Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Wade: I like how nobody seemed excited at all for their *giggles* team. Mark: *giggles* Bob: I don’t even know I’m with, I was adjusting my mouse sensitivity, okay? Mark: I’m with-I’m with you, Bob. I’m with you. Bob: Oh, Good. Thank God. Mark: Yeah, thank you. Wade: Wait, what? Mark: That’s a lot in faith me! Wade: I dont know if you insulted me or Jack or both there, Bob. Bob: Both, obviously. Jack: Wait, what’s updated about this map? It feels the exact same! Mark: NO, NO! there should be…NO, NO! there should be…
Wade: It feels the exact same to me too Mark: there should be new-there was new stuff in the picture and the thing IT WAS NEW! Wade: ♪ Prop hunt… ♪
Bob: This…feels…the same… Mark: No, I swear guys…..YEAH, IT’S DIFFERENT, LOOK!!! Bob: Wait no, no, no, no, no, this is different. This is different. Mark: Over there! Mark: PaPoof Mark: Yeah, it’s different, see? Bob: It’s… It’s largely the same. Mark: Yeah Wade: We’re Underwater again! And it’s the same Mark: No, come on guys, just- we have so many good memories from this map I thought it would be good to start with this cause we haven’t done it in years.
Wade: No, I have no good memories, you and Bob do. Mark: What are you talking about?! Bob: That’s right! Mark: Yeah. Wade: Yeah, I haven’t forgotten the fish and the cone debacle of 20-four-fif- Mark: 2014 Bob: I feel like we all had a good time that day. Mark: Yeah, it was pretty fun. Wait, are you guys hiding already? Wait a minute… Jack: Yeah. Wade (Sarcastic): No, we were waiting on you to kill us before we decided to go hide Jack: Yeah!
Mark: Well, that’s awfully kind of you Bob: That would be the civil thing to do, you don’t have to be a prick. Jack: Stop dropping cones, what did they do? Mark: Wait, can you see that? Where are you? Jack: Yeah. Mark: Alright Bob, I’m gonna be scouting from up here, so, if I see any movement- Bob: I’m really certain- I’m fairly certain that they’re in the water Mark: Probably.
Jack: On an underwater map? That’s stupid. Mark: Yeah…
Bob: Yeah well, that’s what I was saying, but, you know. Mark: Wo- Mark: What was that sound? Jack: What was that sound?
Mark: What was that sound? Bob: He just went in the water, I dont know. Wade: That was not a thing… Mark: Was that, was that you Wade? Were you doing a thing over there? Wade: No! Mark: Huh? Jack: I can’t- I can’t see well from my vantage point. Mark Uh huh, so you’re at a vantage- Shut up, phone!
Bob: Ahh, I know where Jack is. Mark: eeeh uuuh eeeuuu Bob: What a- What a professional, Mark, what a professional. Mark: Arrrhhhhhhhh Bob: Knows to have the phone on silent when you start the recording. Mark: Hang on, I’m keeping an eyeballs out. Bob: Oh hey, somebody’s totally in the cage area Mark: Woah! *Mark desperately yells* Wade: *Squeals* Mark: AWW- Oh! Nailed ya! Oh my eagle eye has finally paid off! Wade: Its not eagle eye when you use a bomb!
Mark: *Maniacal laughter* Jack: Yeah, he’s right. Mark: Eagle eye-
Bob: So Jack. Mark: When I’m spotting. Jack: Yes. Bob: Where- Where in here are you, that’s my question. Jack: Lookin’ at ‘cha. Bob: I know, I feel you looking at me. Mark: Bob where-
Jack: I dunno whos that, who that is Bob: I’m the one in the glass box. Jack: Oh, then no, I’m not in there *slight laughter* Mark: Alright. Bob: Why was this door open? I feel lied to. Mark: That was- That was Wade, Wade was moving the door all around like an iiidiot Wade: By moving the door all around, do you mean I opened it once, and then went through it?
Mark: *Laughing* Yea- Yeah… Bob: So Mark, where have you been? Where have you been Mark? Mark: I- I’ve been up here, I’ve been watching very closely Mark: So we got a minute and forty-five Mark: I keep seeing-
