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Salmon in a Dishwasher

Salmon in a Dishwasher

Hello, I’m Tom, and today for dinner I’m cooking myself salmon. Not using an oven or a hob or anything conventional, today, I’m going to be using the cooking power of this: An everyday, household dishwasher. The idea of poaching salmon in a dishwasher has been around for a long time. Bob Blumer, the “Surreal Gourmet”, claims to have poached salmon in more than 100 dishwashers on 3 continents. And actor and gourmet cook, Vincent Price, is said to have once have cooked it on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. But there’s no video evidence of it online yet So, I figured it was worth a try. Provided you wrap the fish really tightly in aluminium foil, there’s no real danger to the dishwasher. I say that mainly because it’s my landlord’s dishwasher, and they’ll probably end up watching this at some point. I drizzled a little oil, added the salmon, and then spent two minutes carefully folding and pressing the aluminium foil to make sure it was airtight. I had to be certain no water and detergent could get in, and that no salmon could get out. and then, I put the package in the dishwasher, added a capsule of detergent, set it to a normal cycle, and turned it on. …and now… I wait! I checked inside occasionally, just incase there was some kind of salmon based explosion. Half an hour in, everything looks good. the foil is in one piece, and there’s no salmon thrown about the dishwasher, so, I think it’s okay. Finally, it was time for the moment of truth. Whoa, okay, steam. ooh. After I defogged my glasses, I removed the salmon. It was hot. Ha. Ooh. Ow. Carefully, I unwrapped the package. It was dry inside, nothing seemed to have leaked, nothing smelled fishy from the outside. But I didn’t know what I’d find Salmon ruined by detergent? Raw fish that was just a bit warm around the edges? Or possibly, just possibly, Oh, look at that! It seemed perfect. It flaked into two pieces as I moved it to a plate, but that just showed it was light pink all the way through, and cooked thoroughly. So here’s the big question: How does it taste? Perfect. [Translating these subtitles? Add your name here!]

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  1. ok… putting the thing in a plastic pot, adding boiling water and a lid and waiting a lousy 30min works just fine as well…

  2. And here's Vincent Price on the Tonight Show doing the same, but without detergent.

  3. This is amusing enough that I might start eating salmon more, and inviting people round for dinner so I can say “can you guess how this fish is cooked?”, they aren’t as convinced as I am but eat it out of politeness. I invite them round again, dishwasher salmon again, then again! They stop coming when I invite them but I’m still putting eight salmon fillets in the dishwasher because they’re for me, all for me! The dirty dishes are pilling up going unwashed because there’s always a full salmon load on. I start calling myself ‘The Salmon Queen’. Dear God Tom what have you started!!!

  4. At least two copies now on YouTube of Vincent Price demonstrating dishwasher cooked trout. And his line about fish boning is hilarious, look up “Price cooking salmon on Carson”

  5. It's always fun to do an experiment that requires you to say "don't try this at home, kids."

    It's even more fun to do an experiment that allows you to say "try this at home, kids!"

  6. Still my favorite video ever, randomly link it to my friends every so often so they never forgetti dishwasher salmon perfectti.

  7. Something to bear in mind: this probably only works properly in older dishwashers, these days. Mine actually shows the washing temperatures on the front, and a normal cycle is only 50 celcius, which is nowhere near high enough to safely cook any kind of meat. To even get up to 70'c (which is barely considered acceptable; things aren't legally "cooked" until they reach 68'c all the way through, though I think steak and sushi generally get nodded through), you have to select the very highest, most intense cycle, which takes forever and would probably ruin the salmon. I don't even know if more modern units (that one is itself 6 or 7 years old) go that high any more.

    Another thing is, does this technically count as sous vide?

  8. This is not that crazy of an idea, there's quite a fair amount of people who do this. The main thing though is that you're not supposed to have dishes or soaps in the machine with the salmon.

  9. Tim the Toolman Taylor did this on home improvement back in the 90s. The shoe said to use the dry setting. Perhaps you should look the episode up. 🙂

  10. Tried to put a salmon in a dishwasher but the dishwasher got angry and insulted me as if i were a fish vore fetishist

  11. I honestly thought he'd open the dishwasher and some salmon-like genetically altered abomination would flop its way out of the dishwasher

  12. I love this video, so much so i link it to my friends on regular basis. But they never seem to enjoy it as much…

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