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Renée Zellweger on tacos, Jerry Maguire, and Judy Garland

Renée Zellweger on tacos, Jerry Maguire, and Judy Garland

– (Woman) There’s an audience out there waiting to hear you sing. – My mouth’s dry, and it could fall apart. – Listen to me. – (Man) Judy! – I can’t. – (Man) Garland! – You’ll be fine. On you go. – This movie really shines a light on how poorly Judy was
treated as a young woman and even, kind of, as an older woman. I’d like to think it’s
gotten better, a little bit. But did any of that sort of resonate, like long hours, being away from family, pressures to be thin, like. – Well, sure, but it’s different – (Marah) Yes. – Now because, you know, I don’t know, we have a better understanding about the dangers of going
down a particular path. And women have a little bit more autonomy and, also, I think it’s
a little bit more evident that you have a choice. You have a choice in
determining your own boundaries in a way that, I guess, a woman in Judy’s time might not have had. – You famously like stepped away from the industry for a few years. – Mmhmm. – And I kept wanting
Judy to in this movie. Do you know what I mean? – Yes. – But like, also, you understood why, you also understood why she couldn’t. Do you know what I mean? – Yes. – (Marah) It’s an
interesting choice, sort of. Do you have any thoughts on that? – Well, again, it’s just a different time. – (Marah) Yeah. – And her circumstances
were quite different. She had children, and she found herself in financial dire straits, and so, she had to keep working– – (Marah) Yeah. – In order to take care
of herself and her family. ♪You’re gonna love me ♪ – (Man) The kids miss you, and
they, also, wanna stay put. – I’m coming back for them. – You’re not listening. – I have someone I can rely on now. ♪I’m gonna love you ♪ – Oh! – You’ve got Oscar buzz for this movie, or awards buzz for this movie. And you, but you’ve
through the whole thing, the whole whirlwind before. If you get nominated for something, will you approach it
differently this time? Will there by anything
you’ll do differently? – See, I don’t, I don’t
look at it like that. – ( Marah) Yeah. – I can’t look at it– – (Marah) Yeah. – In any other way except
from the experience of having made the film and so, running around and all that is
a different part of the job. For me, it’s, I don’t know, celebrating something with my friends. Sounds corny, but it’s true. Like Vin’s here. – (Marah) Yeah. – And Rupert’s here and so, I get to share time with them. I kinda, that’s the experience
that I have with it. – Yeah, you just go and do your very best. And you made a, you did a
good job making a movie, and that’s all you can do. – It’s real life, you know? It’s not. It’s real life. It’s shared time with, you know, with people that matter, so. – You are from Texas. – Mmhmm. – When you get tacos, what
kind of tacos do you get? (Marah and Renee laugh) – The most important question of the day! – (Marah) Yes. (Marah and Renee laugh) – No, it is. Thank you. It depends on where we are. Cause sometimes a fish
taco is a really good idea. And sometimes it is not. (both women laugh) But there’s always some avocado in there. It’s always on corn. – (Marah) Of course. – And, I don’t know, like, I don’t know. I’m pretty traditional, you know. I like traditional tacos. – (muffled speaking) Yeah,
my husband is from Houston, and it’s a big debate, corn flour– – Oh, well they’re all good, but my personal is I’m always on the corn. – Yeah. Last question is, have you heard about the Jer– the cult of like “Jerry Maguire?” Like there’s a group that has collected 25,000 copies of it on VHS? (laughs) – What? No! – Yeah (laughs) And they
opened a video store that just rented out “Jerry Maguire.” – (laughs) – (Marah) They’re trying to
build a pyramid of the videos. – That’s fantastic! – (Marah) Well, that’s good to hear. I just thought I wanted to
know if you’d heard of it. – I have one. I have a VHS. – Oh, you have one. – (laughs) Yes. – Good. Maybe you can top it off. Top off the pyramid– – The pyramid– – (Marah) With your copy. – Yep, call me. – (Marah) Thank you so much. – Do you take anything for depression? – Four husbands. Didn’t work. ♪There’s a land that I’ve heard of– ♪ – (Judy)You won’t forget me, will you?

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