Jack: You haven’t been watching- You haven’t been watching closely enough apparently Mark: Wait… Hang on wait a minute…
Wade: ♪ Do do ♪ Mark: What do you mean?
Wade: ♪ Do do ♪ Mark: What do you mean Jack?
Jack: I mean, I just flew past Bob, I think, if that was Mark still up top. Mark: Yeah that was me. Bob: Yeah I was in the water, but. Mark: I can’t see, I can’t see very far into the water, yeah I can’t see very-
Bob: You didn’t fly past me! Jack: I swam past you! Jack: Just keeps freaking out on me and I can’t see anything! Mark: Alright Bob, I’m gonna hang at the w- Okay, no, that was a fish Bob: (Stuttering)
Jack: No idea where you guys are! I can’t see you anymore. Mark: Still underwater? Jack: Yeah, but the music’s Jaws. ♪ Dun dun dun dun ♪ Wade: We’re gonna need a bigger boat. We’re gonna need a- Mark: Wade- Wade what’ll it take to sell out your teammate Jack: Nothing
Wade: Uh. Mark: I offer ten-
Wade: I’ll do it for- uh. Mark: Ten thousand subscribers? Wade: I was gonna say three, but yeah.
Jack: Klondike bar? Mark: *laughing* Three- three subscribers, oh wait hang on. Wade: *laughs*
Mark: I’ll go down to three. Bob: Oh hey, I found Jack. Bob: He’s a little fish running around on the floor.
Mark: Oh- I see him- ok, I saw him. Mark: He’s still down there- He’s still down there! Jack: *screaming loudly* Woah!! Woah!! Woah!! AH! Argh!!
Mark: Woah! I saw- I saw blood. Jack: AH! *strange noises*
Mark: Where’d you go? Where’d you go? Bob: Which- w-where’d he go?
Mark: Where’d he go? Jack: Nope, nope, nope, nooope. Wade: He’s closer than you might think, but farther than you might like. Mark: Dammit, I can’t throw grenades and stuff underwater. Bob: I know. Wade: That’s not normal fish activity. Mark: Huh.
Jack: Fish out of water boys! Bob: T-That’s what I was thinking. Mark: Where- where?
Jack: Heard a grenade. Mark: Okay good. Wait a minute. Oh did- Jack did you get out of the water? Bob: I think he is legitimately out of the water.
Jack: Yeah…*giggles* Mark: Uh oh. We’re being made a fool of. Jack: *giggling* Yeahh, you are. Bob: I thought you had gotten better at this. Mark: What- no. Wait- aww. Where?
Jack: I’m right here! Mark: Wait where?!? Wade: Yeah! Yeah! How does it feel not being able to find something there. Jack: I’m up here! I was at the fuckin’- I was on the-
Mark: Where?? Jack: I was on the thing beside the plant.
Bob: What?? Mark: Huh?? Wade: He was exactly where you were the cone-fish were before. Bob: I think he was right here Mark. Mark: Where? Bob: Right here. Mark: Oooh. Okay. Jack: I was moving around a good bit though.
Mark: That would have made sense. Jack: You guys just suck.
Mark: Thank you.
Wade: Yeah.
Wade: You are going to kill me then you’re Wade: Except for whenever y-your gonna kill me than you’re good. Wade: You’re very talented. Jack: No than they suck even more. Wade: Oh. Bob: Hey Mark- Mark: What.
Wade: Don’t forget he’s still alive. Bob: Look what I found. Mark: What? I- I can’t- Bob: I dunno- I don’t know where you went. I can’t see you anymore. *chuckles* Mark: Yeah I- I d- Jack: Look alive Wade. Bob: I found a- I found a thing… Mark… Bob: I really like this.
Wade: Wait can you open the chest to get more ammo and guns? Jack: Oh- Bob: Naw I can see a scrub. He don’t know- He don’t know about that chest. Jack: Why would I need them? Wade: Did a car just drive by?
