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rock fishing montage for not to lose the montage

rock fishing montage for not to lose the montage

Hi everybody Today we are going to talk about a very important subject, which is the problem of the loss of sinkers or the hook when fishing in rocky places. I will give you a good editing. I will not say that We will not completely get rid of this problem, but we will minimize the damage. Follow this explanation with me, suppose it’s the reel wire. We mount a swivel and leave a distance of 15/30 cm And we make a circle around him, then we roll it ¾ roll and return the swivel. Then we pull on the wire. nous tirons sur le fil. 10/15 mm Then we tie the two wires together The wire is always the opposite of the tip of the hooks so that it does not cut the friction We attach the line of hooks with the main wire without swivel Then we tie the two sons together The main problem with mounting cuts is the lead or the hooks Therefore, we use a wire of smaller diameter at the main wire and over the hooks. I will use a 0.25 mm wire, but you will use a thread that matches the main thread and the weight. If the place has sharp rocks, I advise you to lengthen the wire by 1 / 1.50 / 2 cm In places of gravel, it measures 20/50 cm Note that if the lead is much larger than the wire, it will be cut when throwing It must be a compatibility between the lead and the wire So, if the weight gets stuck in the rocks as soon as you pull the wire, the wire will be cut and the fish will not be lost But in this case, we have to install a floating beads to move the hooks away from the rocks. Or a little piece of polyester. Or you can use a small rock instead of pellets So we do not lose anything and so the rock will not pollute the ocean like lead.

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