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RENT Live Star Jordan Fisher Can’t Sleep Without His Dog (Aww 😍) | Under the Covers

RENT Live Star Jordan Fisher Can’t Sleep Without His Dog (Aww 😍) | Under the Covers

hey what’s up I’m Jordan Fisher and
today I am getting under the covers with Cosmo ever sing in my sleep I’ve been told
that I sleep talk a little bit from time to time usually when I come I’m really
exhausted I used to sleepwalk which is kind of frightening I think but I never
did anything too dangerous I don’t think actually as a matter of fact I woke up
in the shower a couple of times like literally in the middle of like washing
my body woke up and had this kind of like insane out-of-body experience and
realizing that I slept walking enough to get into a shower and get sudsy just
kind of insane but I don’t know that I sing in my sleep probably not because my
morning voice is pretty pretty insane I’m a cuddler I’m a cuddler until I
until I’m fully about to fall asleep and then I have to I have to roll even Kairi
my dog she’ll cuddle for a bed then when she’s ready to go to sleep she’ll go to
the foot of the bed nuts so that’s it she’s like I’m done chilling if you guys
know me at all you know I’m a big gamer and Kingdom Hearts is my favorite game
franchise of all time there is a live symphonic orchestration album that was
done of all of the music from every Kingdom Hearts game ever and there’s
there’s a song called dearly beloved and that’s like the the main menu start
screen song and it’s just a piano and then violins and cellos come in and it’s
just it’s so dreamy and sweeps me away and it’s so nice my alarm clock sound
okay from that same album that same symphonic album from Kingdom Hearts
there’s a different song called treasured memories I can’t do you know
that that it’s it’s it’s painful I can’t do that so I was like I need to I need
to change this so I don’t absolutely hate life when I wake up yeah the alarms
gonna go off in a hot second I don’t sleep uh socks on that’s weird I think
there’s something to be said about somebody that sleeps with socks on now
if it’s if it’s painfully cold like isn’t that so much nicer than I’m a
morning guy so I like to I like to get up like 7:00 7:30 and I have a cup of
coffee like enjoy life for 45 minutes or so before I get going I’m a three pillow
guy I like one one that’s like in the back up here and then one that I kind of
cradle like this this is kind of how asleep but I sleep from fetal and then I
put one in between my my knees I use a sheet a down comforter and then Ellie
got me a weighted blanket for Christmas this year it’s like 18 pounds that’s
everything for me at this point I love it a lavender oil I have my favorite
overnight lip balm is what I put on the lips every night it’s like an eight-hour
lip therapy like repair that I wear overnight I have a night guard because I
grind my teeth a little a little Princess Diaries for you go see PJs none my body is kind of old that was a I
was a gymnast for years before I started working professionally and I have to
stretch for like two minutes just in bed before I get out otherwise I am I hurt
like I feel I’m locked up I get locked up when I sleep and I’m achy I have to
take is such a second and stretch and I have to chug a class of water and then I
can’t get up and kind of move about I’m 86 I’m 86 years old favorite midnight
snack all dressed ruffles I like a lot like
the chips you ever had old dress never had all dress everybody had all dress oh
oh – so it’s ruffles chips we all know ruffles it’s like salt and vinegar and
barbeque and ketchup and it’s kind of all of them all it’s really good I know
that sounds insane doesn’t it but before EO thins but the mint the mint flavor
Oreo thins those are fantastic I like gelato a lot – there’s something
about cold creamy things at night I had a dream that I played a show at Madison
Square Garden and I couldn’t remember any lyric of thingy of my smallest
cutting burner that songs was playing and I was just looking at my band
looking at my dancers was like help none of them were helping me weird thing was
that nobody was booing they were all just kind of enjoying as if I was
singing I was kind of eerie everywhere they hard time falling asleep without my
dog my dog is always with me Labradoodle she’s amazing my favorite
lullaby do I have a favorite lullaby I don’t you know what I have this this
dream of writing a lullaby for my kids and I don’t know that I’m ever gonna be
able to do that until they’re actually born so why don’t I come back and do
that I think that’d be pretty cool thanks for hanging out in bed with me
subscribe to Cosmo and leave your nighttime routine in the comments below
for a chance to win a box of my favorite night time products

83 comments on “RENT Live Star Jordan Fisher Can’t Sleep Without His Dog (Aww 😍) | Under the Covers