Mark: Yeah. Bob: Yeah there’s a car animation on the edge of the map. Wade: I’ve never noticed. Jack: Well that’s new. Bob: It’s ‘cuz it’s like louder then it used to be or something. Bob: It used to be very quiet. Jack: Hmm… Bob: I hear a chopper. *Makes bad helicopter imitation* *random noises* Bob: GIT TO ZE CHOPPA! Jack: SOMEONEINHERE No? Okay. You would’ve got super scared if you were in there Mark: Wait what? Bob: Wade no one’s in that corner you don’t need to be in that corner. Jack: What corner’s Wade? Wade: You watching me Bob? You watching me? Bob: No not in the fountain Dumdum. Jack: Marco!
Mark: Polo! Ah shit. Jack: He’s over there!!
Mark: Oh no!!! Everyone: *giggles* Wade: Ah!! What if he’s a bike! Mark: Ah. you don’t know that. Bob: I don’t think- I
don’t think that’s right Wade. Mark: yeah Wade Wade: I don’t know why when I saw it like why can’t I move that particular bicycle? Mark: I don’t know Wade Bob: yeah that’s not the one- that’s not the one Wade Jack: Are you a fish? Bob: No Mark: N-Yes Jack: Are you a barrel? Bob: Are you trying to confuse them with your words? Mark: Maybe *Giggles* Bob: Yes *Mixed noises* Bob: I’m not- I’m not a barrel either I was just trying to make fun of Mark
Mark: Thank you Bob: Nailed it *creepy laugh* Mark: *imitates same laugh* Jack: Are they in here Mark:*imitates laugh again* Jack: GRAB EVERYTHING HUUGH Bob: My name is Cornholio (?) Wade: *garbled* They opened the garbage up, opened up the garbage. Wade: They are- *garbled up* Jack: Did you just shoot that? Bob: Here, I’ll- I’ll jump for you. Wade: What is that?! Bob: Everytime I say- everytime I- Still Bob: Say “Boing” I’ll jump, how ’bout that? Wade: I- I like picked it up. Bob: Boing! A-Boing! Still Bob: A-Boing, A-Boing, *pause* A-Boing! Mark: This Jack: Okay, you’re not above water then. Bob: A-Boing *long pause* Bob: Guess I’m definitely not above water Jack: Hmm Wade: Are one of you the- Bob: A-BOING! *Mark and Bob laugh* *still laughing* xD Bob: Wait-Wawawawait, ready- ready? Do it. *laughs* *OMGITHAPPENED!!* Bob: YES!! Yes! *Loud laughs from Bob and Mark* Jack: What happened?!? *Laughter continues* Mark: Oh- oh, it feels like home! 😀 Bob: We-we-we’ve rekindled our winning ways! *Mark laughs* Wade: Jack, I know what they are.. *JACKNO* Mark: AWW *Everyone laughs* Jack: Just like ol’ times! Mark: Oh man, Oh memories.. Mark: Oh delicious memories Bob: It worked so much better last time. Mark: Yeaah.. Wade: Well.. Wade: yeah.. Mark: I- I think it was just maybe, a little- Still Mark: They were on the hunt for it. They- they were ready for our moves. Bob: Ooo man, I can’t believe- I can’t believe we finally came back together Mark. Mark: Yeah it’s been ages- years.. Jack: I can’t belive he finally came Mark: Yeah.. I-I take awhile ya know? Bob: It’s like you’ve been all the way inside me, and I kind of liked it. Mark: I’m an endurance man is the way it is
Bob: Mm. Bob: Gross
Mark: Thanks. Jack: Hehe *imitates Bob* Mm.
Wade: *laughs* Jack: That’s not nice.
Everyone: *laughs* Mark: Huh, that’s- that’s aw- literally awful.
Bob: I was just making a joke, but that sounds awful. Mark: Yeah. *disgusted noise* Jus- Just don’t talk again, man. Mm. Jack: JUN JUN JUN JUN JUN JUN JUN JUN JUN JUN JUN JUN JUN~ Mark: Alright. Whoooo’s around here?
Bob: Choy choy choy choy choy choy choy? Mark: Oh, by the way.
Bob: What’s that sound? Mark: By the way, Bob, you have, like, mines. So. I’m gonna place a mind at a choke point.
Bob: I have mines? Mark: You have a mine.
Bob: Oh, yes. Yes I do. Jack: Place mines. Don’t be douchebags.
Mark: I’m gonna place a mine at a choke point so if they go by it…
Wade: Oops. Your choke point just went into the water.
Jack: *laughs* *Bob joins* Mark: *laughs*
Jack: *imitates Mark* You have to go by it. Boop.
Bob: Jack did you- did you see that, Jack? Bob: Did you see that? Jack: Yeah, it fell nowhere near me. *laughs* Bob: What was that?
