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Salad using dried tuna – mojama de atun

Salad using dried tuna – mojama de atun

all right whether you have leftover
Mojama or you’re just looking for a new dried tuna recipe, I’m gonna show you a
simple summer salad that you can whip up in next to no time. Thanks for checking
out Spanish Taster. If you’ve watched before and you’re coming back, welcome
back, don’t forget to subscribe. If this is your first time I’ll show you how to
use Spanish ingredients and cook Spanish dishes on my channel. So today we’re
using Mojama again if you haven’t seen my other
videos this is kind of like a tuna jerky. here we go the first thing we’re going
to do is to put some water in a saucepan to poach our egg next we’ll go ahead and
prep the vegetables so get some lettuce here I’ve used cos lettuce you could
also use iceberg, something with a bit of crunch and some water content is good
next we’re going to prepare some apple slices so use a little citrus juice
lemon or lime and I’m using a firm, tart apple like this Granny Smith so just
core a washed apple and slice thinly on a mandolin. You want thinnish slices for a
bit of crunch and sweetness but you don’t want huge chunks then just mix the
slices so that the apples don’t brown and just put that to one side okay next
I have a red capsicum or bell pepper for some crunchy color and just cut that in
thin strips next I have some fried and salted almonds I have another video
showing you how to make them but you could also just use some lightly roasted
slivered almonds my dressing is just a basic vinaigrette
I’m smashing a clove of garlic to infuse it lightly a little bit of lime juice is
going in there along with the olive oil and some white wine vinegar and a little
salt and some sugar as well now I’m preparing the mojama so if you haven’t
seen this before it’s dried tuna and it’s quite solid so you can easily cut
slices with a vegetable peeler like I’m doing here or a small paring knife works
as well I was going for something a little bit rustic and I wanted the edges
to be ragged but if it’s too messy for you you can grate it for a more uniform
look. It’s got quite a strong flavor so you don’t need very much you can see
I’ve just got this small ramekin and that’s enough for one person. Then you
just need to poach your egg so break a room-temperature egg into the gently
boiling water and then leave it for about two to three minutes and when it’s
done you just remove gently with a slotted spoon and set aside to drain. okay to plate you just need to build a
base with your lettuce, I pour a little dressing directly on at this point or
you could toss the leaves in the dressing before you put them on the
plate whatever you like then you just arrange the other ingredients so I’ve
just gone round with the apple and bell pepper slices and you don’t need to use
all the Apple as I said you don’t want to kill it
but it does add a nice touch I think then you just slide the soft poached egg
on top and place the mojama pieces on top of that and sprinkle the almonds
over the top I sprinkle a little bit of salt sea salt
on the egg where the yolks gonna break as well and then just finish with a
little more vinaigrette to your taste and there you have it a great light
lunch or dinner and that’s it thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe if
you want more recipes and I’ll see you next time

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