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Salmon Cakes Eggs Benedict Recipe

Salmon Cakes Eggs Benedict Recipe

chef buck here and this morning we’re going to cook up a salmon patty Benedict it’s a great way to use leftover salmon patties when I make salmon patties I often make more than I need you can see we got a bunch of canned salmon in here because it keeps for a long time and I bought this on sale I think this was almost like half-price like six months ago I bought like 20 cans I’ll use a lot of this stuff but if I use one can i will get four salmon patties out but a lot of times I’ll make eight patties and then I’ll have some leftover you know cuz they’re great for burgers if you want to make a salmon burger anytime you want but also leftover salmon can be fantastic in the morning because you can serve it just heat it up and then top it with some eggs and we’re going to kind of like I said make a salmon patty benedict but you definitely want to use leftover salmon patties you don’t want to wake up in the morning first thing and make a salmon patty because that’s a horror show if you don’t want to deal with that opening the can and looking at that first thing in the morning no that’s that’s like that’s something in the middle of the night when you’re tossing and turning and the boogeyman is chasing you that’s that’s when the salmon patty is going don’t face that in the morning but to make a statement patty is super easy you know you just crack open the can you drain it and we’re going to use the skin we’re going to use the bones you know there’s some spine in there but it’s all soft you can eat all of that stuff up you know so just crush it up put it in a in a mixing bowl add you some onion and some seasonings and use some eggs usually I’ll just do one egg if I’m making a salmon patty just go on a play by itself with some rice and some veggies if I’m making a burger a lot of times I’ll put two eggs into the sandwich yes yeah but just go ahead and mix it all up throw it in the skillet fry boom boom boom and there you have it a fantastic tasty delicious salmon patty that you can use on a plate you know as an entree and throw on some bread as a sandwich or when leftover dunt dunt you to make a fantastic salmon patty eggs benedict breakfast and we’re actually going to make some hollandaise sauce for this one this morning but I don’t always do that a lot of times I don’t I just have an overeasy egg on top boom and use the yolk as a sauce the first thing we need to do is turn on a skillet start throwing our salmon patties on here you get those cooked up and throw some oil in there back i’m going to go ahead and go a little bit of wool and this dinky doo while I got it over here cuz this is what I’m gonna cook my eggs in and you can make poached eggs if you want I just do easy eggs it’s gonna be jay-z’s going to taste just the same as it’s easier now in the back I got a yeah a little pot right here and I’m gonna melt some butter and this is going to be for my hollandaise sauce now this hollandaise sauce is just basically butter and egg yolks this is a quick blender hollandaise sauce so it’s very easy to make but it’s not the healthiest thing in the world holiday sauce you know you can see it’s a lot of butter but you don’t have to make the holiday sauce you can just use the runny yolk on the salmon Benedict as your sauce but the hollandaise sauce is good kind of a like a little bit of a treat all right looks like my skillet is hot enough so I’m going to take boom my leftover salmon patties and these things are like six days old so these are on their last leg they’re already cooked but I’m going to heat them through and I’m going to go ahead and turn on this back burner right here I got a pot of water and I’m going to go ahead and heat this up so that I got some hot water in case I need to heat my hollandaise sauce to keep it warm cuz hollandaise sauce isn’t super duper hot to begin with but I don’t want it to get cold fast alrighty so now I got my patties heating up i got my butter melt and i’m going to go ahead and get this part of the hollandaise sauce ready start the hollandaise sauce i’m just going to use two egg yolks so we’re just getting some of the whites out just moving it back and four separating the yolk from the white super easy to do just takes a second there’s our yoke I write it to my yoke I’m going to add one half a lemon just squeeze all the juice in there and I’m just doing it through a strainer to catch the seeds and whatnot so we got our yolks and we got our lemon juice now to this you could add a little bit of mustard if you want i’m just going to throw a little bit of a sobbing because that’s a nice little touch of flavor a little bit of sabe but you could just put some mustard in there you just add whatever kind of flavors on seasonings that you wanted to I’m going to put a little bit of pepper alrighty my patties over here my butter is all melted up I’m going to bring up to a hot temperature I want to get my butter hot because i’m going to add my butter to the eggs you know while it’s hot i’m going to add it slowly blending it at the same time to create my sauce alrighty so i’m starting to get a nice little bubble there on my butter but i don’t want to burn it so let’s come on over here so what you want to do is you want to take a hand blender and then we’re just going to add the butter slowly while we blend the eggs ah that’s all there is to it you know but you want to make sure and add that hot butter slowly because you don’t want scrambled egg blend it while you’re doing it and that way the butter will heat through the yolk you know so it’s not wrong plus we got the lemon juice in there that’s all there is to it and it doesn’t make a lot I haven’t made a lot of hollandaise sauce here now you could do a little bit more you can add more butter and more egg yolk if you want to make more of a hollandaise sauce now I don’t want my hollandaise sauce to get cold so I’m going to bring it over here and this pot of water that I had started heating up I’m just going to go ahead and set it in there keep it warm so we got our pegs that’s when we heat it through i’m going to go ahead and turn this off I got my wall heating up here for my egg go ahead and throw a couple of eggs in here boom all right now all my eggs are cooking but I go ahead and start plating up my Benedict because this happens very fast you know so make sure you got all your ingredients together before you start this so we’re just going to use a bed of spinach now if you wanted to you could wilt the spinach a little bit but I don’t ever bother doing that because basically we’re going to make a salmon patty benedict and so the salmon patty is going to play the part of the English muffin so really this is really a healthy dish if you don’t use the hollandaise sauce alright come on over here cam burger looks like my eggs are ready to flip because I would be like want them to be over easy I don’t want to I don’t want to overcook them because i like the yolk to be running probably it was a master and look at that they’re not busted alright come on over here Lily visa I’m gonna use a wedge of tomato a boom chef buck you’re my hero that’s all I want to be tomato can use a little bit of salt on it one so i got my salmon patties got your head getting overcooked you should be so now I got my eggs which only takes a second so we’ll throw one egg each on here alrighty so i got my hollandaise sauce all right before i pour my holiday i’m gonna give it up another quick shot with the blender okay like I said you don’t even have to make a holiday sauce you could just serve it like this here and then just use the yolk as your sauce but the holiday sauce is a nice tree make sure to do this even we so don’t get in trouble I’m gonna go ahead and throw it a few tomatoes on here just for color alright you can add some fruit we got some blueberries alright it looks kind of plain Jane so I’m going to throw some pepper on there boom it’s a salmon patty Benedict a leftover salmon patty on a slice of tomato and a bed of spinach muy fantastico super healthy as long as you take that hollandaise sauce off there but you know for a nice treat boom you make a hollandaise sauce super fast a little hand blender anyway this breakfast is getting cold fast let’s get down let’s get to it so there you have it go ahead and give this recipe a try and let us know what you think you know if you want printed go to my from channel calm you know check out all our recipes over there thanks for watching we appreciate it you know like the video subscribe blah blah blah a little raw spinach in the morning some fresh tomato leftover salmon patty mm-hmm give it a gun man you’re gonna love it a great way to use a leftover salmon pen