Mark: Okay… Jack: I heard it a sploosh.
Wade: Saw that. Hey. Stop that. Stop shooting. Bob: You heard a sploosh?
Jack: No. Do- don’t come in here. *laughs* Mark: Wait where?
Wade: Yeah, you get out of there!
Bob: Un- unlikely story Mark: Where are they at, Bob?
Wade: Bob doesn’t trust me.
Bob: Why aren’t you moving, fish? Wade: Bob doesn’t trust me. Mark: What’s going on, Bob? What’s the story, Bob?
Bob: Uh, I’m just doing some recon. I-I feel like I accidentally threw my mine right at one of them And then Jack was all like *imitates Jack* Uuh… Noo… Wade: *laughs*
Mark: Hang on a second, here. Bob: *still imitating Jack* Nowhere near me Mark: Hang on a second. Wait. Hang on a second.
Bob: What? Mark: Something- something- something ain’t right here.
Jack: Uh-oh. Wade. Wade. Mark: Something ain’t right with this fish Jack: Wade.
Bob: *laughs* Mark: Ehh. *realizes* Oh.
Jack: W-wade, I’m stuck… Wade: Here, here, here.
Mark: I guess it’s fine! That fish was just being really weird! Never mind, then. Jack: Thank you. Oh, God. *relieved grunt*
Wade: Your welcome.
*Both laugh* Mark: Okay, what’s going on? Jack: Doo doo doo doo~
Wade: Nothing! Nothing at all happened!
Mark: What’s going on over there? Bob: *laughs*
Jack: Nothing at all!
Mark: What’s going on, guys? Wade: There was not a prop delivery service. Mark: What’s going o- *laughs*
Jack: *chuckles* Bob: The sounds in this game are freaking me out. Jack: Is that the update? Ja dun~
Bob: I guess. Wade: Uh-oh, it’s my theme song. Mark: Uh, wai- ah, d- ah, the- there’s something going on here. Something’s f*cky! Mark: There we go!
Jack: Ahh!
Everyone: *laughs* Jack: I didn’t know you were there!
Mark: *yeah that morphs into more laughing* Mark: There’s just a mysterious file box moving around! Hmm.
Jack: I didn’t see you. Mark: Okay, so, Bob, that means Wade’s down here somewhere cuz.
Bob: Alright. Mark: Cuz if Jack was helping him…
Jack: Cuz it wasn’t twenty seconds ago when that happened. Wade and Mark: Yeah
Bob: Yeah, no, it’s fine.
Jack: I-I wa- I was a plant on the surface when I got stuck and I couldn’t change. So Wade brought me a fish.
Mark: Uh, sure! Yeah, that’s what you want us to think! a- and then you make a fool of us!
Bob: Uh-huh
Jack: It’s the truth. Jack: Watch it back.
Bob: That’s- that’s what you want us too think. Bob: That’s what you had said.
Mark: Wait. Hang on.
Wade: That’s. Mark: SURPRISE!!
Wade: What. They want us to- Bob: Woah, j- What?
Jack: How’re you guys breathing underwater?! Mark: Okay.
Jack: Those are not water filtration…
Bob: F*cking- f*cking magic. Mark: I th- huh
Bob: How do you- what do you care? Wade: There’s been some explosion up-
Bob: How do you breathe?
Jack: F*-cking ma-gic.
Mark: Hehe. Heh. I wanted to catch someone up there, but it didn’t work.
Bob: F*cking. Magic, Jack. Bob: F*cking magic.
Jack: You can do it, Wade. I believe in you. Mark: Where you at, Wade? Wait a minute. Haang on a second.
Wade: I got this. I got this like the Silver Surfer got- uh, Spiderman. Bob: I really just don’t- I really just don’t- I don’t feel I’m doing that well today at the prop hunting.
Mark: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Jack: *chuckles* Mark: No. Not that. Bob: Mark, are you just shooting at sh*t?
Jack: No.
Mark: I- there’s a cone. A cone has been displaced over here. Bob: I’ve found him.
Wade: Woohoo!
Jack: *laughs*
Mark: What? Where? Where? Mark: Where? Where is he? Whup! Caught a sight of him. WAHH! Bob: What the sh*t?
Wade: *laughs* *Mark and Bob join in*
Jack: *questions his friendship with Mark* Jack: Did you kill yourself?
Bob: where the f*ck did he just go?
Wade: Bombs away. Mark: Uh- I don’t know.
