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Restoring Historic Fish Lake

Restoring Historic Fish Lake

[Old-time music plays] PHIL RAAB This is, uh, represents part of the restoration work
that the Friends of Fish Lake have been doing on the site for about
seven years now and this is replacing siding on 3 C era buildings constructed roughly 1933 and 1934 and it’s at the point that the
current sidings at the end of its useful life and it’s being repeat, replaced in kind with, uh, with the same profile as what
was built with. [Old-time music plays] TERRY BAKER So a lot of those efforts have really
come together as we work in partnership with the Friends to do
everything we can to support and save this very important
site on the Willamette and make sure it lasts on into the future for
different generations because it is a very special place. [Old-time music plays] JIM DENNY When I started here you couldn’t see the lake from, from this point because there were
so many small trees and brush that had grown up in this area and one of the things that
we’re trying to do here is reestablish the historic landscape. [Old-time music plays] RANDY DUNBAR Well, we’ve got a buncha log ends here that had a lot of rot in ’em and one of the principals in historic
preservation is preserving what you have rather than than doing away with and it replacing
something new, so what we did here was come in with some wood carving tools. I carve wood – birds and fish – and I happen
to have the tools so I got appointed the the rot reducer. So we had those pockets of rot all
cleaned out and then two other people came in and had some
two part epoxy putty. You mix it together has a certain amount
working time. So what I would do is come in with a
little micro grinder and I would pick a check mark, uh, line
coming through this crack here and I would grind a similar mark in the
ends of the logs there through the epoxy putty. [Old-time music plays] [Softer music plays]

2 comments on “Restoring Historic Fish Lake

  1. What a blissful way to spend a retirement day, rewarding work in a beautiful setting with good companions!

    If you good old boys are reading this, you did a fine job there!

  2. where is this, a map would help.
    not everyone knows where Willamette is.
    and i'm not a speed reader.

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