  1. Jordan was absolutely amazing as Mark in Rent, honestly Jordan was way cooler than his character tho lol

    My night time routine is
    brush my teeth, watching youtube and then listening to music

  2. Ugh. He's been wanting to write a lullaby … for his kids! When you thought u couldn't love him anymore than you could 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  3. I love Jordan, oh my word.
    My nighttime routine is super basic 😂
    -Face Mask
    -Face Wash
    -Brush Teeth
    -Diffuse Lavender Essential Oil
    -Listen to classical music or soft jazz to drift off into dreamland.
    Basic but it’s a great routine, if you don’t have one, try it ☺️

    Oh and I would love to see Lin-Manuel Miranda under the covers!

  4. I love Jordan sooo much! 💕

    My nighttime routine is:
    -brushing my teeth
    -washing my face with Dermalogica
    -tidying up my room a bit
    -spraying bath and body works spray around my room
    -turning on my nightlight
    -turning out the regular light
    -watching a couple of videos on YouTube or Instagram
    – setting my alarm to a pop song
    -plugging in my phone and going to sleep 💤

    I would absolutely lovveee to win this!😊

  5. My night time routine is that I make sure to wrap my hair up every nighy in a silk bonnet and I love having a chilly environment when I sleep. I will crack my window open all year long every night and then wrap up in a blanket. I listen to one of my playlist for about 30 mins just lying in bed to get ready to fall asleep. I also make sure I talk to my parents and tell them good night and that I love them. The very last thing that I do is pray to God and thank Him for the day and just talk to Him about how I am feeling and I pray for other people as well.

  6. My night time routine is wash my face, brush my teeth, and change into my pjs (my feet are always unnaturally freezing cold so I have to wear socks). Then I crawl into bed and my cat always waits for me to put on my covers before she hops on and hangs on my lap for a bit and then she goes to the end of the bed. I sit there for a while messing with my phone or reading until I feel like I’m about to fall asleep. I turn off my lights and turn on the tv and go to sleep. I will admit I sleep with four blankets right now just because I like the extra weight. My alarm clock is usually like an old telephone or something really obnoxious just so I can wake up fast and turn it off. Lately my cat has been my alarm clock since she jumps right by my face every morning like a good hour before my alarm can go off.

  7. Jordan Fisher was my celebrity crush as a young kiddo and still is today 😂💓 I got older and uglier and he got more and more handsome 😂

  8. My night time routine consists of favourite tv show on the couch with my favourite blanket. I have tea every night before bed and may indulge in either cookies or chocolate. Brush my teeth, lip balm, cup of water and then sleep. Sometimes I mediate before bed if I am feeling a big anxious that day.

    P.S love this video, fell in love with him all over again!

  9. My night time routine: shower, read, set my alarm, play on my phone until I’m tired, and then go to sleep
    Also, Jordan is fantastic!

  10. Routine is a strong word, so I'm just gonna call it a night time to-do list if it's all the same.
    – moisturize and twist my hair into sections before covering it with a silk bonnet
    -shower under SCORCHING hot water
    -wash face
    -(maybe) selective face mask depending on the mood
    -wash face again
    -moisturize face and body
    -put on pjs
    -charge my phone at least 10 feet away from my bed and listen to Broadway soundtracks
    -(maybe get lost down a youtube rabbithole)
    -read a short story or two
    -plugin heated blanket and reminisce about my day
    -turn out the light and sleep like a baby
    and that's about it 🙂

  11. My morning routine is to
    Brush my teeth
    Wash my face
    Braid my hair
    Put chapstick on
    Then pray
    P. S. Love you Jordan Fisher 💕💕
    Insta @domoniquebracamonte

  12. I love jordan so much, he's one of the most talented people I've ever seen. Ariana grande should definitely do this tho, I think it would be good.
    My routine is:
    – take a shower with tea tree body wash
    -do a face mask while putting lotion on
    – put on my pj's and turn on my heated blanket
    -cuddle my dogs until I'm asleep

  13. I have to wash my face and brush my teeth. Change into a tank top and comfy sweat pants and then get a bottle of something out of the fridge to have sitting on my stand all night Incase I get thirsty. I can’t sleep without my dog either so I have to get his section of the bed ready (which is above my head) and mine and then I lay down and spend about 30 mins playing games on my phone and then going to sleep.

