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36 comments on “Salmon Run – Back to Basics – Extended Grizzco Tutorial #1

  1. Pleeeaase do a second video with helpful hints about gushers and cannons not stopping scrapers coming out of the water or on inconvenient ramps.

  2. Great video so far!! The editing is super cute!! Can't wait to see more on the series and hope it helps out players more. The most painful thing for me in freelance is seeing people shoot gushers aimlessly. One map I struggle with personally is Ruins of Arc Polaris so if in the future you have any tips for figuring out gushers on that map I'd super appreciate it! The map is very vertical so it confuses me on normal tide.

  3. This is a cute video and is much needed. Definitely hope others will watch and learn from this so playing freelance will be much easier!

  4. Great tips, great production quality! Looking forward to more from you! Your channel has made me a better freelancer and these formal tutorials will help even more.

  5. This was beautifully done. I especially like the emphasis on far off eggs. Most of my losses come from not meeting quota even with 30+ eggs available.
    People, please share this video everywhere you can.

  6. this is brilliantly done, only thing i can see that it lacks; is proving that luring to the basket is more efficient than killing immediately but i understand that takes more time and you can easily cover it in another video. i'm SO happy you're making these videos for the community to learn from and will do my best to share the content. THANK YOU 😀

  7. Honestly, the official training alone doesn't give much advice so this video is actually much better for beginners!

  8. We need to make sure that freelancers see this to hopefully end waves failed due to easily-avoidable mistakes. Also, a video of do's and do not's for various stages could also be helpful (such as luring bosses in ark).

  9. Haha this is like "Nooo, Grizz, THIS is how you do it right". Basically correcting everything he says lol. Very well made though, it'll sure help out a lot of noobie salmon runners!


  11. Thanks dude, this is super helpful!! I always thought you could get a maws to target you by damaging it, and I’ve been wondering why that doesn’t work consistently. Also didn’t know about how the flyfish shoots different targets from different launchers, or why sometimes drizzlers hopped one or two places before landing.
    This is great, thanks for taking the time to make it! Looking forward to learning more 👍🏻✨

  12. My daily dose of Salmon Run goodness, I can't thank you enough for making this video. My main problem when I play Freelance is that my teammates NEVER lure and I have to end up being the hero in the end. Hopefully this changes that in the future. 🙂🙂🙂

  13. Good to see a lot of effort go into this. I will be looking forward to the next part. – Drew Apathy

  14. Love you Chewoomy. I wish my teammates would lure. I thought people were lying or that it changed when they said that Freelancers in Profreshinal sometimes don't lure, but unfortunately I'm wrong. I hope I can get better along with my teammates.

  15. Learned a great deal from this video and then got to put these lessons into practice with your good self this evening. Perfect! Thanks for the game.

  16. I saw a post in the square about this video! So I came to check it out! I personally didn’t need many tips however this video is very useful for those who do! These are things I wished other players knew/did! Amazing work!!

  17. This is a really helpful guide for anyone into Salmon Run. I would definitely love to see another video on special waves and such 😁

  18. Western Salmon Run Player I can recommend to everyone who is interested to team up an learn more Strats:

  19. Really good advise! Thanks CheWoomy! Also, how can you avoid being swarmed by lesser Salmonids? It always seems to be my downfall in Salmon Run.

  20. I knew everything from this tutorial, except the fact on the Flyfish's launchers! It's very intesting to know that!

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