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Roy CrossFit – Why You Should be Taking Fish Oil/Vitamin D

Roy CrossFit – Why You Should be Taking Fish Oil/Vitamin D

Hey everybody, Kevin here on a – selfie stick. We’re on the Lundell chiropractic side
of the Lundell chiropractic and Roy CrossFit facility. I wanted to show you around
a little bit and what I wanted to show you specifically was what is not here. What you don’t find a lot in my
facility is supplements, there’s not a lot of supplements here to be sold. And one of the reasons
is the supplement industry can be a bit predatory. Walk into any health food
store and you’re going to find a lot of supplements, all kinds that you can spend
your money on with all kinds of claims about it being able to fix this that or
the other. But, so what are products out there that we might need
and are there any reason that we can’t get it with our diet or lifestyle change.
If you can’t get with a diet or lifestyle change it’ll be the only reason
to supplement with it. So one of the products I think that we need is, there’s two
products – vitamin D and fish oil. Why would we need fish oil? Why would we
need to ingest extra fish oil? Well the reason is because we need a good balance
between omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 fatty acids are
found hugely in the American diet and they are pro-inflammatory they cause
inflammation in our body. They are found in all sorts of vegetable oils which are
found in almost everything these days if you ever eat deep-fried anything french fries, chips, donuts that sort of
thing anything out of the out of the convenience store is going to have a
ton of vegetable oil and it’s gonna have a ton of omega-6 is gonna be
pro-inflammatory. So if you have a perfect diet if you never eat processed
food then maybe you don’t need this supplement. However, if you do even a little bit then
usually a ratio between omega-6 and omega-3 are going to off, you’re eating,
you’re having an inflammatory diet. That’s where taking some fish oil can
come in handy. Fish oil has omega-3s in it which are anti-inflammatory which
will help you recover from workouts will help you get over some of those chronic
pain issues, sometimes and the great news is – it comes in this
handy little squirt bottle you just take a little – mmmm – shoot down just like that
and goes right in and tastes pretty good too. So it also has vitamin d in it, vitamin
d is a good product, none of us get sunlight especially here in Utah. It’s
coming into the winter seasons we all should be supplementing with vitamin d.
Vitamin d acts actually like a hormone a lot of ways and it controls a lot of our
body functions. So if you’re not getting in the sunlight enough then you need
some vitamin d too. You can get both of those products in one little, nice little,
pump there and make you healthier, help you recover from the workouts.

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