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Recommended Fishing RODS & REELS – Socal Arsenal

Recommended Fishing RODS & REELS – Socal Arsenal

hey guys Ali Hussainy here from BD
outdoors and local knowledge as a new thing that we’re doing with local
knowledge and on BD is we’re gonna start talking about more about the gear that
we use in these short web videos my first thought was one of the most common
questions we get is you know what setups do you use at home for me that answer is
pretty basic I’ve been doing this a long time I fished a bunch of different gear
and I’ve really think I’ve identified what I would use if I was especially
starting out and loading my quiver it’s pretty simple for lighter fishing like
kelp beds you know calico sand bass fishing Barracuda even small yellowtail
I want a 15 size reel and I want this in a star drag this will also be handy
offshore with smaller tunas when we get those 10-pound yellowfin or 15 pound
yellowfin this is a great way to present a small light bait everything that I do
is it relates to bait fishing here in California I’m using straight braid with
a very short top shot typically about a foot shorter than the rod I’ll use a
shot of fluorocarbon and for this setup 2025 pound fluorocarbon is perfect
depending on the situation I either use a small Jay hook or a small circle I
like the Jay hooks for the bass and the circle for the the pelagics and the and
the yellowtail the second setup that I really like is a setup like this this is
a little bit heavier bait setup it’s a 25 fathom reel this happens to be a star
drag but a lever drag also works great in this situation and gives you a little
bit more options this is mated with sort of a medium
weight rod this rod is rated from thirty to sixty pounds it’s seven foot this is
going to be your all-around workhorse probably the rod used more than anything
this you’re going to use for yellowtail from say fifty pounds all the way down
to 15 pounds and you can use this same setup as well for catching tuna from 15
to 50 pounds the only caveat with yellowtail in this is if you’re going to
be fishing tight to the bottom near structure you’re probably going to want
to use the next set up I’m about to tell you guys about but otherwise if you were
gonna own one rod in fish California one rod and reel setup this is the one to
have this is the heaviest rod that you’re going to need for 90% of your
fishing here in California this is a pen fathom 40 you’ll notice it’s a lever
drag I took these right off the boat you’ll see I’ve got my yo-yo iron tied
on there fishing like going on right now yo-yoing at the Coronado
Islands to catch those bigger yellowtail the 15 to 30 pound stuff this is going
to be your go to moneymaker this is made it up with a six foot six rod this is
heavier action rod it’s rated in the forty to sixty pound class it’s got the
backbone you need to get those fish up off the bottom and also fight a bigger
fish I’d also use this setup for any heavier
bait applications a dropper loop to a deep yellowtail setup like that the
bigger tuna that we’re seeing those 50 to 80 pound tuna this is gonna be your
go to either with bait or you can put a flat fall on it and send it down that’s
basically the wrap-up this is where I would start I’d start with this guy my
second pick up would either be one of these two and then round your quiver out
with the third but this is really the basic setup you need to become a SoCal
fisherman whether it’s private boat or party boat and this will get your head

33 comments on “Recommended Fishing RODS & REELS – Socal Arsenal

  1. Will be making more "In the Studio" content like this. We feel this is a great way to answer questions that you may have. Please comment below what topics you would like to see next.

    Happy Fishing

  2. This is great, being up here in Northern California Information about the meat and potatoes gear you use in SoCal is a little sparse. I'm dragging my boat down to San Diego Bay for a month to try your type of fishing down there and the videos and articles you have has helped me make gear decisions. Keep these little information nuggets coming as they make the learning curve a little bit easier. Tight Lines.

  3. Just got my new avet gen 2 sxj left handed in the mail today, gonna pair it with a custom wrapped 8ft casting rod.😀🎣

  4. I see people like to use the penn 25n for the irons. What are your thoughts on the smaller squall 15 with the magnetic cast aid. Think my old daiwa sl20sh needs to be replaced.

  5. I think one of the most interesting and intimidating styles is kite fishing. I’d love to see a quick video on your kite fishing rigs.

  6. Since the CARBW800H or M are no longer in production, what is the best equivalent out of the 2nd gen. Carnage rods?

  7. Hey Ali! I was thinking of buying a new rod and reel for bait fishing for the bigger 60-100 LB bluefin. I was gonna get a Calstar 700MH paired with a Penn Fathom FTH40NLD2 Lever Drag 2-Speed with 80-pound braid and a small 15 yard 40-pound mono top shot. If you could reply to this comment about what you think and if I should get this for this style of fishing or recommend any other rods/reels it would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Nice video this helped me out a lot, I'm wanting a 40 lb test outfit, so I was thinking about getting a teramar 8 foot heavy, and a torium 20 hga. Do you think this is ideal and also what pound test braid would you recommend?

  9. There is a Penn fathom 15 for sale locally. Should I pick it up. It's in Colorado we fish lakes for pike Lakers and what ever else bites. Would this be over kill.

  10. Can you cast that 40 narrow if you need to? Say a surface iron? Like more than pitching baits n stuff out there..just trying to really buy one set up. Also realizing I would love a two speed but just rarely get out searching for big tunas, unfortunately.
    Great content. So sick!

  11. Sorry but Penn is at the bottom of the tech reel revolution, Im not fond of people pushing one brand, we know who pays your bills.

  12. Great video, but I'm trying to get into bait caster reels for the maximum line capacity they have, and I'm not sure if this is the place I need to be. I use a 12 ft pole. Are these reels good for casting offshore? I need to bomb the line out far, and from what I've learned, a trolling reel is different from a bait caster? I've always used a spin reel but the line capacity does not compete with these types of reels. I'm fishing for White Sturgeon offshore, off the Columbia river in Washington. Looking for any tips that can lead me to my first official bait caster reel. Any suggestions help, and are appreciated.

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