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Reading a Book a Week is Changing My Life

Reading a Book a Week is Changing My Life

Around, around new years I´m still in pretty really lost in this year, and, I felt like while I had learned really a lot academically, as a person I hadn’t really learned a lot. I was still the same person that I wasn’t pursuing any passion as in growing. I was just kind of, you know, being me, and reacting to the world around me. And I was not happy with this So I made a video about that and then I also decided there’s a new year’s resolution that I was gonna reading 52 books in 2018. One book every week. And I’m about twenty books in and I’m gonna be real it’s changing my life. When I was a kid I was a big book worm, I read books all the time. You know, Harry Potter, Series of Unfortunate Events, Enders game that whole series, I just I love them, and I can thank my mom for that because she is a published author and, you know, this lasted pretty much my entire elementary school career and all of a sudden I fell out of love. Its not anything that changed in, me but I kind of blame the school system for this. okay ! and here is why : so the problem with the way reading is approached in school is that it associates a reward with the act of reading. that is, if you read a book, then you do well on your presentation or on your test or on your essay. It turns it into a transaction. so now when you take away that reward of grades, well, you are doing what feels like work! ugh, because previously you exchanged it for a reward, but now there is NO reward. So when it comes to choosing between, yOu KnOw, reading or going your phone or something else that is pleasurable you are gonna choose going or your phone or doing something else. because reading is a chore. It’s work. There is no reward for that work, so when I Started of reading a book every week, it was tough, it felt like a chore with no reward, duh, because that how i’ve been trained by school. so i defined two issue is one motivation which the fix honest doesn’t matter the time i just have to read a few books before i started to think ,hey this is very impactful this is really fun ,this is a kind of starting to change my life of seeing the world a little bit different ,for last lesson i’m learning ,i’m actually started to apply to my life i should keep doing this this is pretty fun. and then kind of be keep of addictive so them is came to the question how do i find out the time and what i learn is that if i can cove* out blocks of time through of a day so little bit time i wake up sometime before you go to bed sometime i’ll take a around after eatting meal with my friend i’ll take a round for after ten-fifteen minutes you known if i take a bus somewhere. and i’ll greeting on the bus. just finding those little moment thought of the day , they really do act up , and you can end up spending what an hour half, two hour every day just like picking those ten minute here, fifteen there and spending them reading at the post to being on your phone or whatever so i twenty weeks and then i feel like different* some of the twenty best week in my life some of twenty week for as change the most * dissaperson , i mean what i say like feel like a different person and that is changing my life . because the way what i’ve looking at the world is complete different the way i look at myself and in the mirror is different the way i look at myself and in the mirror is different and that is really excited to me beacause twenty weeks is not very long time and a grand give things so where am i get another twenty weeks and another twenty weeks, and another twenty weeks that can keep this happened up keep this personal develop going that is really excited to me and then become

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  1. Hey all. I totally forgot to talk about audio books. I don't use them a ton, but I have in the past (I find them especially useful when traveling/walking). If you want to sign up for a free trial of Audible and get two free audio books, I'd appreciate if you use this link since I get a little kickback:

  2. I really loved the book the virgin suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides. It’s kind of sad but it’s insightful and interesting.

  3. I saw Becoming by Michelle Obama on you to read list, that's a book which I was surprised by, It's full of emotion and experiences. Good choice.

  4. Your right about taking time away from social media for reading, so I should stop watching YouTube videos and sleep loll.

  5. Abaut everyone here:
    He's so smart. He changed my life.
    How could you marker in a book! NoOoOOoO!
    cries in confusion

  6. Yo me di cuenta de ello gracias al metro, cada vez que esperaba leía un libro y lo leí tan agusto y relajada que me sorprendió haberlo terminado en una semana

  7. This whole video felt like a big flex. I now feel bad that I read like two books a year, and the fact he goes to Harvard doesn’t help

  8. "I see my self differently in the mirror"
    That's what I feel when I saw my self in the mirror after watched Robert Kiyosaki's video. It's true, you'll careless how you're look like in the mirror, you mirror yourself and see deep down into yourself.

  9. I started reading for fun in high school. I had to read “The Giver” for class and it really sparked my interest in reading. Unfortunately I was discouraged from reading outside of assigned books from school so I stopped (worst decision ever). This video inspired me to fall back in love with reading.

