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Saba: the best fish ever! 魚焼きグリルでサバの塩焼き

Saba: the best fish ever! 魚焼きグリルでサバの塩焼き

Okay, so this is something that’s really cool
about Japanese stoves. This is a fish oven built into the stove. This is so awesome! I love this so much.
I wish we had this in America. So, this is what we’re going to use today for our saba. All you have to do is put a little bit of water in it,
just to cover the bottom. And because this is a gas stove, we have to turn on the gas. And now we put it back. And when it warms up,
we’ll put the fish in. This is our fish. So, the really great thing about saba is it’s one of the healthiest fishes in the word to eat, because there’s SO much oil in it. And the really cool this is, you can see here, this is pretty much the entire fish. So, it’s so small that it doesn’t have a lot of time to accumulate toxins and things in the ocean. So there’s not a very high mercury content or anything like that. So, it’s really safe to eat a lot of this. And the best thing about saba is the oil tastes a little bit like butter at times! So it tastes like you’re eating something really unhealthy, but you’re not! You’re eating something that’s really healthy for you. I love saba! It’s so pretty~ I think I’m just infatuated with this fish, so I like everything about it. R: But isn’t it really pretty?
J: They don’t look appetizing to me at all, though. R: Really?
J: Just like this, yeah. Well, ’cause I know what it’s going to taste like. It tastes delicious. But it’s such a pretty blue! Blue zebra stripes. This is $4. $2 for a filet. They get discounted in the evening,
when they start getting closer to their expiration date. Like 30% off or sometimes 50% off. You can buy them cheaper that way. We’ve always bought the Norway saba. Oh yeah, I guess. We just like the Norway ones. It tastes really good. Thank you, Norway! So, you want the steam in here because it’ll prevent the saba from drying out. R: So in the end it can-
J: It’ll be soft and delicious. Yeah, it’ll be really soft and you can keep a lot of the oil inside. And you want to make sure it stays no more than medium, like somewhere between medium to medium-low. Because the heat is so close to the fish here, it’ll burn really easily. I’ll grate this daikon to make oroshi. Oroshi is my recommended sauce for putting on saba. This greenish part is sweet and the rest is spicy. For people who like their daikon spicy, use this half. This is the biggest daikon I’ve ever seen. It’s gigantic. Thank you, uncle! Rachel, you can eat eryngii, right? R: Yeah, I can eat it.
J: You eat it raw, though. The brown one, this one, has such a strong flavor to it. J: Maitake?
R: Yeah. I have goosebumps! Mushrooms freak me out! Anyway, so I put a lot of mushrooms [in with the rice]. J: It looks gross.
R: It does. It does look gross. J: It looks GROSS.
R: But Jun is going to eat ALL of that! I’m just going to eat the brown rice. Time to flip the saba! Omg it looks so good! Ok. Now the other side. I’ll make miso soup. The healthy enzymes in miso start dying around 50℃,
so it’d be better if you don’t boil it. (45℃ hot water is good) The saba is done! Hopefully it’s really juicy! It looks so good! This looks delicious to me. Done. It looks so good! Let’s eat.
Yes. So this is the size of the bones here. They’re pretty easy to pick out as far as fish with bones go. Plus, they’re all on top here so you don’t really have to worry about hidden bones. It looks delicious~ YUMMY This saba is so oily! I swear it tastes just like butter, the saba oil. This is so good! You’re eating very neatly. I’m not done yet. Still? There’s still a lot left on the sides. It’s so good~ Well, I guess I should stop soon… You mean you have nothing left to eat? I want more. It was so good! Thank you for the meal. Thank YOU for the meal!

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  1. I used to live in norway with my uncle and we went fishing on a sea(sorry for my bad English its not my native language) and that fresh fish is freaking awesome

  2. Oof i was the 1.000 coment and you like my norwegian fish and you have a norwegian cat. Are you opset with norway or something

  3. You eat so small portions.. Maybe thats why japanese are so thin? If you would serve that to a western redneck/hillbilly, he would eat 10 sabas and 1kg of roasted potatoes. With bbq gravy.

  4. Im very curious to know do you guys speak more japanese or english around the house? Like when theres no cameras on do you speak more of one or the other or is it a kind of even split?