  14. Night time routine
    -have a snack
    -let out my dogs
    -bush my teeth
    -wash my face
    -go to sleep 😜❤
    love you jodan🙂

  15. first off I LOVE Jordan so much, he is my inspiration and he's so talented

    My nighttime routine
    when I get off from work I like to read a book
    wash my face
    get in bed (not to sleep yet)
    watch tv and look @ YouTube 🙂

  16. Why is Jordan Fisher my spirit animal, that sound exactly like my routine, I use a lavender lotion, a weighted blanket, get up at 7:30ish, coffee… and I hate the alarm sounds that came with my phone, but I also can't figure out how to change it, so I just hate my phone every morning when goes off!

  17. 1. I eat
    2. Take a shower
    3. Do homework if I feel like it😂
    4. Clean up my room
    5. I usually go to sleep listening to David Dobriks and Jason Nash’s podcast Views🤪❗️❗️

  18. are u KIDDING me. this handsome motherf*cker sleeps in the nude, has a smile that could light up a whole damn room and wakes up like a disney prince. WHAT THE HELL. he's too perfect i can't take this

  19. My night routine is pretty simple! I talk to my roommates for a bit about our days, then I hole up in my room, shower, play videogames, listen to music, and go to bed

  20. Can someone send me the link to his alarm music, treasured memories from kingdom hearts?? I can’t find it anywhere

  21. Jordan is the best
    my night time routine is
    1 brush my teeth
    2 drink a glass of water
    And watch Jordan on Twitch if he's on.

  22. OMG OMG OMG He has something in common with me: We both are OBSESSED with all dressed Ruffles :D. I could eat a whole big bag in a day if I don't control myself lol.

  23. I literally have been following Jordan for years omg I love everything he does #fishfam 💜🗝
    I think Ariana Grande should do Under The Covers next!

    😴 Nighttime Routine 😴
    • shower 🚿
    • brush teeth 😬
    • face mask 😌
    • tea/coffee ☕️
    • meditate / bullet journal 📓
    • sleep 💤

  24. You should have Tom Holland!!

    My nightly routine is:
    -let my hair air dry
    -watch a bit of YouTube
    -wash my face
    -brush my teeth
    -FaceTime my boyfriend
    -get in bed and play a round of Slices on my phone (not sponsored haha)
    -then I go to sleep!!
    I hope I win this giveaway 💕 (if I do, my IG for contact is @alli_grace5683 💕)

    Jordan!! You were absolutely amazing as Mark! Congratulations on all of your hard work!

  25. Love him!
    Brush my hair and loosely braid it
    Brush my teeth
    Put in my retainer
    Feed my fish and turn off the fish tank light
    Put lotion on my hands
    Take jewelry off
    Set up the bed properly (pillows, blankets, etc.)
    Turn the TV on to a calming movie
    Wait for my sister to fall asleep

  26. I have to have my television on. I hate sleeping in the dark. My go to pajamas are my hello kitty pajamas that my sister bought for me

  27. Hmm, nighttime routine.
    -PJs (sometimes with socks, sometimes without)
    -Face and teeth care (pretty early ~8pm, so I don't accidentally fall asleep before I've done these)
    -I have to wrap my hair or at least put it into a pineapple (curly or long haired people might know this)
    -Drink a cup of water
    -Check my phone alarms to make sure they're set (yes multiple alarms, I hit snooze/dismiss a lot)
    -Check my emails to make sure I haven't missed anything, and delete all the junk mail (A clean email account is vital for my sanity)
    -Then, get into bed and it's dealer's choice until I feel sleepy or 10pm, whichever comes first (youtube, sitcom episode, or read a book)

  28. ideally but not always 😂

    -Eat dinner
    -Work on homework
    -Shower around 7pm
    -Finish up remaining reading or assignments
    -Review notes/study
    -Brush teeth
    -Wash mouth
    -In bed by 1am

  29. dream boy omg 👼🏼 lol butttt my night time routine includes feeding my 3 dogs & getting them ready for bed before myself haha followed by getting myself a glass of water, lighting a candle to relax (which I basically leave on all day if I’m home) watching literally any cartoon on to help me fall asleep & ofc, the usual hygiene stuff! Simple but very much a routine. <3

