Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Salmons! Hey!Al3x… Al3x,are you awake? (Absollutelly nope) (Paper ball X4)(Or more) WHAT DO YOU NEED!!!!!????? I can’t sleep 🙁 What do you want me to do.Let me sleep. How you can sleep when the eggs are in danger? Eggs?What are you talking about? I’m talking about Salmon Run,you have to help me to save they. OK Seriuslly? Yeah,now let me sleep No Al3x,those eggs aren’t going to save alone,I’m talking about now! But are 3:00am,and always I go to that thing is closed!And the most probably is that it’s closed now! In fact,it opens in 10 minutes. OK,so wake me in 10 minutes. But don’t fall asleep! WHY NOT!!!!??? The thing it’s you never played it and I have to teach you haw to save the eggs,the eggs don’t save themselves! OK,so tell. Well,so I tell you.There is a map and there’s a thing where you have to put the eggs. And later you have to defeat the bosses to give you the eggs,and you have to carry the eggs to the egg basket Al3x,are you falling asleep!? No no no,I’m listening.(sure) And why you close the eyes!? I hear with the ears,not with the eyes. Open that eyes pls!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That eggs are going to die,you aren’t listening! Of course I’m listening! Let’s see,say what I said. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH There is something in (Dora’s) map and if you kill the sheath (What?) gives you eggs and you carry them to the thing in the map and BLA BLA BLA! SO LET ME SLEEP PLS!!! What are you telling!That’s not all. Ah…OK,tell me all 🙁 Well,it seems easy but that’s not the truth. Why? Because the weapons are random,if we don’t defeat all the enemies they start to get together. So there are a lot of diferent enemies? There is the salmon IDon’tKnowItsName.They are easy to kill but if they get together that will be the apocalypse. So it’s easy take eggs of them They don’t give eggs Why? I don’t know!! Then we have that lil’fishy.You will say:”Aww man,that’s really cute” But when all it’s green they can ruin your live. And they give eggs? Nah,they also don’t give eggs. We have that fat-fish,if you defeat it before they are together nothing bad happens And it gives eggs? THEY ALSO DON’T GIVE EGGGGS So tell me about who give eggs,I’m going to fall sleep! T_T OK!I will present you the LAAASSSERRRR RAIII! That’s how it called? XD Actually,I don’t know its name. It’s probably the most cognac,if you don’t kill it quickly there will be an X-ray party. Do you remember the fishy-devil? That who givesnyou eggs? IT DON’T GIVE EGGGGGGGGS!!! }:( Agree,why? Now it haves a misile-launcher ready to kill you. Ah,and it how… There are all together and all try to throw bombs but all fail because all are AS***LE!!! Hey,get quiet And later only rest one and it’s doing silly stuff,you try to run away,but he can’t because ALL ARE TOGETHER You are frighting me… Later you are alone and your partner is dead,you run away but there are a lot of XSSS—-RAAIIIS,you run but it’s too late because there is DA LITTLE TRAIN The lil’ trains? The lil’trains chase you,so you run for your live while you see dat damned fish stoles your eggs. The time every time becomes slower and your team returns to be dead and you are the only who tries to revive your team but you can’t because they are AS***LE.The little one killyou and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you OK? Eggs,lil’trains,Al3x,misils… Hey quiet,surely it’s open,If we play together sure we win Sure? Yup,we have to save the eggs! 1 game later Lil’ trains,salmons… Eggs,trains… Why I feel that the bear eat us Have the salmons lil’trains? YOU HAVE A LITTLE ONE IN YOUR SHOULDER! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH X2 We have to kill it for it give us eggs IT DON’T GIVE EGGS!!!!!! Dudes,thank you very much about to see my video,and thanks for Pichaco for give his voice to my video for that character and thanks for watching I wish what did you like BLOOPERS Al3x,put on your clothes it opens in 10 min. XD lock tongue There are eggs in danger I can’t sleep (ring ring) Subtitles by miguineko :3


  1. Después de mas 1 año de no haber subido alguna animación de Splatoon
    tenia muchas ganas de hacer uno sobre Salmon Run ya que me a hecho sufrir jajaja
    no olviden dejar su like al vídeo plis<3 FELICITENME QUE ANDO SUPER ACTIVO CON EL CANAL!!
    enserio muchas gracias por el apoyo en el vídeo anterior son increíbles!! estoy seguro que podemos
    llegar a ser una familia bien grande. RESPONDAN SI O SI !! que parte les gusta mas del vídeo?
    les gustaría mas vídeos de Alex y Kyle?
    Nos vemos el próximo sábado…. así es, estaré subiendo vídeo todos los sábados<3 bye bye los quieroooo!!

  2. Los nidos de salmónidos me aterran Xd
    Son tipo millones de drones trayendo huevos y llegan los salmones a robárselos todos Xd

  3. -Oye tienes uno chiquitito en el hombro


    -Hay que matarlo para que nos den Huevos



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