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Salmon Sushi Was Actually Invented by a Norwegian — Snack Break

Salmon Sushi Was Actually Invented by a Norwegian — Snack Break

– This is salmon sushi. And you can thank a Norwegian
named Bjorn for inventing it. Salmon is not part of the
original sushi culture. Even up until the mid-90s, you wouldn’t find it on a
sushi menu anywhere in Japan. That’s because Japan
is in the Pacific Ocean and the salmon they had
access to had parasites. Therefore, it always had to
be cooked before being served. So, how did raw salmon become a thing? Well, in the 80s, Norway was
faced with a salmon problem. They had so much that industrial
freezers had to be built to hold all the excess. The Norwegian government
turned to one man, Bjorn Olsen, to sell the salmon to one of the world’s largest consumers of fish, Japan. Bjorn wanted to create the
next big craze, salmon sushi, because Atlantic salmon,
unlike the Pacific variety, was parasite-free and,
thus, could be eaten raw. This wasn’t easy. It took almost 10 years
to convince the country that Atlantic salmon
could be used as sushi. It all came down to one deal with a frozen food company called Nichirei in which he sold 5,000
tons of salmon for cheap under one condition. That they labeled it as
sushi in grocery stores. That deal paved the way for Bjorn. And, from there, salmon
could finally go on to becoming one of the
most popular sushi dishes around the world. – This is banana candy. It doesn’t taste like bananas at all. Unless you were born before the 1960s. This isn’t about taste buds
of older people being…

22 comments on “Salmon Sushi Was Actually Invented by a Norwegian — Snack Break

  1. Whoever you're getting to do the motion graphics in these, give them a coffee (or a hug) for me. They do some fine work.

  2. salmon maki, salmon temaki, salmon sashimi, salmon nigiri are my fav types of sushi. I like tuna, but unless its high quailty belly meat, I prefer salmon.

  3. Not invented…popularized. Nigiri was invented over a hundred years ago and plenty of people made it with salmon. It just wasn't popular because of the difficulty in getting safe Salmon.

  4. sorry but I call bullshit! Atlantic salmon has as many or more parasites as the pacific salmon. Thank you, our salmon are much tastier and fatty on the west coast of the usa than Norway…

  5. I love salmon sushi and it is great and all, but… isn't' Norwegian salmon one of the most toxic fish in the world due to pollution and farmed fish conditions.?

  6. Not just parasites. Salmons spend some of their time in rivers. Proper sushi fish all come from the sea.

  7. Unfortunately this is just not true. Mrs Akiko Kuzusaka, my mother, introduced salmon sushi to the Brits in the 1970's when she opened Europe's first Japanese restaurant, Hiroko on St. Christopher's Place in London. Here is the story:

  8. “They had so much that industrial freezers had to be built to hold all the excess.”
    Or maybe… stop fishing it? And if it’s farmed, stop making so much. Salmon farms pollute too much anyway.

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