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Rescaping 50 Gallon Fish Tank | New Aquarium Make Over!!!

Hello everyone. It’s BonBonn here and welcome back to my channel. My 50 gallon aquarium was established back in the started 2018 I was so so happy with how it turned out at first But now? Not so much There’s too much open space and too little green It doesn’t look as united as I imagined it to be That’s why with the start of a new year
I’ll be rescaping the tank and add new fish Yay We’re going to unbox the plants I bought from Mainam Farm Their farm is actually in Phuket, but I bought these online I’ll leave the link in the description box below Their website looks really nice and is easy to navigate First in the box we have “pogostemon helferi” or “dow noi” This plant actually originated from Thailand So I’m pretty excited Next up we have “hair grass” and “cryptocoryne albida red” Last but certainly not least is the “phoenix moss” They look pretty cute so that’s why I bought it “Oh what’s this” Okay so I actually forgot about this
last product I bought Its a fertilizer for my substrate Since I’m using gravel and gravel doesn’t really have any nutrients So that’s why I bought this
from Mainam Farm as well Like any new living thing we’re exposing to our aquariums It is prone to having bacteria So I’ll be quarantining these plants for
a few days before putting it in Even if it’s an old store that you’ve visited
last time or a reliable source You still need to do quarantine The plants in the aquarium right now are almost all from this farm They look pretty nice and healthy when they arrive although some did die after a while I think that was more my fault A few days passed and it’s finally the time to rescape the tank I’m so excited I made a lot of plans with today and even drew a little draft for how it will look like Let’s see how nice the tank will look in real life once I’m done If you watch my previous video on “snail rid” You know that I
already removed my fish into a tiny temporary setup There isn’t really a lot in here Just four rummy nose tetras and a harlequin rasbora I don’t really like the sand anymore so I’ll be removing that completely At first I really wanted
corydoras but now I decide to have an Asian themed tank The only non-Asian thing are the runny nose tetras and anubias So I don’t intend to add any more of them But before we get into it I’m going to be unboxing my new
aquascaping tool I bought this from Lazada Links will be in the descriptions
below “That’s dangerous” I’ve never used aquascaping tools before so I don’t
really know what to expect From trying them I feel that they are in pretty good
shape the scissors is scarily sharp the tweezers hold pretty well The plants I chose are really low
maintenance plants I’m not really thaaatttt into plants It just to add more life to aquarium My main focus are actually the fish I’m going for a more natural look with dense groups of plants However I’ll just have to wait for them to grow out more I’m just afraid that if I buy a bunch at the same time I might make them die and all the money will go to waste The last time I bought “cryptocoryne balansae” it thrived pretty well so I’ll be separating it At first I really wanted to buy it but it was out of stock when I went to shop Hardscape is the aquarium layout with the substrate, driftwood and other decorations; but no plants At this point I’m spreading the substrate to create slope thus giving depth to the whole scape Then I’ll be adding the substrate fertilizer I bought online on Mainam Farm earlier Hopefully the plants will be able to use it It might be a little hard to see since
it was getting dark when I was doing this scape And yes I did get bitten by mosquitoes but it’s okay because that’s one of the days I’m free and I’m really excited As you can see now I’m adding my old driftwood into the aquarium but you might notice that I didn’t put it the way I did before I just think that this way it looks more natural Now let’s move on to the softscape which
are the plants I prepared earlier It might be a little hard to see in the
video but you’ll see in a minute when I zoomed out and add more light Near the filters I also have some plastic plants and maybe at the back of the driftwood
as well This is because I use the plastic plants to block the flow of the filter so that the fish won’t get overwhelmed and the one at the back of the driftwood I think it just adds more color since I have like purple and orange plastic plants It is not natural but I just like the color Phew Now that’s all done we’re left with
the water I’m going to fill the water up and yes my back does hurt from all the
crouching down and coming up but it’s okay The water I scooped out from the bucket You can’t really see It’s the water from before I did the aquascape I think that there are like bacteria and such establishing in the water so if I completely renew the water then I think it’d take a while to recycle so this is a shortcut in a way Now I’m truly done for the day Let’s see how it looks like when we opened the lights For now I won’t add the fish in yet I’ll let the tank be a bit more settled like the scattered dirt, the filters, and
such We’ll be back in the few days Also don’t forget to clean up A few days has passed and it’s now time
to add the fishing They’re floating in the bucket right now to ensure that they don’t get shocked by the differences in water temperatures and such They’re all pretty washed out right now as you can see There’s a four rummy nose tetras and the one harlequin rasbora I’m really excited to see how much they
like the new tank Let me tell you a story about when I was catching these guys One of the rummy nose tetras actually was floating with his tummy in the air I was so surprised Maybe I was a bit too rough with the catching I put that rummy nose tetra in a shallow bucket to monitor its behavior and guess what 20 minutes later it was swimming just fine like nothing happened Let’s just hope it’s all an act and this rummy nose tetra will be all well Minutes after they’ve been added to the tank How does it look with the fish in it There still a little bit washed out well not a little, a lot washed out We’ll just have to give them time to settle in I’ll be updating their conditions on my Instagram page so go follow if you’re curious to how they’re doing I’ll be going to the fish store very very soon to pick up some more fish but that will be for another video Tell me what you think about this new scape
in the comment section below Don’t forget to LIKE and hit the SUBSCRIBE button for more fish related things and my fish store visit and such Sorry for not posting for the past few months I’m finally in my last high school year so I’m a little busy After my applications I’ll probably be more chill Actually, I just got accepted into a university a while back Yay Other than that I’ve been facing some teenage problems with my friends at school It’s all well now though so don’t worry about it My motivation is finally back See you guys in the next video

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