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Reflections of Hope Episode 23: Shark Attack | Taj Pacleb

Reflections of Hope Episode 23: Shark Attack | Taj Pacleb

(tense music) – It’s common knowledge. Sharks are terrifying monsters of the deep that love to hunt humans for lunch. Any time you see a shark,
you should get away as fast as possible, right? But what if everything
you thought you knew about sharks was wrong? What if reality was far different from our pre-programmed perceptions? Well this week we’re going diving with one of the most feared
sharks in all of the ocean to find out first hand
what they’re actually like. The traumatic and terrorizing tiger shark. Throughout history people have
always been afraid of sharks. Jaws was the movie that did it for me. I remember seeing it as a
child and being terrorized. Sharks have been attacked
in movies and in media as mindless monsters
that wanna destroy you. And this perception has
caused people to attack sharks at the death rate of over
100 million per year. And growing up in the waters of Hawaii, this is what I always believed to be true, that sharks are monsters,
they will eat you. And so from a child,
sharks have always been my greatest fear. The reality, however, is much different. Despite millions of
people swimming in waters where sharks are present, only an average of five people per year will die from a shark attack. Now let’s put that into perspective. 200 people die each year from elephants. 150 from falling coconuts on their head. 50 from lightning strikes. 15 from falling icicles. And 12 from high school
and college football. You see, friends, the reality is this. We are often terrified
of things unnecessarily. Popular opinions are believed
over the raw evidence and nothing will persuade us otherwise. We blindly hang on to our fear and let it tear away at our minds without ever confronting it. And so this week, I’m
facing my childhood fear to rediscover for myself what these wild animals are actually like. (piano music) Despite their reputation
of being mindless, man-eating monsters, tiger
sharks are actually very shy, slow, and cautious creatures. While considered one of the
top apex predators of the sea, tiger sharks are mostly scavengers, usually settling to eat the
dead, the dying, the sickly, the weak and the injured. They serve as the white
blood cells of the sea, keeping the ocean clean,
healthy, and balanced. Now I’m not a marine biologist
or shark expert by any means, but I’ve had the privilege of shark diving with some of the best marine biologists and shark conservationists in the world and I’ve learned that sharks
are grossly misunderstood. While we’re to have a healthy respect for these apex predators, we don’t have to have a
blind fear towards them. The professionals have
opened my eyes to see sharks for what they really are. They taught me how to
read their body language, when it’s safe to enter
into the waters with them, and how to swim and interact with these silent hunters of the deep. Shark diving should never be done without professional supervision. And having my own personal
encounter with the tigers, the bulls, hammerheads,
and even the great whites in this context has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. And from being my greatest fear, sharks have now become
my greatest fascination. Understanding their true
nature and just how important they are to the ocean compelled
me to do whatever I can to protect them and
educate others about them. (orchestral music) (piano music) You see, in life, we’ll
often fear for things that we don’t understand. People tell us that we should
fear something and so we do. Now please don’t misunderstand,
not all fear is bad. But fear that’s misdirected can lead to devastating consequences. And this blind fear is unhealthy. And wouldn’t it be good
if we could be free from all the unhealthy fears
that hold us back in life? Of all the fears today, perhaps
the biggest fear for most is the fear and the
resulting avoidance of God. Many have been told since
childhood that God is fierce, frightening, or fictitious. In fact, society tells us that
to believe in God is opposed to being intellectual. Just like sharks, the idea
of God is being attacked. God’s character’s attacked
as being brutal, unfeeling, uncaring, and unreal. But what if just like the
sharks, God was being mislabeled? Today people kill over 100
million beautiful sharks each year due to fear
and misunderstanding, thereby destroying this beautiful world. But what if our fear and
misunderstanding of God was causing us to make similar decisions that are disastrous not only for our lives but also the lives of those around us? Sharks are incredible creatures. They are truly magnificent
guardians of the deep. But God is even more incredible. And correctly understood, we will see that there is no one better
and there is none like him. And just like accurate information
and firsthand experience dispels the many myths about sharks is the same things that dispel the myriad of myths about God. And so I invite you to come
to God’s Word, the Bible, to see God for who he really is. Not what others have said about him, but rather what he has said
and revealed about himself. Go ahead and take the plunge, go deeper, beneath the surface of mere
theorizing and speculation. Prove the promises of the Lord. Experience him firsthand for yourself. And I promise you, if you
come with an open mind and a searching heart honestly
designed to know the truth, you will find it and you will discover that nothing on this green
earth or in the deep blue sea can compare with knowing the truth of the wise, the beautiful almighty. (orchestral music) We hope you’ve been blessed and inspired by this new Reflections of Hope episode. This episode is one of
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