Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More

Reef Fishing at Cape Santa Maria

Bert: Yes, I get them. Go, get him! I’m
going to hook ‘im and cook ‘im! Come on, baby. I’m going to light your fire. I’m
going to light your fire, baby. Come on up and… big trigger, man. Jesus, take it, boy.
Male: Oh! Bert: That’s a big trigger. What the – Yeah,
that’s a big trigger. Male 2: That’s a big trigger. Hold on, baby.
Bert: All right. That’s it. Male: Loose it.
Male 2: Well, what about this trigger? Male: Oh, another trigger. It can pull though.
That’s a big – Male 2: Trigger
Male: Another trigger. Bert: That’s a big one. That’s a big one.
Male 2: Another trigger. Male: Hey Bert, why do they call it a triggerfish?
Bert: Because this is where the fight when, and then this can’t come down until you
pull the trigger. Male: That’s good eating.
Bert: Oh, good eating fish, good eating fish. Male: You’ve got to hook them to cook them.
Bert: You’ve got to hook ‘em, you cook ‘em.
Male: Hey Bert, how come that’s called a grunt?
Bert: Because a grunt … you hear it? Male: Show him whose boss.
Male 2: Hah, here we go. Male: Do you see something?
Bert: Yeah, I see it. Male: Yeah, once you adjust that.
Bert: Let me go again. It’s a trigger day. Male 2: Trigger day, trigger day!
[Music 00:02:25 till 00:03:39] Male: A great day, Bert.
Bert: Yes sir! Great day. Male 2: Great day.

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