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Rob Delaney Talks His Kids, and Carrie Fisher

Rob Delaney Talks His Kids, and Carrie Fisher

You just made it here in time,
so you literally just landed?>>Just landed, yes.>>And then drove like-
>>Yes.>>Crazy to get here.>>Yes.
>>Wow.>>I’m not stupid,
I know that’s a bad idea. But I did it because yesterday,
was my son’s second birthday in London, which is 5000-ish miles away and
I wanted to be there for that.>>Yeah.
>>And so then I, [INAUDIBLE] so
here, but I made it.>>You’re a good dad, that’s really sweet.>>For now.
>>Okay, yeah, for now.>>[LAUGH]
>>So you got picked up for another season, so that’s fantastic. That’s another reason to stay there.>>Yeah, yeah.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>How long have you been there now?>>Coming up on three years.>>Three years since you started shooting?>>Yeah.
>>And so your children must have British accents.>>Okay, the two year old doesn’t, he’s just mishmash,
I don’t know what he’s saying. The four year old has a British accent
because he started to talk there and he has a British accent. The six year old moved there at age three
so, he’s tried to hang on to his American accent because he was already
an established speaker when he got there. The British girls think that that’s cute,
so, he talks like a cowboy and
the other one talks like a chimney sweep. It’s a fun little environment in my home. [LAUGH]
>>That’s adorable but I bet that its a very mixed
American accent though.>>Yeah, it’s pretty strange.>>And its boys or boys and girls?>>All boys, I only make boys.>>You only make boys. [LAUGH]
>>And it’s my fault, you know I only learned
that a few years ago. It’s the man, their ingredients have the
gendered juice in it, so, that’s medical.>>Gender juice is what it’s called?>>That’s what it’s called now.>>I didn’t know.>>Yes, so,
it’s my fault they’re all boys.>>I see.>>Well.>>Well, had you known, but
they’re probably well behaved good boys.>>Yeah, I like them.>>Yeah.>>[LAUGH]
>>And what are they in to? What kinds of activity? Are they athletic cuz I know your wife is.>>Yeah, I know which is why it was so
fun to get her pregnant three times in rapid succession
because she’s like a triathlete. She’s one of those annoying people who
just like wakes up in the morning, is like I’m just gonna do
a quick triathlon before work.>>[LAUGH]
>>And like, [SOUND] cuz I’m a sloth.>>[LAUGH]
>>So she really does triathlons?>>Yeah, ringing a bell, I have a sip
of water, she’s done two triathlons.>>[LAUGH]
>>Have you, do you wanna do one ever?>>I did one once.>>You did.>>I did one once and I sort of enjoyed it
but not enough to ever, do another one.>>[LAUGH]
>>Wow, but do you workout?>>I run, I’m one of those people
who say I love to work out but, I like to eat a little bit more. You know how when you get older and people talk about, well you’ve got to
exercise, really you don’t to lose weight. It’s all about what you eat and
I eat garbage by the buckets so, I stay fat even though I work out a lot. [APPLAUSE]
[LAUGH]>>That really is actually, that easy to break it down like that. So, Catastrophe, tell everyone what the show is about
>>Right.>>How it starts and where you are now.>>Well, I’m American.>>Yes.
>>In the show I’m also American, so, I don’t have to act and in the show
>>[LAUGH]>>I go to London on business and I meet an Irish school teacher, played by Sharon
Horgan, who also writes the show with me. And we have a little one week stand,
she falls pregnant somehow, and then since we’re not 22,
we decided actually to follow through and have the kid and then we kind
of start to like each other and then we become a family and
terrible things happen. You know the drill.>>[LAUGH]
So, it’s a very honest and funny look at marriage and
a relationship that started in that way.>>That is the goal.>>Yes it is, it’s very, very funny. And Carrie Fisher plays
your mom on the show and she was there filming before
she was flying back here.>>Yeah, she was amazing, I mean, it’s unbelievable that we
got to have her in the show. In the first season we just kinda sat at
her feet and we’re, whatever you wanna do, we can’t believe you’re here. And then in season two we unwind a little
bit, by season three we were friends, and she was amazing. And so she becomes a progressively larger
part of the show because we just fell more and in love with her and we’re
less terrified to say anything stupid or unfunny around her because we knew
that that would happen anyway. And we became at peace with that and
yes she’s just amazing as you know and we’re so lucky to have her.>>She was brilliant, she was really,
really funny, very clever.

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  1. i wish i can go on the ellen show to sing i love ellen il keep smiling and hope fore the best love u ellen

  2. Never heard of this dude before, saw ads for the show but didn't pay it any mind, watching him here and he's really funny! Now I def have to check his show out. Sounds exactly like something I would enjoy, love British shows, and Carrie being in it is a bonus!

  3. Ellen you probably won't read this but I want you to know how much I love you and how much you inspire me. Thanks for everything xc

  4. Why does Lilly deserve to be on Ellen:
    -she is a youtuber,a rappor,a comedian,a motivational speaker etc.
    -she wrote a book (order now or buy it in stores 😉
    – she has an amazing personality
    -has collabed with Dwane the Rock Jonson
    – acted in Bad moms
    – idk why Ellen doesn't know this but Lilly played HEADS UP with Michelle Obama!
    -in 2015 she went on her first ever tour! #AT2UI
    – she is currently on her BAWSE BOOK TOUR so do not get Lilly on ellen in April or start of may my baby's busy!
    -she made a movie called a trip to unicorn island
    -is very funny
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    -she is a ping pong champion!


  5. Dear Ellen Degeneres,

    I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ You are such an inspiration to me. I have the same Birthday as you. January 26. I am ten years old and I would do anything to be on your show or at least go to one. The first thing on my bucket list is to meet you. I love you so much!!

    From, BrookeBernstein

  6. it was kinda weird that he was talking about carrie fisher like she was still alive. anyone notice that?

  7. Actually it's the mother who "select" the gender due to her diet. Basically, you're just offering the chromosome for her to choose

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