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Salmon burgers with Horseradish mayonnaise

Salmon burgers with Horseradish mayonnaise

Hey what’s up everybody! Danny from Danny mac’s kitchen Thnx for stopping by today I have something real cool I wanna show you
guys We’re gonna make from scratch Salmon burgers To go with this we’re going to make a really nice mayonnaise rendition we’re gonna add really spicy horse radish We’re gonna add some fresh basil, a lil lemon juice and the two go together just really awesome and I really think you’re going to like it Ok, so let’s go ahead and get this sauce put
together What you’re going to need for today is 2 tablespoons of chopped basil, finely
chopped basil I have 5 ounces of mayonnaise I happen to be using olive oil mayonnaise because I think it tastes a lot better and
it’s better for you I have 1 ounce of prepared horseradish I have 1 ounce of honey and I have the juice of 1 lemon Essentially what we are going to do We’re just gonna throw all of these ingredients into this bowl right here and wisk away! So let’s get that in there Get the horseradish The lemon juice The mayonnaise and the honey It’s gonna give a nice sweetness Which is going to go really great with the spicyness of the horseradish Let’s go ahead and mix all of that up I have a bowl reserved here on the side We’re gonna transer it and just go ahead and refrigerate your sauce Ok, so let me show you what you’re gonna need for the salmon burgers for today We have 1 ounce of dijon mustard We have 4 scallions chopped I have 1 ounce of capers, they’ve been chopped We’re gonna be using panko bread crumbs Here I have 2 cups I don’t think we’re really gonna need all
that but we’ll see I have one fresh egg and the star of our show we have this really nice Atlantic Salmon This salmon is wild caught I really enjoy using wild caught salmon because for one thing you’re positive that there are no additives or coloring A lot of companies will do that if it doesn’t say wild caught specifically also I’m not a big fan of the canned salmon
either because it has bones in it It has skin It’s a pain in the neck to pull all that stuff
out of there and it tends to be a little bit dry and also I don’t like using farm raised salmon
either because what happens is the conditions they
live in it’s not really a nice thing They really cram’em into these pools and I’m just not a big advocate of that So I always opt for the fresh wild caught
salmon So..back to our salmon What we’re gonna do is get it off that plate
right there You’re gonna want to really chop this up good Take your time At the end you’re actually gonna be looking for almost like a mince and you’ll see what that’s gonna look like in a minute I’m just gonna go ahead and cut all this up Ok, so we are well on our way Pieces are still pretty big so.. we’re just gonna work on this a little bit longer Shouldn’t really take more than another minute or two Just enough so we can form a really nice patty with it and you’ll see what I’m talkin about in a minute Ok, so you see that? It’s all nice and chopped together This is exactly what you are looking for See that? Alright, we’re gonna go ahead and we’re just gonna move this over to our bowl and let’s get mixing! Alright Go ahead and add your remaining ingredients Scallions Get those chopped capers This nice dijon mustard and go ahead and crack that egg in there Thats gonnna be our binding ingredient Let’s just go ahead and mix all that together Now I mentioned I have 2 cups of these uh Japanese bread crumbs over here and really what we’re gonna do is we’re going to eye it when we add it to get the proper consistency for our patties You’ll see what I’m talkin about I’m just gonna go ahead and add some right now Still looking a little wet I’m gonna have to add some more I think that should actually be pretty good So..let me see how that comes together mmm still a little moist We’re gonna keep adding Eh, who needs the spoon I’m just gonna go use my hands It’s easier That looks really good Definitely! See how it’s all pulling together? Where you can even make like a meatball out of it That’s pretty much the consistency We’re looking for and uh, we used about a cup and 3 quarters of the bread crumbs for this So let’s go ahead and make some nice Salmon burgers! woohoo! Nice! Just really form it, shape it and set’em aside We’re probably gonna get 4 really nice patties outta here Ok, so let’s go and heat up our pan we’re gonna do this over medium high heat Do that for about 45 seconds Let’s get some of that oil going in that pan it’s been about 45 seconds about an ounce and ounce and a half will be
perfect I’m only gonna cook two of these cakes for now 1 is for me and 1 is for camera man Brian because if I don’t make him one I’ll never here the end of it Just go ahead what you’re looking for is a really awesome uh golden brown color and also these bread crumbs that you’ve incorporated into your mix they’re gonna get really nice
and crispy So..these are decent size cakes They’re gonna take about um… Probably about 3 minutes on each side, 2 and a half to 3 minutes each side So..go ahead and just let those cook hm that’s not really there yet Ok, so real quick while those are cookin I want you to go ahead and get yourself a really nice tomato, uh vine ripe tomato I want you to get a really nice avocado and I want you to get some romaine lettuce We’re just gonna go ahead and prep this real
quick Go ahead and slice that tomato A
really nice ripe, vine ripened tomato yeah, look at the colo on that! Go ahead I’m gonna show you how to do this avocado
real quick There’s a big pit in the middle of it so, you’re gonna go on top until you can’t cut down any further Thats where the pit is Just keep continuing around the avocado until you get back to your original spot Go ahead and open that up Beautiful avocado What we’re gonna do now is just make a couple of cuts goint vertically throughout the avocado and the best way to get this outta here take a table spoon and just scoop it out just like that Perfect Grab yourself some nice romaine lettuce 1 leaf per burger should be cool Just go ahead and fold it on over I took the sauce out of the fridge by the way It was in there for about 10 minutes now go focus on your salmon cakes they should
be ready ok look at that awesome, awesome beautiful
color It’s been about 2 minutes What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and reduce my heat all the way down to low because you don’t want them to be too dark So we’re getting real close Uh I’d say we have about another minute minute and a half and we’re gonna be ready
to go This is exactly what you’re looking for It’s nice, it’s crisp, it’s firm Go ahead, kill that flame Let’s plate’em up!! Go ahead and get those unbelievably delicious looking salmon burgers outta there Put’em on a paper towel Let it sit for a second Let that excess oil drain Go ahead, I got these really nice bakery style potato rolls because I really like using that Go ahead put the lettuce on the bottom That should be good It’s gonna be hot so just be a little careful Put that right on and top with a little bit of tomato This beautiful avocado which we’re gonna put right on Woops! The leaning tower Alright Oh no almost forgot the most important part Drizzle some of your awesome horseradish mayo right on top You could always put some on the side if you want some more if you want to dip it in Oh yeah! Look at that! THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!! Just go ahead and look at that! So..I really hope your going to enjoy these I know Brian is going to, right? I hope you had fun I hope you learned something and I just wanted to mention something real
quick about the remaining uh patties that you haven’t
cooked Um they hold great in the fridge a couple of days if you need to and you can even freeze’em for a further date Alright, so thanx for tuning in and we’ll see you soon!

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  1. no offence, but to be honest, i nearly cried when you started to mince that salmon.  all you needed was to pack it into foil, hit it with some heat for 20 minutes in the oven and then put them on some greens with your mayo between 2 buns…  and it would be 100 times better. 

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