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Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Impressions & Fishing

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Impressions & Fishing

– Joel: But it occurs to me that Gus also has a weird accent. – Gus: I do? – Joel: Yeah, when he goes into the podcast he’s like….. (Gus yelling) – Gus: (In calm voice) Hi this is Gus. I’m with the podcast – Gus: (In calm voice) And uhhh…today we’ll back talking about – Gus: Whatever s… (Gus yelling) [TRANSITION] – Gus: This portion of the podcast is brought to you by
Fleshlight! – Gus: Fleshlight: GO FUCK YOURSELF! (Geoff and Jack laugh) [TRANSITION] – Geoff: Like every old person has to have some way…to pass the time…..until you die. Right? – Geoff: I’m gonna be a fisher. – Geoff: I’m sick of thinking. – Geoff: That’s the whole point of fishing. – Gus: No, there’s really no thought. – Jack: (inaudible)
– Gus: No, there’s really no thought. – Geoff: And then, you drink seven beers, – Geoff: And then you check on the bait. – Geoff: And it’s gone. And you don’t know how it’s gone. – Geoff: But you also realize you had seven beers in the span of fifteen minutes. – Geoff: So you probably didn’t notice a lot of stuff. – (Griffon laughs) – Geoff: And then you do it again. – Jack: And then you realize who’s driving the boat. Oh god. – Geoff: Yeah exactly
– (Griffon laughs) – Geoff: And then you try to figure out if there’s a boating version of A.A.A. – Geoff: That can come…..rescue you.
– (All laughing) – Gus: A towboat. – Geoff: Then you realize the whole time, you’re just sitting on the trailer. – Geoff: Fishing off the side trying to get squirrels or something. [TRANSITION]

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  1. I went fishing once, instead of beer we had about 20 monster energy's. Don't EVER do that, slow fishing but your really hyped, you'll want to jump in & find the fuckers lol

  2. Fleshlight, Go fuck yourself. Problem one of the greatest spur of the moment things that has ever happened in the history of mankind


    Geoff Lazer Ramsey, retired, is on a small boat on a river, fishing. He sips his beer and leans back, reflecting on his years of toiling labor producing content for the masses to enjoy. But those years are behind him now, and he has accepted that they are gone. His rod shudders; a fish is on the line. He grabs the reel, only to be jolted by a voice from the past:


    GEOFF: F**k.

  4. "And then you realize who's driving the boat; oh God." …Everyone who knows me personally will agree that this will be me one day.

  5. "… And the bait is gone, and you don't know how it's gone. Then you relies you draink 7 beers in the span of 15 minets and you didn't probroly didn't relise lots of things. Then you relise who's driving the boat, oh god!"

  6. They should work with gonzossm they would gain more attention for both sides and gain a more variety age of fans

  7. I only just watched this one of RTAA and just realised how much joel's impression of gus when he's not at the RT podcast sounds like caboose from RvB with more of a clearer voice.

  8. For anyone wondering, Joel's perfect impression of Gus comes from podcast 15. I think around the 24 or 25 minute mark.

  9. I swear every time I watch this animated adventure at the beginning, I picture Caboose getting angry and doing a bad impression of Simmons

  10. DYK?:
    The parent company to Fleshlight & its realated subsidiaries, are owned by ILF [International Life Forms], which is located in Austin, Texas

  11. Are you kidding? I have my retirement all planned out. I'm finally going to beat the campaign on Battlefront 2 on the hardest difficulty. While high. This should take the remainder of my aging life.

  12. This entire video has to be redone in Red vs Blue.
    First we've got Caboose's impression of Simmons and then what Grif plans to do with his retirement.


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