32 comments on “Salmon Cakes Eggs Benedict Recipe

  1. Chef Buck we have a strong connection when it comes to taste haha you happen to cook pretty much everything that I like. I also like your laid back, simple style of cooking 🙂 thanks for your videos.

  2. on butter, they'll say it's bad then 10 yrs later they'll say its good for I dont worry about it and use all I want.The king of all bad foods though is processed sugar, no doubt about that one. Good tip, I have salmon patties often so will try w/ the sauce..might put it all in a biscuit.

  3. oh my gosh, that look so amazing!! definitely will make this dish….need to buy canned salmon first 🙂 thanks for the fab video!

  4. CHEF BUCK!!!! Oh man, i've missed ya!!!! Soooo happy that you put a new video up! 🙂 You are sorely missed when there is a month since the last. You and CG are always so fun. I hope Seattle is treating you good, and you guys are happy with the big move. I live in Salem, and i tell ya what man… i am SO ready for the sunshine to come back. But, what are ya gonna do right?! Thanks for all the amazing videos you guys have done over the years, I am a big fan! love ya guys xoxoxoxox and hope your Thanksgiving was great!

  5. Omg! That looks ahhhmazing! I absolutely love salmon patties. Problem is, it's only my daughter and I, and she is vegetarian. My question is this….can salmon patties be frozen successfully? They would go bad before I ate them all, and I would just hate to waste all that good food, not to mention, the effort. Keep up the good work. I love your channel. Merry Christmas!

  6. Do you freeze the salmon paddies or put them in the bottom of the fridge? Thank you. It was very entertaining, and useful.

  7. Chef Buck, finally, I made this recipe with yesterday's leftover salmon patties ; it was so delicious with over easy eggs ! 👍👍

  8. "Horror Show." haha You got that right. I have to pick all the skin and bones out of it. It makes me gag, but when I'm done, I add an egg, some cornmeal, garlic powder, onion powder, s&p and a pinch of baking powder – not sure why, other than that's the way my mother always made them. Fry those puppies up and they are good hot or cold. Red Sockeye Salmon makes them so much better, but it's also pricey. But your salmon eggs benedict? Oh, but YES! What a great idea.

  9. most of your videos are things I definitely have not tried trying to be healthier. so im at work watching all your videos currently fasting which is incredibly hard luckily I have no money and no food just water I checked my wallet for a dollar(no luck) because geezzzz I cant wait to start cooking these recipes for me and my family. thank you so much!

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