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Review Fisher Price infant to toddler rocker

welcome to Gia Land We’ll be reviewing one of Gia’s toys today. She is now 11 weeks old she got it when she was 9 week we got it from a friend actually this is the Fisher-Price infant to toddler Rocker and as you can see Gia loves it. She likes to sit on it for hours, when it was an issue for us because She would not like to and she won’t stay calm while laying down So this was a great help for us because we could [just] make her sit there I’ll buckle her up and and then just have her enjoy the show and When there are your friends around she will just sit on her chair and just you know mingle with everyone When she is not calm Or is annoyed this this comes rocking motion so you can just rock this thing Which is awesome, it also have three fun toys Which Gia loves to play with. she is not grabbing them yet, but she likes to look at them and when she’s cranky you can just give this thing a pull and Voila there’s the music and she loves it, it also comes with this calming vibration so takes One D size battery Put that in turn that on and it has some sort of vibration to make the baby feel better it also has You can also change the angle at which the kid is sitting there are like two angles you change it to I have it at the lowest right now and it also have a different option where you can pull this thing and it will be and Infant seat, so where you can lay down or sleep, so if you want to make the get sleep just Turn that thing on So I’ll put this thing back because Gia is in good mood right now and is having fun so anyways Check the link below if you want to buy this thank you so much Bye

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