a while i saw a couple bubble nests and so i decided to buy a female. after an entire week i succesfully breeded them and have actually managed to breed 3 pairs as of now. About month ago i bought a 20 gallon tank for breeding.

  20. I saw these and was mad there so small they should be bigger wait I ment on the thumbnail I don’t make sense :/

  21. Im gonne get a betta with some other fish like neon tetras or so bc im going to university gonna do a 25l tank wich kind of fish can i add (like tetras)?

  22. Once on a birthday I got this Betta tank and it was the size of the cups you buy them in but in a square and with the rocks there would barely be room for it to swim so i never used it

  23. I am a new betta owner and I knew immediately that first waterfall tank was just wrong.

    I think some of the tanks are marketed to people who see bettas as just decorations and not as sentient beings.

    Personally, I like betta keychains. My betta lives in a 3 inch long keychain. Of course, I am joking.

    Actually, I made the mistake of buying a 1 gallon nano tank, but I am moving Anson (yup, that is the betta's name) to a 6.5 gallon tank.

  24. Fish at least need a place they can go & hide.  That is very important to their psychological health.

  25. I was considering buying that hang on the wall tank for a shrimp/snail mini tank tbh, as it would probably be okay to put 3-8 ghost shrimps in there.

    I myself have a betta who lives in a 20g community tank and another whose in a 5.5g. They thrive there and it’s so sad to see people actually thinking that they can go in these— absurd things.
    It also makes me mad that Aqueon makes that betta falls tank, as I think they’re a really good brand.

  26. Top fin 5 gallon does not have a good light!
    I have the same one and it could not grow plants.

    3.6 watt isn't going to grow much maybe really low light plants.

  27. Hey, I have a betta in a 10 gallon I got for free from a pet store because he was close to death. Hes healthy and happy now but can you give me some advice to heal his sides up? He has no color anymore on his sides from being left in bad water in that lil cup for so long. I can put a video up to show what I mean if yu want me too

  28. 70% of all people dont need heaters. If you spoil a fish with a heater then they are going to need ut forever

  29. Can’t imagine anything less than a 5 gallon. Upgraded one to a Fluval Vista 8.5 and two 5.2 Imagitarium tanks. So far so good.

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