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Salmon head Tofu soup, 三文魚頭豆腐湯

Salmon head Tofu soup, 三文魚頭豆腐湯

Today I teach salmon head tofu soup around 325 grams, half of the fish head around 200 grams, 2 pieces of fish belly remove the scales, wash well dry up with a kitchen paper, I did it already 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp shaoxing wine, rub the fish head and the bellies after rubbing well, cover with lid put in fridge for 30 mins around 15 grams washed coriander 2 washed lettuce leaves stomp 3 slices ginger 300 grams pressed tofu ( medium firm ), wash it cut into small chunks, cut it like this after cutting, soak tofu chunks in water 30 mins later, take out the fish from the fridge dry up the fish head and bellies heat up the pan, put in 1 tbsp oil put in 3 slices ginger use chopsticks to rub the pan with ginger slices fry the fish head and bellies on medium high heat fry until crispy after 5 mins the fish turns light brown Flip around the fish bellies and head, continue frying after 5 mins pour in 700 ml boiling water cover with lid, cook with high heat for 10 mins after 10 mins put in 1 tsp lemon juice and shaoxing wine put in tofu chucks cover with lid, cook for 5 mins after 5 mins, soup turns to milky white color put in lettuce and coriander bring to boil then turn off the heat the lettuce became soft, put in 1 tsp salt a pinch of sugar and pepper 1 tsp japan dashino-moto fish powder, stir well depending on your preferrence, you can add salt now put it in a bowl Thanks for watching see you again next time

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