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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Fish Tank Prank

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Fish Tank Prank

(Whip cracking) Michael: What’s up? What’s up? What’d you remember?
(Geoff laughing) Geoff: I did– I remember something I did in high school.
Lindsay: God. Ryan: Oh, no.
Michael: Yep. Geoff: I had–
Michael: Did they ever find the body? Geoff: I had this teacher in biology class, I’ve talked about her before; I won’t say her name. She’s… Geoff: I didn’t like her. Geoff: Uh, I one time hid her car keys, and then I forgot that I did it. Geoff: Well, I just left class. Geoff: And then, like, 2 days later, I saw her pulling up in a cab at school.
(Ryan chuckling) Geoff: (cackling) And then I said… Geoff: “Why are you in a cab?” Geoff: And she goes, Geoff: “I can’t find my keys anywhere!” (Geoff cackling) Geoff: She had no access to her car! Lindsay: Wow. Geoff: I had just handed them– Geoff: I had hid them in the aquarium in the class. (laughter) Michael: You put ’em, like, in a fish tank? Geoff: I put ’em in the fish tank! Michael: Fucking hell, man. Gavin: That’s so bad; what if she had shit to do? Michael: I’m sure she had shit to do. Geoff: She’s taking a cab to school!
Gavin: She had, like, a hospital appointment or something?
Michael: For sure. For sure. Geoff: She was so mad!
Lindsay: God… Geoff: And I was like (disgusted noise)! Michael: Man, you got a bad rap, Geoff. Geoff: Oh, man, I’ve… Geoff: That was the class I spent almost the entire year sitting outside the classroom. Geoff: Sometimes I’d come in and sit in the desk, and she would look at me, and she’d go, Geoff: “Not today.” Geoff: But I’m like, Geoff: “What? I’ve done anything yet.” Geoff: And she’s like, Geoff: “I can tell.” Geoff: “Today’s gonna be a day.” Geoff: “Get outside.” Gavin: Oh, you had that “Geoff look” in your eye?
Geoff: And I’d be, like… Ryan: Oh, yeah, we’re familiar with that look.
Geoff: I’d be, like, “Okay”, Geoff: And I would just go sit there with my biology book.
Michael: Yeah. You haven’t gotten better. Ryan: No, that’s… it’s to this day.
Lindsay: To be fair… Geoff: I’ve gotten a lot better. Michael: Did you also sit down in class sometimes and go, (Heath Ledger Joker laughter) Lindsay: Probably. Lindsay: I’m sure.
Michael: And the teacher was like… (Geoff laughing) Michael: “I’m done.” (Laughter) Geoff: I have gotten a lot better.
Michael: Geoff, they’re onto you! Geoff: I used to be a real prick. Lindsay: She really wasn’t about, like, reacting to a look, like a scheme you were planning, Lindsay: I think she was just, like, Lindsay: “Don’t exist today, Geoff.” Lindsay: “If you could not be around me, or just, like, never be alive, that would be great.”
Gavin: You got vetoed. Geoff: Somebody asked if I gave her keys back. Geoff: No. Geoff: What happened was…
Michael: God.
Lindsay: What? Geoff: I used to love to hide her… Geoff: She was blind as shit. Geoff: And she would put her glasses down…
Michael: Take that. Geoff: …when she would go to do something else, and so one… Michael: What the– doesn’t it work…
Geoff: I– I couldn’t figure out…
Ryan: “Went into the aquarium.” Geoff: I couldn’t figure out how to get her keys out of the aquarium without getting in trouble. (Michael laughing)
Geoff: So… Geoff: I doubled down by putting her glasses in the aquarium really visibly, and then one of the other kids saw it, and was like, Geoff: “There’s your glasses!”
Michael: Fish should do it, then. Geoff: And then when she went over to get her glasses out, she saw her key. Ryan: Wait a minute.
Geoff: That’s how we got ’em out. Ryan: So your secret to giving away where the keys were, without showing that it was you… Ryan: …was to put something else IN THE SAME HIDING SPOT! Geoff: Yeah, but more visible. But more visible.
Ryan: And *that* she wouldn’t… Geoff: You thought she wouldn’t put the two and two together… Geoff: AND IT WORKED! Michael: Also, something that she needed, with glasses. Geoff: Yeah.
Michael: Couldn’t take a… Michael: “Can I–” Michael: “I need a cab and glasses, please.” Geoff: To be fair… to me. Michael: Here we go. Geoff: She fucking sucked Bah! Humbug. Holidays are the worst. But Papa needs a new speedboat. So make sure you click that link and visit the Rooster Teeth store. Now!

100 comments on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Fish Tank Prank

  1. Subtle Green Day reference at 0:36

    Also, SpongeBob reference in the fish tank

    Also also, Trogdor on the chalkboard

  2. Can we get an animated show that's just young Achievement Hunters causing trouble? They could have the treehouse from the Achievement Haunter clubhouse scenes, Funhaus could be another gang of kids, etc. There's just something I really liked about all of Geoff's classmates being the other young Achievement Hunters.

  3. "I've gotten a lot better!"

    If the Geoff we have now is better, than I don't want to imagine what he was like as a kid

  4. Lmfao I honestly thought that was Gus in the thumbnail 😂 lemme tell you I was confused when no animated Gus was showing up

  5. "NOT TODAY!"

    "What i haven't do anything yet."

    "i can tell. Today is gonna be a day! Get outside!"


    XD favorite part.

  6. I love how it said wake me up on the calendar which is a refferance to green days song "wake me up when September ends"

  7. I know exactly how Geoff feels there. >.> I had a math teacher in freshman year that would kick me out as soon as I walked in the room. A few months of her doing this later..a new math teacher is suddenly hired and she's gone.

  8. I had a teacher like that in high school as well. I'd get kicked out into the hallway for every little thing or nothing at all. I feel Geoff on this.

  9. I hope rooster teeth is proud now at the fact that I laughed so hard at this that I threw up. I was throwing up while laughing at this.

  10. 😂 I feel that I was also a terrible kid but now as an adult I wish I could apologize to them because they didnt want to deal with me just as much as I didn't want to deal with them

  11. Jeff's one of those kids that deserves to get suplexed through a barb wired fence. But probably cried when he got punished.

  12. Whether or not the teacher "sucked" is literally unrelated to the issue. Geoff was a bad kid. Nothing excuses his behavior.

  13. I had the weirdest dream yesterday where Geoff called me crying that he lost his cat and I’ve never even met him. Then he proceeded to freak out and call the police, while on the phone with me. Weirdest dream ever

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