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Salmon Maki Sushi With a Twist

Welcome back to another cooking video. I’m
Chef Devaux and today I’m going to teach you how to make a Salmon Maki Roll just a
little bit different. It’s going to have instead of having the
salmon inside, it’s going to have the salmon coming sort of out of the Nori and going over
the top. The reason for the subtle difference is if you’re making sushi at home and you
want to have a large variety for your friends but you only have two kinds of fish then it’s
going to look very boring if you have just ten salmon rolls and ten tuna rolls, they
will look exactly the same. This is why you want to use different techniques of rolling
and different ways of preparing it to make it look like you have a vast variety of different
kinds of sushi so your friends will be interested and try different things and be excited about
it. This is one of those techniques you can use
to make it look more interesting. Let’s get cooking—let’s go!
Here I am taking a block of sushi-grade salmon. If you want more information about that click
on the link on the top left corner of your screen. I’m just going to cut a 45-degree
angle piece off, just like this, and I’m going to place my fingers on the corner and
slice in one smooth motion all the way across. It’s very important not to saw when you’re
cutting the sashimi. You want to make sure to have it in one long smooth cut because
otherwise it just ruins the entire texture of everything, and you want to have a very
sharp knife like this one when you’re doing this.
Once you’ve cut enough, take a cucumber. Wash this and rub it with salt to take the
bitterness out of the skin. I am just going to cut it in half and then into quarters.
I’m going to take the quarters and remove the seeds, so I’m going to do a 45-degree
cut there to take away the seeds. Now I’m going to julienne this, make thin strips with
my knife, so up and down quickly. You want to put this on the side for later.
Now you take a rolling mat and you place half a sheet of Nori on it, and then you take 18-grams
of cooked and seasoned sushi rice and you just lay it into the middle. If you don’t
know how to make cooked seasoned sushi rice then check out my recipe by clicking on the
top left corner of you screen. And note I’m leaving a little bit of a gap on both sides,
laying it in the center more or less. Now I’m going to take some fresh wasabi
and spread it across with my index finger, and then I’m going to add the julienne cucumber
I just cut. Not too much because if you overfill it then you won’t be able to close it properly,
so it’s key to know how much you put inside. I’m just going to take the salmon sashimi
slices I cut earlier and place them half on the Nori and half off the Nori, this is so
you get that effect later on of having it coming out of the Nori when you roll. Just
place the sashimi slices all the way across, once that’s done you’re going to want
to roll. Bring up the back of the rolling mat and curl it over and close it before you
hit the salmon, and then just roll forwards and over the salmon, and then keep rolling
until the salmon is in top orientation. Now it’s on top so I’m going to press it into
a square firmly. There we go, now turn it around for cutting.
I’m going to just take a knife and cut it in half and then I’m going to clean the
knife off with a wet rag, this will keep the knife from dragging down on the rice. I’m
going to cut the half into quarters and again clean the knife. Pretty much after every cut
you want to clean on a damp rage. Here I am just going to cut the quarters into eighths.
There we go, last cut. I’m going to firm it up again with a rolling mat just to bring
it back into shape if anything went out of place during cutting. I’m going to take
the end pieces and I’m going to gobble these up in a second.
I’m going to take two pieces and put them up opposing each other just like this, and
the next one, again opposing. This is a great way to present them on a plate.
There we go, Voilà, done! Alright there we go, this is the end of the
video. I hope you enjoyed it and if you’re going to make this, you might as well make
these as well. Salmon Dream, the top one, pretty nice. You’re just going to need some
shrimp for that. The next one Salmon Halloween Balls, basically you can go ahead and make
that because you don’t need any more ingredients. And the last one is Salmon Battleship Roe,
you’re going to need some salmon roe for that and then you’re good to go with that
one, too. If you want to see some more of my videos
in the future then subscribe to my channel by clicking on the top left corner of your
screen, and check out my website by clicking right there. It’s got a lot
of sushi resources. Thanks for watching, see you guys next week—goodbye!

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