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Robo Fish LED Review- Light Up Fish

– Hi, we’re Rainy Day Dreamers. – And today we’re gonna check out the latest model of Robofish. Just in time for summer swimming, This one has lights so you can see it in the dark. ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers ♫ Rainy Day Dreamers ♫ This is an LED light up Robofish. We love the Robofish that we had before. It swam in very realistic fish-motion. This one has LEDs on it so you can see it if you happen to be out
in the pool at night. Do you like swimming in the pool at night? – I love it. – We’ve done that at the hotels we’ve stayed at a couple times. They usually have like one light, right? So when you’re there in front of the light you can see things, but otherwise if you have the regular Robofish you’d lose it in the
dark, don’t you think? – Yeah. – It’d be swimming around
till the next morning. Well, they put a light in the Robofish so lets see how this works. This goes for about ten dollars. We picked it up at Toys R’ Us, but if you can’t find it locally I’ll put a link to it
down below this video. We’ve taken the Robofish
out of the package here. It looks just like the
Robofish, doesn’t it? – Yeah. – And we tried our other
Robofish all over the place. In pools, I even took it to the beach, I remember, and let it swim. We still have it, we didn’t lose that one. And we took it to the pool in Seattle where we did our big Robo
robotic fish competition where we compared all the
different kinds we had. So I’ll put a link to that playlist down below this video if
you’d like to check it out, once you’ve seen how the
new LED Robofish works. Now this one happens
to be pink and purple. Let me show you up close, here it is. Now the tail can come off, the rest of it stays on. You’ve got the fins
that help to direct it. When you take those couple batteries that fit in the bottom,
when this panel comes off, there are weights in there so if it’s always swimming at the top, add more weight to make it go down. If it’s always staying at the bottom of the pool, take the weights out. So you can adjust that. And then the little black
dots you see on both sides, when the water short-circuits those, the fish comes alive,
so you can simulate that just by touching the two dots. And there you see, we’ve got life-like fish swimming motion,
because it doesn’t stay consistently fast or slow, so that’s what makes it kind of interesting. Also, you can kind of see a light. Now I’m a little disappointed here. I was hoping it was going to sort of glow a particular color but it’s more like a flashing LED in the head. Still, let’s see what this looks like when it’s swimming around. Okay, Ximena’s gonna test it out in our official tank for
testing robotic fish. See, it’s got a lid on it,
which we haven’t needed for any of the fish, except
for the little fishies. Remember those, they would’ve swam right out the top, they were crazy. Okay, whenever you’re ready, drop it in. And here we go. (ticking) See, now that’s life-like, up and down, and swims faster then slower,
and pauses, I like that. I still don’t know about the light. What do you think about the light, Ximena? – The light is okay. – Yeah, it doesn’t stay on and it doesn’t make the fish glow so I’m a little disappointed about those things. But it would help you find it if you were swimming at night. – True. – Trying it out in simulated
evening conditions here. (laughs) Well, you wouldn’t miss it. That light is pretty bright. (laughs) It reminds me of that fish in Nemo. Remember, the one that
had the little light hanging out over its forehead,
that check other fish to come around so it could eat them? Kinda reminds me of that. Now you might say well what would happen if I left the fish in the pool or maybe a little tank like this to swim around and look at it for a while. It’s gonna kill the battery pretty quick. Uses these little hearing
aid batteries which, they’re very nice, they
give you one extra set of. But they’re going to wear
out after a few hours, I would imagine, so there’s
a feature built into this called the power saver mode. When you drop it in the
water and just let it be, it’ll swim for four minutes
and then it goes to sleep. Now to reset it, will you
show us how that works? And coincidentally it’s been four minutes because the fish just went to sleep, floating in the water. So if you’ll go ahead
and grab it out of there. You have to take it out and then just dry it off enough
so you can reactivate it. They said pull it out of
the water for five seconds. And then drop it back in. Yup, there we go, so you
got another four minutes. Now you might want it
to go around for an hour if you put it in a little fake aquarium and you were doing something like that. But in terms of running out of battery this is a lot better, don’t you think? Because if you’re
actively playing with it, and in the pool that
usually involves chasing it. Until you grab it, as soon as you lift it out of the water it’s gonna reset so I don’t think you
would really run into this being a problem in the normal
way kids would play with it. So what do you think of
the light up Robofish and how it’s different
from the regular Robofish? – Pretty much the only
difference is the light but I guess that is useful with the light. – Yeah, it would be fun at night. We’ll have to give that
a try and put up a video when we’re staying at a hotel and we go swimming at night in the pool. If you’re gonna buy a Robofish I would say go ahead and get the one with a light. I think that makes sense to have that for the times when you’d really like to be able to see where
your fish is swimming. Even in the daytime, this
can go down to eight feet. So even at the bottom of the pool, when it’s in the shady corner, that would really help to
see where the fish has gone. Again if you can’t find it locally, I’ll have a link to it
down below this video. We’ll have some more fish videos up. We actually have some more in our stock of things to review. You can keep checking
back for those videos, or you can click that
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whenever it does go up. And you will join the Dream Team. ♫ It’s raining at our house ♫ Is it raining where you are? ♫ Quite a day to stay in and play ♫ Or eat a big chocolate bar ♫ Hang out with friends
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