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Hi this is Carl the landscape guy with an
update on my Koi project. Two years ago, the Ogon Koi couple produced
plenty of offspring in my self built natural pond. You will find videos about these koi and the
pond if you check out my channel. Because of the many predators I had decided
to protect the koi fry by construction this net cage. It worked very well and the small Koi are
growing well in the floating net. A detailed video on the construction of the
net can be found on my channel. I have now decided to cover the entire pond
with a cormorant net. This net is very stable and inconspicuous
as well as very light. I put posts in the ground around the pond
and stretched the net over the entire surface of the water. After that I observed that the heron could
no longer catch any fish. To make sure the koi stay healthy and growing
I have decided to release them in the pond. To keep the net cage in the right spot, i
attached it with two ropes when i set it up. So now I have to loosen one side first. Look, the koi mama is checking on what we
are up to. They are like cats, they wanna hang out right
in front of you even tho they have the whole pond to swim in. From the other side, I can now gently pull
the entire cage towards the side. Then I take off the two net covers. Now I pull the net half out the water to get
to the fish. I have a big bucket with fresh water to better
examine the fish. Since i wont be able to get them by hand i
use this large net to put them in the bucket. Now i make sure all the koi are fine and dont
have protruding scales or injuries. The koi bellies also look very good. The gills have a uniform dark red color. Since this pond has no artificial aeration
it is important to know that the gills are fine. The sizes of the koi are between 8 and 12
inches after 24 months. Since they stayed in this pond even in winter
under the ice I am very satisfied with their growth. Some Koi have a particularly flawless appearance
and a uniform body shape. None of the fish has lost its metallic shine. In some, a dark color appears on the back
shining through the scales. I’m curious how the darker ones will develop. This one is the only one that is particularly
light and has a lot of metallic looking scales. He is about mid-size in growth compared to
the others. We will check on him next year too. Because I have planned to make a pond inventory
of all fish next spring to document the state of development. Then we will also see how many fish are in
the pond total. After i have checked every koi, i put them
one by one in the pond by hand. Here, they have enough space to grow on 3000
ft2 and can find themselves a lot of natural food, which is known to be still the best
food for these guys. Overall, I put 50 Koi from the net cage in
the pond. I am glad that they were protected from predators
and injuries in the swimming cage net. I hope that they will continue to develop
well. I will take apart the cage net and store it
away, we will definitely need it again. Overall, there is not much dirt in the net,
just a few leaves. Since I had placed the net cage in deep water,
the dirt fell through the net to the bottom of the pond. This way the Koi were always swimming in the
best possible natural pond water. After a short time, the entire Koi family
gathers at the food spot… well, who would have thought. It almost seems as if the fish are happy to
be reunited. By the way the little koi have been getting
less shy and almost eat out my hand. As you can see, my Koi project continues and
I hope you enjoyed the video. In the video description you will find some
product links. I will do more videos on this and I would
really appreciate a Like and a subscription from you. Thank you for your help and your interest. Have a great day and see you next time, I’m
your Carl the landscape guy.

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