Jack: *imitating Mark* I caught sight of him! He’s over there! *death* Bob: Yeah, Mark, calm down, man!
Mark: *giggles* I threw a grenade-
Jack: His f*cking lifeless dead body over there. Mark: N-no! My- my reticle passed by him. I saw his name pop up, so I’m like, “Oh! If I just throw a grenade in this general direction I might get him!” NOOOPE! Jack: Cuz that’s how it works. *laughs* Bob: What’s up, Wade?
Wade : Hey Bob! Mark: Oh, he’s- he’s up top. Bob, he’s- he’s up top. Bob: I lost him again. Oh, wait. Wait. Wade, wait! Wait! Wait! Wade! Wade, wait! Jack: Yeah. Wade, wait.
Bob: There’s only four that’s all that’s left. Bob: Wade wait! I’ve used them both.
Wade: I feel like you’ve got a bomb left. I don’t wanna wait too much.
Jack: Wait, Wade. Wait Wade.
Mark: Wade, come on. *boom*
Mark and Jack: *laugh* Wade: I knew it! Mark: Yeah. We’re- after so many years, we’re starting to not trust Bob. It’s amaazing.
Wade: Yeah, I know!
Jack: Yeah. We got it now. We got it. Bob: I- I- I give up. Can I go back over here? Bob: Nah.
Jack: Bob. Don’t give up. Jack: You can do it. Bob: I can’t fucking shoot the tiny fish. I’m not gonna just run around and look like an asshole. Mark: Bob, Bob, Bob… *Jack laughs* Bob: I’m not gonna do it. I’m not gonna do it. Bob: I’m going out on my own terms. Mark: *laughs* Bob: I’m not gonna do it Wade: I’ll go say hi to Mother Shark c: Bob: I can’t shoot that little fish like that Bob: I’m not good enough. I’m not gonna do it. Bob: I’m not gonna play that game.
Mark: That’s..
Wade: Oh. Jack: You mean the ACTUAL game of Prop Hunt?
Mark: Yeah. Mark: And now because of this… Mark: And now because of this…
Jack: You’re not… you’re not allowed to be a tiny fish, Bob. Jack: You’re not… you’re not allowed to be a tiny fish, Bob. Bob: I wasn’t! If you’ll remember. Mark: *giggles*
Bob: I’m never a fucking tiny fish. Bob: I’m always a stupid barrel who dies really fast! :c Wade: All right, Bob’s a barrel. Jack: We’ll see. Jack: That means he’s a fish! Don’t trust Bob.
Wade: *laughs* Bob: Absolutely. I’m a fish.
Mark: Aww.. this was a…. Mark: This was a bad idea. Wade: What if they decided to go for the obvious and be a fish IN a barrel?! *insert X-Files theme here* Bob: That would be too much.
Jack: IT’S TOO BRILLIANT. Wade: Yeah. I agree. They’re not smart enough. Jack: Way too brilliant for THOSE guys. Mark: Oh, damn it..
Jack: The fuck are these sounds? Stop it. Bob: Ohh… oh dear… oh gosh.. I ruined it.
Wade: They’re opening the gate. Mark: No- No we’re not. You don’t know that. Jack: I got ammers. (ammo?) Wade: I got yelled at for opening it two rounds ago.
(Jack: Woo! :D) Bob: You guys don’t know what we’re doin’.
Jack: This chair moved. Bob: You guys don’t know.
Jack: Who moved this chair?! Wade: Ah, this gate’s closed. Wade: I wonder what happened..
Bob: Wish I could.. wish I could see what’s going on in here.
Mark: Nothing happened! Bob: Can’t see shit.
Jack: Yeah, in some of the areas you go to, Jack: You can’t see through the walls. Bob: I know! You can’t see shit. Mark: Ah… Bob: I basically won’t know anything until I’m dead. If I die. Wade: That’s a real catfish alright. Jack: Here’s a plant knocked over.
Mark: *nervous* What are you talking about? What are you talking about? Jack: My detective senses are tingling. Mark: What are you talking about? Bob: I don’t think… THAT’S the sense that’s tingling, Jack…
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Jack: My detective senses!
Bob: We all know… Wade: Put it away, Jack. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Bob: We all know how you feel about plants. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jack: My detective juices! Mark: Oh jeez not the jucies! Bob: That’s not how it works… Mark: Why is everything juicy with you? It doesn’t need to be juicy. Jack: But i like juicy fruits! I’m shocked yeah I’m more than shocked
