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Report a Poacher – Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement

Report a Poacher – Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement

Hello, my name is Chris Watson. I am a Fish and Wildlife officer in Hinton, Alberta
working for the Fish and Wildlife Enforcement branch. One of the responsibilities we have is to ensure compliance
with hunting and fishing regulations. This is an area where sheep hunters traditionally
pursue bighorn sheep. It’s an area of our district that is close to Jasper National Park,
where the sheep move in and out. We work in concert with the national park wardens,
and our fellow officers in Alberta, to ensure protection of the resource. In the Hinton district, we cover approximately 5,000 square miles of area roughly equates to about 7500 square kilometers. Of that area, there is about 4,500 kms of roadway in our district. For a straight line perspective, if I was to leave Hinton,
I would have to travel almost to central New Brunswick over 48 hours of travel just to cover all the roads in my district. We cannot always be where we need to be, and that’s where it comes in to relying on the public for information. You can do your part by protecting resources by calling the Report a Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800. That number will get officers in the field and able to respond to
the complaint as soon as possible. Little bits of information that might not seem really important to you could be critical in forming a bigger, larger investigation
which officers are putting together. Each and every little bit of information is important. Please consider that on your next outing. Like I said, the resource we protect is your,
and is going to be there for future generations. Let’s work together to protect it. Thank you.

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