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Royal salmon fishing on the Thurso, Scotland

Royal salmon fishing on the Thurso, Scotland

[Music] Wednesday morning and the last day of the
Ferrari Macnab – We’re staying at the world famous Ulbster Arms on the banks of The River
Thurso – Before breakfast Chris takes me down to the bridge for a bit of a pep talk and
to enjoy the views of this famous stretch of water so often enjoyed by Royalty – And the line will come round onto the dangle
and there is a back eddy where the line will go slack and the line starts coming towards
you naturally. There’s also some advice from Dougie reid
who has been fishing this water for 40 years…I then get a crash course in casting – and cue
the Rocky-type monatge of me getting stronger – casting longer may be not.. lets get on
with it and head to our beat,,, lucky number 4! We are quite optimistic this morning. The
weather is lovely the water is in great condition and I think over 20 fish were banked yesterday.
There is quite a lot of positivity. There was somebody who was fishing this week who
had never fished before and caught their first salmon. So it can be done. Whether the gods
are smiling on us today we will have to wait and see, but we are going to give it a good
go. Although it looks cool we leave the ferrari
plus rod on the bank near the hotel…I wonder what would happen to it of we did 200mph with
that strapped to the bonnet??! Like a boxer about to enter the ring – my
trainer and manager man handle me preparing me for the first round. Tentativley I creep
out into the river – fish are jumping all around me and within 15 minutes I get a take
– what a moment !! – Wow……..No!………I just had a take……I
could actually cry now. What if that is it. What if that is the only fish that comes anywhere
near all day. I am actually shaking. Despite all the advice to wait when you get
a take my years of trout fishing meant I snatched at the rod – and my salmon has gone…. It is a long way to be here. But it all feels
worth it now even without landing anything. I think it is a pretty special place to end
the film. I don’t know why I am saying that. It is 10 o’clock. Another 7 hours fishing. Half and hour later Chris shouts to us that
he’s in – he thinks it’s about 6lbs – what a moment – it’s so exciting – people try for
years to catch salmon…Chris takes it in his stride Well done. I want to weigh it. Cock fish. What did I
say it was, a guess? 3 or 4 lbs. Hook in the mouth. Hook’s out. 4.5 – 5 … 4.5 not a bad guess was it? Can I touch it before it goes back. Notice the cape on its nose there. That is
where it has been in the river long the cock fish tend to get a cape, hook. It is bleeding
a little bit, nothing bad. What I will do is put it in the water. Working it backwards
and forwards to get water through its gills. And he will let you know when he is ready
to go. That is what I am doing now. A lot of people
put them back having fought them for 15 to 20 minutes and recover it for 10 seconds and
then let it go because their hands are cold in the water or something silly. Fish welfare
is the priority. He is ready to go. There you are. He’s swam away. That was good. Worth the journey for something like that
then Chris. Yes, all good. Just got to get you one now. Fantastic, absolutely fantastic. We have seen
a lot of fish moving up and you know both flies are fishing over the top of fish and
you are in with a chance and sure enough Chris said he has missed one and then 3 casts later,
2 casts later bosh straight in. So fantastic. First wild salmon I have seen banked. Just
makes me hungry to get involved. I too head back into the water and a change
of fly – then incredibly – I’m in… This time I make no mistake. Coming up stream. My heart is about to come
through the front of my chest here. Have you noticed how the normal drivel that comes out
of my mouth has stopped. I’ver never been so focused in all my life.
The guys on the bank want me to describe what’s happening but I just can’t… Ooh – feel the tail slap the line can’t you? After 10 minutes of terror Chris nets my fish,
and what a fish … and I’ve done it – 3 species in 3 days, from one end of the country to
the other… in a supercar. I can’t believe it. There we go just in the
bottom of the mouth. Here it is. My first ever salmon. Here on the river Thurso. Beat
4. The Ferrari Mcnab we have done it, I can’t believe it. 3 days ago didn’t give us a hope.
I’ll keep hold of it for a while. I think it will be quite tired. We see the salmon safely back into the water
– no trophy for me just the memory of a knee tembling moment that will stay with me for
the rest of my life…something I’ll tell my young son about when he’s old enough to
understand. Relief and torrential rain pour down on me….I
hooked a salmon and now salmon fishing has hooked me – I’m straight back in the river. For the next few hours Chris, John, David
and I just grin at each other… then Chris says he has a surprise for me – a chance to
fish on the Thuro’s private beat with Head ghille Dougie Reid – What a privilege and
what a place! So what is a full spey cast then? Well it’s a double spey swing….swing and
swing. But I am only half doing it. I am not doing it the proper way. Spey fishing is merely
done in the rivers, spey casting. We are fishing quite a special beat on the
river today. You are, you are on the private beat. Which
belongs to Lord Thurso. The Queen Mother used to fish it when she was alive. She came up
here every summer and stayed at Castle of Mey and the Thurso was her little treat and
she used to love fishing. And Prince Charles still comes and fishes it. It is a beautiful spot isn’t it. It is a lovely spot. The private beat is unique
on the Thurso. The rest of the Thurso is quite open and flat. This bit is lovely. Dougie is another one who still gets the salmon
shakes after all these years. It just makes your knees tremble and I still
get that feeling. Even today after all those fish. Even after all the fish I have caught. I don’t
know how many fish I have caught over the years. I never kept count, but I enjoy it,
I love it. At the begining of the 20th century the river
was damed which meant the water levels and the fishing could be maintained for longer.
It also meant there was a huge obstacle preventing the salmon from reaching their spawning grounds,
so a fish ladder was built at the same time. So these amazing fish have already had to
swim over 20 miles to get from the sea to here. They get here. They have got the fish
ladders built in here to protect them from the flow of water and allow them to get up
stream and into the loch. Their journey is not done here they still have to go all the
way up into the hills behind me to get to their spawning ground. They are an amazing
fish. On the way back to beat 4 for a few final
hours fishing we see a scottish red stag – our cornish red was only 48 hours ago but we’ve
crammed so much in it feels like a week. We may have completed THE Ferrari Macnab challenge
but there’s somewhere we feel we need to be in order to complete THE journey – John O’Groats
half an hour north of here. Again there’s a fuel stop to keep the V12 singing along
as we head for the UK’s northern coastline. The weather remains dry and bright, the Ferrari
looks fab next to the famous sign post. I feel exhausted but so chuffed. So many people
have helped me with this mad event and I still can’t believe it has actually worked out. So here we are John O’Groats, the end of the
line for us after 3 amazing days. We have done 1500 miles, we got our 3 species. We
have done the Ferrari Mcnab and the best news of all. I have just been told it is 755 miles
to drive home and I can’t wait. [Music]

