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Rekor Mancing Sidat Raksasa Super Besar 3,5 Kg – Eel Fishing

Assalamualaikum wr.wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel And Today I Will Look For Traps The one yesterday was installed by Oyo Oops, there is an incoming SMS We Try to Find Traps I thought there Looking for a trap for fishing eels Thank you for the likes, who commented Who Has Support Thank You Very Much And the comments of the eel are returned Later I Will Reply One by One Okay Haha Number 2 And Please Help Us To Continue To Support Us So that we also add enthusiasm to make videos later By Click Like, and Comment Below, And Share and Don’t Forget to Subscribe and Turn on the Bell! Okay We Just Wait Yes, I Want To Look First This Travel Is Quite Far Away Guys Just wait Okay Guys are the 4th place Down there Let’s Try Just Look, Hopefully You Can. Wow … Still Like That Bringing the Flow Yo? Oops Guys The Deadly Struggle But … Sorry There is? The eel hasn’t seen Guys yet Even though the Spoot is OK Yes Guys There is a waterfall Yes This Is the Struggle for Fishing the Eel Guys Must Be Patient Extra And that’s the depth of 1 waist Oops, Up … While Open the Guys Diving Suit Guys Wow, that’s good, yes, hmm Use Bamboo Yo! I’m Not Brave Down Guys ,, Fear Many Snakes What? What is Yo? Wow ,, Inside Until Diving Into the Guys See Gays Just Leave It Yo! If it’s hard, watch out that it’s hit by the head Astagfirulloh ,, Enter Yo ,, Crazy,, Astagfirulloh ,, Enter Yo Never mind … I am not strong Look at it, it’s already Ah … That’s the Guys Stone, Indeed Oyo is a Courageous Man Never mind Yo Never mind ,, There is? Correct? Oh there … Wow, how come? He said there were Guys 1 How is Yo? Is there or is it related? Allah is the Greatest,,, This is the Most Courageous Man BABON ,, Great Sorry Guys, Not Tervideo Steady Steady Number 2 Number 1 Sidat Affairs, Number 2 President There are 2 KGs yo? President Number 1 … Eehh … Wrong ,, HAHA Sidat Number 1, President Number 2, Great, haha 2 KG More This, Maybe 3 KG Is This Pulling Yes? That Is Secure It First There Yo! WOW, great Great Big Guys, Watch Out Mendingan Throwed Up First Yo! Watch out later Then … then … then … I Also Down Guys Steady Allah is the Greatest Why are your hands torn? Tuh … Till Guys His hand, is this a problem? Hold this! Great Guys I followed the Guys wet With Oyo Wow, Bro 3 KG Bro … 3 kg … Steady Is It Safe to Go Up and Take Out? Wow Steady 3 kg guys Batik eel Weight Guys Steady Here Is Here Great ,, See the eel biting Steady Guys, It’s Not Any Place That Will Get Eel It’s No. 1, No. 2 President, Haha Ouch Pegel, Yo That Is Safe First, Later To Step On, Really, That Is Red It’s below Is This Throwing First Into the Rice Field? Wow Good Guys, Guys Record Giant eel Steady Head here The Food Can Be Attractive, I Must Take It Even Biting, Tuh … Has It Been Pricked? Become Next Door Eh Which Way, Just Walk? That is easy for Yo, there can also be Yo, it’s safe first Great Guys This is YO! Watch out Okay, Guys That was the first time, thank you for watching until it’s finished, okay Thank you

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