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RC Boat Catches Fish!?! Fishing Challenge!

– Good morning everybody! GetBent TV, we’re out
challenging ourselves to a new series. – Of! – What kind of crazy
stuff can we fish with? – That’s right, that we
find at the toy store. – Or other retailers. – Amazon.
– Exactly. (techno music) – My toy of choice today
is the RC fishing boat. I hope to catch a fish
so big that I never see this thing again, and it sits
at the bottom of this river til the apocalypse. (drums music) So right we’re gonna test out
or brand new RC fishing boat. I’m going for trout today. We’re gonna be drifting a worm, alright? This thing is right out of the box, we wanna see how it does on
its own, no modifications. There’s a very convenient little knob on the back of the motor that you can hook your leader up to by
this nice plastic thing. To a float, to the rest of the line, to a very delicious-looking worm, so what we’re gonna do is we’re
just gonna put the boat in, I’m gonna drive it to a spot that looks like a nice little rip. (burps) And actually cut the engine,
and just let the boat take the worm right over these fish. (toy motor revving) (drums music) We made one pass at
the school of brookies, and not really any kind of reaction, so we lengthened the leader a little bit, we’re gonna try to get
it right in their grill, see if that’ll get ’em to take it. (drums music) – [Tony] He just took the– – [John] Yeah, I thought we had one. – [Tony] Leave the boat
right there, that’s fine. It’s perfect, actually. (jazzy music) (toy engine revving) – Should be money. (suspenseful music) There we go. Come on! (dramatic orchestral music) Oh my. Dude, I can’t get it over here! Where’s the thing, do you have the thing? Oh, yes! Bro, what? Alright, so we expected to
catch like a little brookie or something, or a little rainbow, but not a big old fatty male
like that, with some teeth! (jazzy music) Drift a nightcrawler over a pass that we know has fish in it, we saw ’em there in the beginning, we just drifted the worm right over ’em, dude came up and smashed it, bro. That was it.

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