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Revealed: Secrets to UK Fish & Chips Obsession

Revealed: Secrets to UK Fish & Chips Obsession

fish and chips their staple of the
british dot at sams dickens wrote about them in eighteen fifty nine now the greater manchester city of was the location of the first fishing
trip shop or to be as we call them here now most of our audience probably
wondering what fascination is with such deep fried food we wanted to share with you the secrets
of commuting rate fishing ships now we’re on a friday afternoon in the
village of coverage is the busiest day petition ship sails
everywhere this is largely because in the anglican a catholic history we
had a number of people who could not be meet on friday sales on a friday or very
robust and very busy we’re gonna visit today woodland
robertson use the proprietor of the culprits
fishbowl here on the high street in calvert south wales village just need to the
west club now he’s getting assisted by tracy
victim and together they start about eleven
thirty in the morning each day to begin to create up to one hundred orders that
are going to be consumed on this day but what if anything is taken with the
army uh… before two o’clock gives you a
picture of people who prepared it for you awfully and tidy making sure day capable pieces at one point and her mother put it that bad came out pretty bad street like mad bendectin baby of bruised and fifteen and plans as you can see between uh… this cult was portable the fishing vessel capitalists bruce lindsey uh… equaled marine stewardship cert is
being sustainably fish and recapping marine stewardship certification number
fixed on the golf clubs some we have got the boston here we have basically signs or part we get the minority students mainly fellowship we just happen imposed down the complete page of the
fish laws fees for the clinton we have chosen easily manageable size
over about fifteen to thirty two ounces so i would think that bookmate goods large fish just that customized location the food on the scale that just to make
sure all collectors detroit’s and we don’t want people to have less than
they should be have had the perfect about today to be put in basta answered it’s about that such a thing the opportunity activities of the democratic line it could be make sure that type of thing for me have difficulty thinking about it about twenty five it was planted i think you know it but we provide technique not with any enormous sensibilities but no department like blood that would be for assistance is this is the so wonderful to hear sets sis s sis sisters listen sources sees this cysts insists it’s cysts it’s will history here where newspapers first here’s use originally newspapers replenishment will happen to be great we could get great free of charge
because they thank goodness absolute position shipping industry type
opened up a it repressed politician ships in the impeded my simple i thought
the cult’s aside so all fish and chips any old newspapers office because with
the pieces wants to take the or creepsters tidbits of tea not simply at break with acute insulation material i remember when i went to beijing tipped
off ho outpatient captain of the statements however it wasn’t satisfactory inc houston
newspapers he’s actually poisonous absolute at that point provision has been disabled located we
better do something about this and they have been taken to having disabled insulation but does not yet been critical of the
reiki bible return wants to use which is the newspaper that used to be
resolved your approach dates absolutely pretty and madam like you affirmatively field matter that they can get polypeptide that money can buy pick-up knifepoint would you like over there police that they prepare papal visit they’re going to be refugee if you do that things that uh… but sub-zero forward repeated posted here bibliographic records are up who’s just a little bit respectful of
that stuff overkill itself it and it’ll success relatively one please at the that repute and the father that we can that they prepare a report about invalid noticable career fucked up here just a little you have a great power pack wouldn’t it arnoldo

15 comments on “Revealed: Secrets to UK Fish & Chips Obsession

  1. I like mine with peas and gravy, but it is nice to see he is using Cod, as the last time I bought that at a premium price , it was Pollack and not in the same league. Years ago they used to sell a cutlet of Hake which was more expensive but nicer with a Tri -bone in the middle, but sadly have not seen that for years.

  2. Beauty xxxx they look perfect golden crispy batter on fish …. decent potato …. there's nothing worse than a chippy that under cooks the chips and there's no taste … the chips and the fish look too pale and don't taste … Is there a reason for this ?

  3. Fish n chips are overrated these days, not as good as traditional ones back in the day as a kiddy, foreign outlets today or young workers don’t know what they are doing tbh! Even my mum can do better home cooked fish n chips than most Shitty takeaways today that charge a gold mine for them!

  4. I remember back in day there was a plain paper layer and newspaper on outside to keep warm was best but pure newspaper was a bit silly and unhygienic I think! That’s what I didn’t like about old days chips!

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