  30. OH MY GOD YOU WERE IN GREASE!? WHAT THE HECK! But yeah, so because I love night products and winning stuff: Hmhm*(Clears Throat):1.) I wrap up watching my TV with Mom and Dad2.) I brush my teeth, floss, rinse, brush my hair and wash my face. (And shower every other night)3.) I cuddle my puppy goodnight before he falls asleep on my Dad's bed with him4.) I read and/or talk with my Mom5.) My parents tuck me in6.) As bizarre as it sounds, I watch Pirates Of The Caribbean to help me fall asleep!, (Or Garfield, witch is sufficiently less bizarre, since it's calmer and has soft colors instead of violent swords clashing and cannons wringing, but still.)7.) Goodnight! (I fall asleep:0 ZZZ)

  31. My night time routine is…
    – a cold glass of water
    -a goat milk sleep mask
    – meditation
    – medicine
    – I also sleep with a mouth guard 😊

  32. Night routine: Skin care, water by the bed, lip balm, snuggle cats, check the phone, zzzzz! 🙂 Would also love to see Vanessa Hudgens for the next one of these! 🙂

  33. When I was little, my mom would always sing me "The River" by Garth Brooks, and i was just out instantly. If I ever have kids, I would probably want to sing "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas.

  34. My night time routine is…
    I take my vitamins
    Listen to music on my phone and dance/do yoga while I brush my teeth
    Lay in bed and watch some youtube
    Then put on some instrumental music while I cuddle a pillow and fall asleep

  35. Okay, absolutely have to have my phone within arms length reach, because I have a heart problem, so if I feel my heart like hurt, or slow down my heart beat, I have to turn my machine up, since it’s like a shock machine, but for people who’s mothers had a heart attack while giving birth, which actually happens to every 1 in 3 Americans. But I have to have my phone, Incase that happens, but I have to have lavender essential oils, my retainer case, and my iPad since I read and have music playing, I have to have music playing or else I’ll just not go to sleep, I have to have some sort of background music playing so I’ll be able to sleep, and not sleep in school. I have a midnight snack of a Lara bar, or a cliff bar, I wake up at 4:30 every morning, for training in rock climbing, and physical therapy, and homeschooling. So I have a Lara bar, energy shake, and either an apple, or a slice of banana bread, whatever I feel that morning. Then after my physical therapy and training, I’ll usually go home, have my mom/ or dad make me eggs, turkey bacon, toast, and get me a yogurt, and my lunch I pack the night before and I’ll put anything that needs to stay cold in the fridge, and grab my insulated lunch bag out of the freezer, and then I’ll get it clipped on my backpack, and I’ll go to school, then I’ll go to training. And then I’ll either coach, or go to choir practice, depending on what day it is. And yes I do 2 different school groups, one is basically a USA team member will tutor me at like 9:45, and then I’ll be at regular school from like 11:55 til the end of the day, then off to what I do. I do both since I’m on the USA national rock climbing team, I have home schooling and public high school so I get the normal high school experience. But my teachers are all supportive, they will usually email me any missing assignments that I miss for training camp or for a competition. But yeah I live a pretty busy life. It’s not easy being 16 years old.

  36. my routine consist of a very lengthily skin care routine, brushing of the teeth, and reading a book until I fall asleep. I find I have the best sleeps when my phone isn't the last thing I see.

  37. I did NOT NEED TO KNOW HE SLEEPS NAKED. I already was staring at those lips and eyes the whole video. What a fucking gorgeous man…..

  38. Awww I love Jordan so much!💙😇

    My nighttime routine:

    1.Put on my pjs which includes fuzzy socks

    2. Brush my teeth

    3. Put on My Favorite Night Balm which I was shocked to know that Jordan owns also!😱

    4. Turn on my stereo and play my Ocean Waves CD

    5. Open my door all the way & put my “Shh…I’m dreaming about Harry Styles” door handel hanger on my door handle

    6. Cuddle with my Noah Schnacky hoodie and go to sleep

  39. My nighttime routine is
    1. Brush my teeth
    2. Take my medicine
    3. Turn on music choice on TV
    4. Put on my pajamas
    5. Lock my phone up so I can actually sleep

  40. I don't know if any of y'all do this, but I wonder if you could fall asleep to acoustic versions of popular songs.

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