  5. I love this, they’re both speaking the languages they’re both comfortable with, and they can understand each other!!! So cool!!

  6. This was the cutest video… I love watching you guys interact like this. Can't wait for more recipes from Jun. Love you guys. ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. Even if we don't have those fish ovens here in the US I tried putting water in the pan when broiling anyway, and the results of cooking fish and pork has been phenomenal. Oishi.

  8. I cringed so hard during this entire video….my real name is Saba and it means the wind of the dawn….omg…. Its just so …..xD I love Rachel and jun so much :* :3

    PS: my star is Pisces….omg hahah

  9. I agree. Best fish ever. But I understand if many people don't like it. It has a real strong flavor and smell. It's also is very easy to cook. Just some salt is all you need.

  10. I didn't realize but Saba is Atlantic Mackerel. It is the cheapest easiest fish to catch and also the best if you eat it immediately. It's a bait fish which means we catch them as bait but also for breakfast. We'd have a charcoal Hibachi going on the end of the boat and catch, split, clean and grill them in about 10 minutes and it's the best fish you've ever eaten. Oh yeah, this was in Cornwall UK.

  11. I spent 10 years in Japan 5 as a child…my dad was Air Force and 5 as an adult…I was Army…I do miss Japan and I too wish we had a dedicated fish grill built into our ovens in the states…OH…and Japanese toilets..I wish we had Japanese toilets …they are the best…oh and I also think the way you bath in Japan is superior to the way American's bath…the last house I lived in, in Japan had a small soaking tub…I loved it…there are many things we could learn from the Japanese here in the US

  12. Not only is mackerel beautiful and buttery, but it is the good fat too: the one that makes your cholesterol go down. Mrs. Rachel is very very right to munch upher fish until the very last crum: of this precious fish, nothing must go awaste!

  13. Really interesting. Come here after a discussion of how you make toast in Japan. A fish drill is basically just a grill with a deeper pan for collecting the grease. Saba looks very like Mackerel, which is my favourite fish.

  14. from norway… my worst fear is this fish 🙁
    (when i was little i caught one, it was flapping, and i got scared)

  15. my parents had this but it just looked like a dead fish and i showed them this video because they didn’t know i knew what the fish was and yeah they called me smart lmao

  16. I first got a view of a fish grill/oven watching Simon and Martina make breakfast in their Tokyo house. They are a Canadian couple who moved to Korea to teach in 2007, and then to Japan to continue their YouTube careers in 2016. I would love to see a collaboration between Rachel, Jun, Simon and Martina one day.

  17. Ever asked a friend to bring you soba and they bring you saba? It's the worst, especially if all you have left is one Argentinian peso.

  18. this "fish oven" can be easily emulated in any standard oven just by placing a grill rack into a standard baking sheet (or preferably smaller one). Fill the baking sheet with water and move it to upper most position in your oven… tadaaa

  19. Saba sushi is one of my favorites I wish there was more in America… I don't live in a very wide cultured area…

  20. Mackerel is popular in my country, you can usually get smoked mackerel in groceries. It's my favourite way to eat it <3

  21. Hi there. That fish looked soooo good. Can you get that fish in the States? I would really like to try it. If I can get it at least I will know how to cook it. Thank you so much for showing me how to cook it. Thank you again and God bless you.

  22. hey uhh. ik that im still not responsible but i cooked any vegetables there and i dont even know thats a fish oven
    so thats why some big vegetable dont fit smh

  23. I like mackerel/saba. It is indeed a very oily fish. My favorite fish is Garfish(belone belone), which I like to fish myself. The bones turn green when cooked. You should try it.

  24. How long does the radish stay good for and how many can that feed? Do you have to buy it that big? Or can you buy it in smaller pieces?

  25. try soak it in sushi vinegar over night before grill it. sprinkle a bit sugar and salt. it taste better for mackerel

  26. i believe in Portugal we call saba "cavala", and its my favorite fish, also one of the cheapest you can get

  27. Oishiii desu ne 🙂 I like fish a lot! I enjoyed this video. I wished I have grillers fish here in my country . And Saba ❤️

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