24 comments on “Royal salmon fishing on the Thurso, Scotland

  1. I agree with the yellow tornish a small red salmon why weigh it ? Why take it out the water ? And should not put fish back that's bleeding

  2. Please save the fish by sending 20,000 pounds immediately to Mr. Kenyanli GO GO GO to bank of Kenya where the late King. Lord, Sir Gugulait Hlanze has died with no will. Please understand we keep our dealings private. I intend to take your UK money and disappear, please send the money immediately.

  3. That has to be the worst display of fish handling i have ever seen.Other than killing it immediately,which would have been more humane.Salmon are too precious to be mistreated and killed,please learn how to handle fish properly.

  4. one couldnt fail fishing that water with the amount of fresh fish in there and the quality of equipment supplied by the sponsors .i just got to win the lottery now to book my week

  5. When you pay so much to catch salmon, then respect for the fish comes second to value for money…We fish our rocky mountain streams for sea trout and the odd salmon and treat both fish with the same respect……and the fishing is free.

  6. I was extremely disappointed in the way you handled that fish!! I couldn't even watch the whole video … I turned it off at 3:46, it was such a disappointment to me!! I ope other people realize that there is no need to take the fish out of the water and manhandle it on the grass the way you did! I also hope people watching this do not take and rock the fish back in forth in the water like that to revive it! Their gills are not meant to have the water going backwards though them … This Salmon is going to die anyways I understand that but why rush it along!! Very, Very Disappointing!! You said you were going to cry after missing that first strike you got well, let me tell you I wanted to cry after seeing how you handled this Salmon! Dom Holtam calls himself an all keen fisherman and then he had the guidance of Head Ghille, and Dougie Reid … I don't understand … what I do understand is that between the 3 of you I can imagine the amount of dead fish left in your wake!!! What a Shame!!! If you guys are going to do Catch and Release then PLEASE I BEG YOU … LEARN HOW TO DO IT!!!

  7. pulling and pushing a fish in the water, hard net knots, keeping it out of the water for far too long – it's not rocket science, there was zero no common sense applied here whatsoever.  Stop giving salmon fishing a bad name.

  8. May I suggest visiting which will show you the proper way to release a wild Atlantic salmon. Basic premise, salmon breath in the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Seriously now , you freakin people are complaining about catch and release but say nothing about the treble hook !?!??? … get a grip and loose the power trip !!

  10. Quite unnecessary to weigh a small fish like this rather than return safely. And then the ghillie proceeds to incorrectly attempt to give the fish some ingress of oxygen from the water through the gills. Holding the fish carefully head upstream and allow the current to pass through the gills is fine. Here he wafts the fish back and forward, doing as much damage to the fish by ingress of water backwards through the gill rakers (YES it can drown the fish) rather than any beneficial help by allowing the fish to intake oxygen through the mouth and expelled back through the gills. He should no better – and neither do a service to angling or anglers.

  11. Catch and release is bullshit, virtue signalling worthy of the whores of the Liberal Left.

    If you're not going to eat it then leave the poor bloody thing alone.

  12. wow . more money than brains and respect clearly. cool vid except for molesting fish. it's amazing how much faster and happy they swim away when you leave them in the water.

  13. seriously just imagine if a cheese burger laded in front of you and you bit to get pulled into the water and a giant salmon kept you under water for 5 min to take pictures and look cool then when you are just about to drown he lets you go .

  14. Why are you unnecessarily handling the fish if you want to put it back? Keep the fish in the net and in the water while you unhook it, photograph it there and then release it.

  15. Brail castle is flats to rent and outside the fishing when water is rising a six months £600 .nice if you dot it ..explore and end it in magic the magic mushrooms trip you through the year .

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