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Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats |  Omega 3-6 Supplement for Pets by Pupplements

Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats | Omega 3-6 Supplement for Pets by Pupplements

they’re family you love them you care
for them and you want only the best for them but are they getting the best the
best nutrition the problem is that most pet diets lack essential omega-3 and 6
fatty acids these are important and needed to support growth maintenance and
longevity Purity Pupplements omega-3 and 6 salmon oil gives your pet many
benefits promotes soft and shiny coat reduces shedding and allergies supports
brain eye and heart health helps boost immune system promotes lubrication of
joints and reduces arthritis promotes a healthier active life and other amazing
benefits it’s pure pharmaceutical human grade and comes in a safe aluminum
bottle that ensures potency and purity give your loved one only the best and
purest so you can share more love and memories together order today and get
free shipping and 25% off your entire order

2 comments on “Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats | Omega 3-6 Supplement for Pets by Pupplements

  1. Our team had an amazing time filming this commercial for Purity Pupplements – All Natural Omega 3-6 Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats. Our cast really enjoyed the Salmon Oil and all it's benefits! 😉

  2. Our mission
    The mission of Purity Pupplements is to provide all natural, high quality products to support the longevity and quality of life of your pets. Dogs, cats, horses and other animals need omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA for optimal, whole body health.

    These fatty acids are not created within the animal’s body – they must be a daily part of a healthy diet. Omega 3 fatty acids quickly break down in pet foods, making it impossible for your pets to consistently get enough in their meals. That’s where Purity Pupplements comes in.

    Our pure, human pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplements support your pets at every stage of life, whether you’re interested in:

    Improving your pet’s coat softness and shine by nourishing the skin, supporting growth of a silky coat from the follicle up
    Giving your litter a healthy start by giving your pregnant or nursing animal a fish supplement that supports prenatal brain development
    Improving your senior pet’s quality of life by reducing painful joint inflammation due to arthritis
    Preventing or helping treat illness by supporting digestive, neurological, immune and heart health
    Relieving itchy, irritated skin and reversing fur loss for less scratching, paw-licking and chewing
    Purity Pupplements is proud to provide all natural supplements that make it easy and affordable for you to give your pets the very best.

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