  10. Thankyou so much John:) iam now your subscriber…. thankyou so much for inspiring me to read again. I had fell out of love too… and now back in. Love ya !

  11. I completely agree with you about school. Many readers start hating books because of bad experiences at school.

  12. I read a book daily because summer gets boring, and because my phone is taken away. I'm seriously growing from it.

  13. You can find a lot of great stories to read entirely for free at: Choose your genre and start to read!

  14. for me what ruined my reading ability was getting a computer and the fact that I can only read nonfiction now and nonfiction is much harder than fiction.

  15. i really needed this video and you're very well spoken!!! I'm gonna start this book i've been putting off tonight!

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  17. okay so i hate library books and reading them so i never check them out. Do you buy all the books or do you get them from the library?

  18. Question: Are you comprehending and learning what you read about? I've gone on a reading marathon before and discovered that the books blurred together and i couldn't remember or reflect on any of them, they became just another book to check off the list.

  19. Had the 25 Book Campaign. Read 25 books of above 150 pages in a semester (or a term idk) but this was elementary/middle school. It also killed my love for reading because I used to be able to sit down with books for hours because I was enthralled with the story and the characters. Once it became a requirement and there was a quantity to be met, it turned into a job and I had to set aside time to read books I wasn't interested in, but they were above 150 pages and it was just another book on the list of 25. Between campaigns, I wouldn't read at all because I knew I'd have to read 25 more when the semester started, and any books read over the summer did not count.
    edit – it got to a point where they told me I didn't have to read the entire book. So here I was, picking up a 500 page book and only reading 150 pages just to say I read. Because they didn't ask for a book report or anything. I could pick up a book, write down the pages and then just not read.

  20. On another note, how did it effect you. We all read different books and lead different lives. The ambiguity of "reading changed my life" didn't really make me want to read. I know it would not effect me the same way it did you, but having a reference for what to expect or how it really reshapes your life would be good. It's great to know your outlook on life was different and the outlook on yourself was different, but something as simple as "I started to see the good in people rather than the bad" or something short like that, would be nice.

  21. Im thinking of starting to read and can you suggest some books for me i am an 11 year old and do you think treasure island by robert louis stevenson is a good book?

  22. When I was little until I was like 14 I used to read A LOT. In vacations I would read a book a day, but now I just can't, so I'll try to stick to this bc I'm still passionate about books, but I just don't read anymore. I'm starting with one book every 2 weeks 'cause I can't read any faster now jxnsnsn thanks for the inspiration

  23. I’ve always held the title of being a bookworm. When I go antique shopping, I go straight for the book hunt beyond anything else.
    I really feel reading a book builds our character in amazing ways.

    Thanks for sharing this information!
    (New subbie) 🤙🏻

  24. Man, this guy is saying the exact same words as you but in Spanish? No word changed ! Who copied other's idea here? Wtf is this? If you speak Spanish u ll see he's talking the exact same words as you , I can't believe this…someone is lying here…

  25. I’ve been reading at my job and the guys there just keep laughing at me or making passive aggressive jokes. It’s crazy how people envy you when your doing something good for yourself. I encourage everybody to read knowledge is power when applied! Don’t let negative energies distract you.

  26. !Oh, so true, information density determines books are normally better than videos, videos are better than news. Basically, we should think about how long this information being prepared. Thus, we could take our time into better usage. We don't falsy the value of those things, but we should know, how much value of them. We don't have limitless time. That's the fundamental reason.

  27. I'm watching this while high and i can't help but agree with what you said. Lately I've been considering getting back into reading books, and this video really motivated me to proceed with that idea.

  28. I am 34 years old and have never read a book from beginning to end, I hate reading and can not understand it. There are thoughts and texts of strange people you read there, although you do not know these people and possibly can not stand.

  29. he's out here actually doing his new years' resolution and reading being successful, I'm out here still tryna do my 2015 new years resolution.

  30. I just came across this vid in my recommendations and—WOAH! SOMEONE FROM HARVARD! You see, I rarely ever see anyone from Harvard, from vloggers to social media idols. And woah! Just saw a cool one from HU! Ok. Nevermind me. 😂

  31. You're amazing. Watching you makes me recall Yes Theory's videos. You kinda look like someone from his team. 🙂

    Keep going. 👍🏻

  32. There you go youtube. I'vr clicked on it. I have been suggested this video everyday for the past month.

    Decent video. 5.7/10

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