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Please Subscribe to my channel SR Kitchen and don’t forget to hit the bell icon How are you? Welcome to my youtube channel Friends today we are going to make Rohu Fish Karahi in our Kitchen As you can see its very colorful To make the delicious recipe I will tell you its method My new friends subscribe to my channel like and comment and share with your friends and family The things we require to make Rohu Fish Karahi In spices Salt is one tea spoon You can increase or decrease according to your choice one tea spoon of Turmeric one tea spoon of red chilli powder One table spoon of coriandrum Sativum one tea spoon of Bishop’s weed and Fennel Flowers One table spoon of Garam Masala one kg is fish i am taking four cups of onions fish is one kilo grams the way to wash it, has its link above Garlic and Ginger are cut we will make its paste that will become four table spoon One cup of Green Onions Two Tomatoes and three Green Chilli are grinded into paste You can also add them by only cutting them I have taken one lemon and have sliced it one cup Olive Oil in a pan come lets start Oil became hot so add the onions and make them brown Onions have turned light brown in color so now we will add the Garlic and Ginger Paste mix well Add the tomato paste inside Fry it a bit add all the spices add few drops of water and cook it Keep the flame medium from the start don’t keep it more or less The Oil has come up In this condition add fish into it Mix it and don’t use water at all Fish will release its own water Karahi will get ready We will steam it for 10 minutes by covering the lid We will cook it until water dry Add lemon in it Add Green Onions in it Fry it ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلّٰهِ‎ Fish Karahi is ready Scent is beautiful The fish is not broken I didn’t used water If you like my video then Subscribe to my youtube channel Keep us in your prayers Take care of yourself and your beloved ones Meet you with another recipe till then اللہ حافظ

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  1. that looks so nice .I love fish, and curry providing it is not too hot , but then I can adjust the hot spices I put in like10 my friend

  2. It's an easy to follow recipe and I like it. It must be health-friendly because of the onions and garlic. I can't wait to cook this for dinner. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi friend. You commented on my channel requesting subscription. I was connected with you a long time ago. I'm going to release my friend.

  4. Like 30, new friend and here I am as you asked and I joined too. May now you do the same to mine, in the meantime, Super, super yummy and well presented too, thanks for sharing?

  5. Sister apki sab videos cc hain , cc ka matlab hai apki vid koi b use kr sakta hai apko koi ehtraz nhi, Apni settings check kren or cc ko hata den.

  6. walikom assalam my lovely friend very nice recipe very delicious fish my lovely friend I subscribe your channel best of luck happy weekend 👍👍👌😋🤗🙋‍♀️❤️❤️

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