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Rybne TACOS (FISH TACOS) [Gotuj ze Strażakiem] ENG, POLISH SUBS!

Rybne TACOS (FISH TACOS) [Gotuj ze Strażakiem] ENG, POLISH SUBS!

buon appetito hey what’s up how you doing we’re in orlando florida today we’re going to be cooking fish tacos with a pineapple salsa rice and beans and guacamole sounds good let’s do today’s meal we’re going to make fish tacos you’re going to need roughly two pounds of fish today’s fish we’re going to use this tilapia on top of the tacos we’re going to do a pineapple salsa so you’ll need one pineapple roughly two Tomatoes one white onion and some decent oil another thing you can put on top of it which will also use for chips as a dip it’s going to be guacamole sore knees three avocado one red onion at least one tomato you can possibly you too and a full clove of garlic and then as our side we’re going to do some brown rice and black beans so let’s get started so first we’re going to start with the pineapple salsa so the first thing we’ll do is cut the pineapple okay going to need to dice the cup of pineapple 1 onion and two tomatoes but we just need to use the outside of tomatoes so we to cut off the inside part like this and throw it out so next we’re just going to add the onion tomato and tie happily you don’t have to use the amount of onion tomato find out that we suggested we just prefer that you have about the same amount of each one bowl and that a little bit of olive oil for flavor and then you’re just going to mix it and then you’ll be ready to move on to the next portion next we’re going to make the guacamole for this again you’re going to be three avocado ready stewed tomato on this one because our tomatoes are very big clove of garlic and then a little bit of cayenne pepper salt and pepper so start by cutting an avocado so Greg is taking out the middle of the tomato again we’re not going to use that we put the three ala comas inside and put the two tomatoes in a clove of garlic well seasoned it and we will have some guacamole so this part relieves roughly in 1 tablespoon of salt a tablespoon of pepper depending how spicy you like things about the same on cayenne pepper at ease now that we’re adding the onion and garlic I wait to do is mix everything and we’re done guacamole and we’ll move on to the rice and beans all right that’s what we’re going to do is we’re going to add our seasoning that we just mix to the fish mix it up really well and we’re going to be ready to cook we’re going to start with the rice insist takes about 45 minutes we’re using one cup of rice which will take two cups of water but first I’m going to add the rice and a little bit of olive oil just to let the rice hook up a little bit about olive oil I’m sure you know to cook rice but all you’re going to do we’re going to do is bring the rice up to boiling point once it said boiling we’re going to cover it turn it back down to medium and let it cook for about 45 minutes or until all the waters gone so now that the rice is finished we’re going to move on to cooking the fish what we have is a cast iron skillet just a little bit of olive oil on the bottom so Greg you’re just going to put all the fish inside the pan since the pans big enough just going to lay it evenly on the bottom you don’t need to mix it or anything you just try to put it all on the bottom at one time and let it sit for about two or three minutes per side and then you’ll just flip it two or three more minutes on the other side at the same time we’re going to get our black beans going we just have the beans in a small fan we’re going to put it on medium heat and then I’ll go for about six to ten minutes depending if you like them a little harder it’ll be six minutes if you like them really soft it’ll be about saying ready d all right it’s tiny so first I’m going to do some fish on your tortilla a little bit of the salsa you could choose guacamole or not I’m not going to be guacamole let sit on that one a little bit of rice beans guacamole on the side with some potato chips that’s it Bon Appetit you

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