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Rich Tuna Loaf Recipe – Morgane Recipes

A delicious tuna loaf never last. It is ideal for a picnic or a buffet meal. A good quantity of tuna and grated cheese
is the key to success. Here are the ingredients for 4 people. You can find this list and other recipes on
my website Preheat your oven to 180°C. In a mixing bowl, sieve the flour. And the baking powder as well. Mix them. Then add the eggs, the salt and the milk. Combine all together until getting a homogeneous
batter. Add the pepper. The mustard. And the olive oil. Mix all together again. Now add the drained tuna. And the grated cheese. Combine all the ingredients. Pour them in a silicone loaf pan. Put the preparation in the oven, 180°C for
40 minutes. The tuna loaf is ready! Let it cool down before unmolding and slicing
it. Eat with a salad for a full meal. A homemade mayonnaise is welcome. Bon appétit! Thank you for watching and sharing my video. See you at the next homemade dish.

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