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Sam Fisher Can’t Stop Killing

Sam Fisher Can’t Stop Killing

GUARD1: What the hell do I care what Marco says? I don’t even know him! GUARD2: I’ll tell him you said that. GUARD1: Go ahead! GUARD2: Boy, are you in trouble! GUARD1: Whatever. SHETLAND: You believe in these things more than any government. And I know that because of it… … you wouldn’t shoot an old friend. FISHER: You’re right, Doug. I wouldn’t shoot an old friend. OTOMO: What have you done, American? FISHER: Give it up, Admiral. It’s over. OTOMO: You think that I will surrender to you? You think that I will allow your people to strip me of my dignity? Throw me in chains? No. I think not. My people have endured your… charming oppression for more than sixty years! FISHER: You say tomato. OTOMO: Americans. Always turning to their jokes when their hearts are full of fear. And you should be afraid. I may be defeated, but I am a man. And ideas are stronger than men. You may even prevent this war, American. But the dragon as awoken, and he will not be so easily sedated this time.

100 comments on “Sam Fisher Can’t Stop Killing

  1. i used to kill everybody and then hide their corpse but for some reason my winning percentage never got higher than 65% wtf did i do wrong?

  2. Funny how Lambert is more forgiving with Sam killing National Guard than he is with him killing PMC mercs who are loyal to no country.

  3. 0:47 did sam just bitchslap and armored dude to unconsciousness?

    They better cloned Him instead of me

  4. I love how Lambert barely sounds appalled at all the death. Just mildly annoyed, like Fisher spilled some milk.

  5. All of this killing is clearly the result of Sam's addiction to pain killers (2:42), why do they keep putting this drug addict in the field?

  6. Lambert: "Fisher! That was a civilian! You're a professional, prove it."

    Fisher: Kills 2nd civilian

    Lambert: "Damn it, Fisher, that's the 2nd civilian you killed!"

    Fisher: " You said I needed to prove I'm a professional, so I thought you meant by a professional killer. Plus, I think that went well killing them silently and in cold blood."

  7. Otomo commits seppuku…

    Sam: "I think somebody is taking himself a bit too seriously." My favorite line from the whole game.

  8. Sam:*attempts to ‘nade Special Forces*
    SF:*Runs around corner*
    Sam:*shoots guard with shotgun*
    Lambert:Dammit Sam, we needed to interrogate one of those men, mission over.
    Sam:*shrugged* what? It was self defense.

  9. Lambert: "Damn it Fisher, you're a liability!"

    Fisher: "It's just another alarm." (Says in a very nonchalant manner)

    Lambert: "It's more than that, the whole ship has been alerted. Complete the rest of your objectives and forget the rest."

  10. Sam Fisher says he won't kill a on old friend….
    What about those civilians, targets which are needed alive,and others which are needed alive?

  11. The shotgun attachment was hilarious to mess around with. Also, the glitch in Hokkaido where you pull the guy off the railing and his neck gets twisted in a tree never got old.

  12. Fisher- Civilians?

    Lambert- That’s right. Don’t let any of them get killed.

    Fisher- I won’t.

    shoots a civilian

  13. Lambert: "Goddamn it Fisher, Control yourself and change your Diaper or the Mission is over!"

    Sam: "Roger"

  14. 3:27 Guard:*Rushes Sam only to be on the receiving end of a shotgun*
    Lambert:(thinks) 'Ah crap…'((Best thing I ever heard Lambert say in the original.))

    3:50 Sam:Ah.. Stinks…

  15. Hey you should try at the bank theres two guards in a small computer room. I used to throw a grenade and close the door that was too funny when the grenade blows with two punks inside a small room closed !

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