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Rock Fishing Tips – What Gear and Tackle To Bring

Rock Fishing Tips – What Gear and Tackle To Bring

hey guys Ali from local knowledge here
today I’m gonna talk about rock fishing I want to start with the basic rock fish
rig that we use on our boat and it’s really simple what I start with is 60
pound fluorocarbon I like the 60 pound fluorocarbon because
it’s springy and what that does is it holds your hooks off of the line and it
prevents them from twisting up and tangling, less, it’s still gonna happen
but it’s definitely a lot less with the heavier line
take your sixty pound fluorocarbon tie your favorite knot to a small swivel and
what this will do is when that fish is coming up it’ll take all the spin out of
it and hopefully you don’t spin the fish off of the hook the next thing that we
do is we come down you know 18 inches or so and we’re gonna tie a dropper loop
knot or a surgeon’s loop and then another 18 inches or so below that you
can go up to two feet on this whatever your feeling like I’m gonna do the same
thing tie another one I’m gonna put a hook on now for the hook I like to
attach the hook by putting the loop through it and then tying a Palomar knot
on top and that again just keeps the hook oriented it doesn’t slide up and
down the line the hooks I like to use for COD fishing
or a little different than what most people do this is a mustad demon
circle hook and you can either use the offset or the inline I actually prefer
the offset a little I think you hook a few more fish you just loop it over
tie your Palomar knot you’re good to go then at the bottom of your rig you’re
gonna tie a big loop to put your sinker on and the reason for this is you know
if you get more current or the wind starts blowing you simply just unloop
this sinker and then change your weight it makes it nice and simple this would
be sort of my go-to rig for deeper water cod fishing this is a Penn 40 lever drag
fathom and I’m using a stiffer rod again this is a carnage six foot six and it’s
rated at fifty to a hundred and thirty pound braid it’s a nice stiff rod it’ll
help you manage those heavier sinkers you know a lot of times we’re using 16
ounce sinker which is pretty heavy and a lot heavier than most of the lures
you’re gonna use hollow we’re fishing with lighter weights I just scaled down
my rig this is a fathom 25 lever drag I’m using a lighter rod this is a
seven-foot Carnage and it’s rated to 30 to 80 pound braid rock fish day to day
seem to want different bait you know sometimes they want a live sardine
perfect pin one through the nose or even hook one through the back
send it down with this rig some days when we’re trying to target bigger fish
we’ll use a live mackerel and live mackerel from sort of this size – you’d
be surprised how big of a bait they can eat they can really actually get down a
10 or 12 inch mackerel no problem with a bigger mac you can expect to catch
bigger lingcod bigger red rockfish red vermilion sand also the big boccaccio
really like to eat them and then the other thing that we’ve been doing which
really change cod fishing for us is on one of the hooks we’re always running a
Berkley Gulp we use these giant saltwater grubs
they’re like a six-inch grub everybody knows the gulps got the stinky
scent to it that definitely catches fish and they last all day the other thing
that we really like about the grub is so you send your rig down your fishing deep
say 350 450 feet of water in Mexico of course where its legal and you feel a bite
but you miss it Oh feel another bite but you miss it they’re never gonna pull
this off your hook so even if your live bait gets stolen you know you’re still
gonna be in the game with this the other bait that we really like for rock fish
when we’re mixing things up is a slab of mackerel fillet so we’ll just basically
really quickly fillet out a mackerel you know take that little triangle fillet
maybe cut it in half and then split the end of it so it gives it a little tail
too it’s got some action pin it through the hook twice and drop
it and you’re good to go that’s really the fundamentals of what
we’re doing in another video later on we’ll kind of talk about structure where
to look for them how to really target them at different depths and all that
but this is the basic rig that you’re going to need these are the rods and
reels that you’re going to want to use and this is what works for us
do you have other techniques or tricks I’d love to hear about them please put
them in the comments and if you like this video and you want to see more like
it please click the subscribe button over here and another great video coming
up right behind this that you can click down here to see thanks so much for
watching we appreciate it

29 comments on “Rock Fishing Tips – What Gear and Tackle To Bring

  1. Please consider putting some of the particulars in the description box. It would be nice to see the gear as a list for those considering making purchases off your recommendations. Love the format and info as a new subscriber.

  2. Solid loved it! And I love rockfishing! One thing I’d like to mention is the difference between mono and braid when rockfishing…don’t use mono because with the stretch you can barley feel a bite…braid to flouro is solid for sure. Keep em coming guys!

  3. Great video, Ali. I suck at rock fishing almost as bad as I do at BFT! This does help. I am looking forward to the structure video. Keep them coming!

  4. I’m going to give the T knot a try instead of a dropper loop this year. Since it sets the hook away from the main line I hope it will aid in diminishing tangles.

    Thanks for the video, good stuff 👍

  5. I also always run at least one of the berkley grubs. Have been since they came out. Lings love those things! Where do you find you get bit more with them? The top or bottom hook?

  6. I'm in Northern California and a trick I use on rockfish is to find the drift direction get uphill of it then I start my trolling motor (Honda 9.9) put it in reverse at an idle or a little more RPM if needed. It will slow my drift down enough that I can go 200 feet or more with a 1 1/2 oz lead head with a 5 inch Big Hammer swim bait. With a steelhead rod with a Abu 5000 series spooled with 30 pound PowerPro is a fun way to rockfish. We pound them this way.

  7. back when Cambria (Hearst Castle area) still had a pier, we had good luck w/ yoyo jigs (16 oz. maybe?) that we cast w/ scrap pieces of melted lead and a ringed treble hook. being cheap to make, it wasn't too much of a hurt on the wallet

  8. I just went rock fishing, found a high speed reel (6:1 ratio) will work awesome if your using a dropper loop with a circle hook. When you feel the bite the fast wind will set that circle all day. (I found using a 1/0 mutu circle was really effective) 6-10oz weight is awesome in my arsenal. Squid strips, live sardines was the ticket. Hope this helps!

  9. Should probably use a lighter line like 25-30# on the bottom for the sinker….if it gets stuck on a rock you can break it off easier than with 60lb rather than loose 400 ft of braid

  10. Hey Ali, thanks. Never would have thought they’d bite on 60lb. And sounds like my bait has been too small. Haven’t gotten into the 5lb + fish yet.

  11. The term "rock fishing" is used in different ways in different parts of the world. Its a clickbait title when you dont make the distinction in that title .Remember the whole world fishes not just USA!

  12. Use slow pitch or Colt Snipers and you will kill the rockfish too. Boccaccio can't resist the colt snipers and tend to eat the jigs at 50 to 100 feet from bottom. The reds are close to the bottom. They all love the jigs.

  13. HI: Ali — enjoy your fishing videos . My big thumbs up are your product and how to tips . Enjoy it when you show products . THANKS – AGAIN

  14. Hey Ali, can't seem to find those wide gap hooks you are using on the gulp grubs, do you know the exact name or model #? Thanks

  15. Hey Local Knowledge BDO team, great vid. Perhaps Ali could do one on rod length and their applications. Last time I went rock fishing more guys were using 7-8’ rods. Perhaps Ali could go in depth on why he picks certain lengths over others depending on the target species. If y’all could cover the SoCal basics that would be an awesome vid!!!!! Thank you.

  16. Those reels are way too big for rockfish. A smaller Lexa 400 or Komodo SS on a 6' 6" Ugly stick tiger or Shimano Trevala with 50lb braid gives you plenty of line and power for deeper rockfish.

  17. I like to use mostly braid down to a short mono leader with two circle hooks also. Works great because there's not much stretch and the fish hook themselves.

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