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Sam Fisher Interrogates Gramkos about Sarah Death (Splinter Cell: Conviction. Valletta, Malta)

Sam Fisher Interrogates Gramkos about Sarah Death (Splinter Cell: Conviction. Valletta, Malta)

74 hours from now. The White House. Washington, D.C. Just do what you have to do. I always do, Sam. I always do. [Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction (2010). PC game] The thing you have to understand is this: The Sam Fisher you knew is dead. America killed him, asked him to make one sacrifice too many cross one line too far. [Black Arrow secure facility. Location Unknown] A drunk driver killed him, some anonymous asshole who ran down his daughter and vanished. She was the one thing in his life that humanized him. And his agency killed him. It set him up, turned him loose, and told him to pull the trigger on his best friend in a dirty New York city basement. Irving Lambert died by Sam’s hand that day, and so did Sam. So he left. Left Third Echelon, left the life he knew. Left America and Mom and apple pie, left it all behind. He hopped off the grid and went walkabout, looking for a reason to go on living. Eventually, he found it. He caught a whisper in the wind that maybe his daughter’s death hadn’t been an accident. He heard a name. And he found somewhere to go looking, a city called Valetta. It’s in Malta. Excuse me, Sir? Yes? Phone call for you. Please, accept these. Compliments of your caller. Sam? Who is this? How did you find me? Give me a little credit, Sam. Don’t tell me you don’t recognize my voice, even after all this time. Grim? What do you want? To save your life. We can go from there. A team of armed men just entered the marketplace, looking for you. They are closing in on your position. Unless you do exactly what I say, this will be a very short conversation. I’m not doing a damn thing until you tell me how you found me. We’re Third Echelon. We’ve got an eye on everyone. Look up. You’ll see it. I see it. Then I can take it back up to safe altitude, and you can get moving. You still haven’t told me how you found me. Move! You’ve got multiple hostiles inbound on your position and from where you’re at, you’re a sitting duck. Now get to that group of stalls in the market. There’s a lot of cover for you there. Just like the old days, huh, Grim? Just like the old days, Sam. Are you carrying? Yeah. But I’d rather not risk a firefight when there are civilians around. That’s very noble of you, but right now, what matters to me is getting you out of there in one piece. So get to that group of booths right now, or I can’t help you, Sam. Everybody leave! Get the fuck out of here! I said get the fuck out! Don’t shoot me! Good. Now let’s get you a little closer to those targets in the light over there. Go cover to cover until you reach the luggage stand. Make it there, and I might be able to help you out. Yeah, get some god damn backup down here, now. I’m there. Hang on! I’m tapping into the city power grid. That’ll let me overload the transformers near you and blow out those lights. You fucking dead, man! Take this, asswipe! Come out of there, you stupid turd! You owe me, Fisher! You are dead, asshole! Is that it, Fisher?! You running away? You wanna hide? No, fuck you! Come out and show yourself, fuckface! Sam? Sam! Are you there? Come on, don’t check out on me. Grim? Ahh, there you are! They brought in some reinforcements and the man calling the shots is with them. Get a hold of him. I’ll I.D. him and you can figure out what questions to ask. Who’s paying the bills? Kobin. Oh, man, why we gotta keep working for this guy? His money is good. He’s a punk! I’ve got an ID on the leader, Sam. His name is Dmitri Gramkos, a local street-level boss. He hires himself and his gang out on a regular basis. Who’s he working for now? Why don’t you ask him? I think I will… You see it? What?! Sorry about that. Cover me, you assholes! Take him down! Fisher doesn’t walk out here alive, you got it?! Take him down! Lead the target, you assholes! Let him have it! A thousand bucks units! I’m outta here! Stay back, you hear me! I’ll blow your fucking head off! Looking for me, asshole? No more playing around. Who sent you? Fuck you! Ok enough… you want to know who sent me? It’s Kobin, Andriy Kobin… runs drugs… guns… anything people want, he gets it for them… Not good enough. Why does Kobin want me dead? He drove the car that hit your daughter… used to brag about it, you know… heard you were coming so he hired me… to kill you… before you killed him… You should refund his money. Where do I find him? You don’t understand!… He’ll kill me!.. In the city… the old museum on King George Street… it’s his place now… guards out front and on the sides… don’t tell him I told you… Oh, I’m not going to tell him a damn thing. *Thanks for watching* *Watch more on YouTube/CJake3*

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