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Recipe: Chef Ned Bell makes lobster tacos

Hi friends, my name is Ned Bell. And I am a chef. But you know what? I’m also a father. I’m an advocate for sustainable and healthy
food systems. And I’m also an athlete. In fact, I rode my bike across Canada in 2014
to launch a foundation called “Chefs for Oceans”. The goal for “Chefs for Oceans” was to engage Canadians and my peers on the importance of choosing healthy and sustainable food. For me, as a dad to three boys and a chef
for a major hotel in Vancouver, I’m keenly aware of the importance a chef has, in and around, what they feed people, how they feed people and where their food comes from. And of course, how it’s harvested, how it’s
caught, how it’s raised, how it’s fished, how it’s farmed. For me, it’s all about sustainability. How do we make sure that the food system we
have today is healthy for generations to come. But most importantly, I love things to be
delicious. I’m a chef at the end of the day. I love teaching people, I love engaging communities from coast to coast around the importance of how and what we eat. I’m going to make for you today, a really simple recipe. It’s actually a fun take on tacos but in this
case, it’s actually lobster tacos. A little bit luxury. If you weren’t looking to have lobster, maybe
you can enjoy some great wild salmon. Pink salmon, which is the most sustainable
wild salmon we have, would be a great alternative. Or maybe you love tuna, so some albacore tuna. Or even some pink shrimp. No matter where you live in Canada, there’s
some great, sustainable options for what to put in these delicious tacos. To get started, of course you need your shells. You can have the traditional soft taco shell,
but in this instance, I’m going to use a crispy hard shell. We have a little gyoza wrapper here. We put it into a taco mold. Made it crispy. Deep fried it. And it’s a fantastic two bite taco shell. We have some of our gorgeous New Brunswick
sustainable lobster. We’ve cooked off for about 8 minutes in the
pot. We’ve chilled them down. Took them out of the shell and then we have
some lobster meat. Any great taco will have some avocado or guacamole. So we’ve gone ahead and made our favourite
guacamole. Everyone’s got their own delicious recipe. And their own take on guacamole. For me, it’s all about crushed avocado, a
little bit of citrus and some salt. Keep it simple. Three tacos should be more than enough for
one person. These are fantastic because you can put them
in the middle of the table. They’re really great to share. And even better to make friends with. And then we’ve made a simple vinaigrette. A little bit sweet, a little bit salty, a
little bit spicy, kinda like me. Miso, maple syrup… make it a little Canadian
by adding some maple syrup. Miso because you want that salt and that umami
flavour and then I like it a little spicy so some togarashi spice, which is actually
a Japanese chili pepper. We’re going to squeeze some fresh lemon or
lime on top. And the last thing we’re going to put on top
is some fresh, sliced breakfast radish for a little bit of citrus crunch. And there you go, lobster tacos. A little bit of luxury but you can make them
at home so simply.

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