like me yeah cocked and ready I don’t kind of
want to ruin your fun jack you know you seem like you’re probably having a good
time I’m having a good time in a great spot I’m not moving Oh Jack you are in a great spot hey Jack
right you’re lucky I can’t yeah okay what mark what are you talking about that Oh
didn’t I tell you what the hell wait it might have not even here what’s
happening right now hey where is he he’s he was down here I
saw his name pop up I just didn’t I couldn’t get a lock on
what item he was jackin this office might be the greatest when might be
received we see what happens mark is really don’t i am incredibly stupid so I
pulled the old with shark technique yeah we really got Wishart what the hell
was that people are going to use that I don’t know what’s happening right now
are you what the fuck I didn’t have a lot of it
is working what is going on haha and did you run
away in I didn’t notice it may be because look
really bad mark no he’s still here now oh wow well one of you what how did you survive
i know you were still there where ya haha oh it looks better that way and uh huh what I said you could you
survive the grenade he can do I have no idea what the dance was a little wiener yeah he was a little wiener it may not
have been a matter of the whole time but how did you survive I got beat the curtain to the right at
the table but that’s it Ellen’s Oh Bob interest Ellen’s Bob huh Cooper did you Bob haha was it over there five seconds ago
I was just looking over there he was right behind your head I had zero
kills that you can read if it’s i was i was there i was the cabbage on the table
and you like dropped a grenade right in front of my face I know what the hell that’s a tough cabbage yeah like your I was scanning every item
in your name wasn’t popping up it was so weird. Jack: You like walked right by with the gun on my ass. Mark: I know [top and bottom videos: laughter and various screaming but also some gibberish] [music fades]

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  1. Rewatching this in 2019 be like:

    "Did anyone else see that grey dot zipping around in the water while mark was looking around up top?"

  2. I'm watching in 219 (sorry to say that to people who hate that, but I turned on captions and it made it a little more funny

  3. While we are talking about wades faults…
    Has anyone ever noticed that Wade plays games as well as he grows hair?

  4. 17:00–18:25 Woah wait…wade you ok? There always assholes to you and you seemed to be legitimately crying man…r u ok?

  5. Random comment!

    I'm looking for the video where Mark keeps singing a song that Bob thinks is by Enya. I only know the first part goes "AYAYAYOOAYAYAY" and I can't find the song anywhere. I found it once before because they actually sing the song lyrics and it's a guy who sings it. HELP?!

  6. i feel like its a sin to announce this but… i never saw the original fish cone anyone have a link to it i wanna see it

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    me:*notices something*…*looks at jack and mark*
    me:…..SEPTIPLIER AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:333333333333333333

  8. (Hugs Wade)
    What doesn't kill ya' makes ya' stronger ^^

  9. I really wanna play this game. I would buy it…if i had friends to play with. And even if i had,they would not buy. 🙁 I wish some day i will find friends like these guys. They are just hilarious. XD

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