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Samsung Galaxy S 3 in a fish tank

Samsung Galaxy S 3 in a fish tank

Hello, I’d Danny.
Today is 1st of July This is the fish tank full
of overheated fishes due to
this hot summer day. That’s why I decided to entertain the
fishes with the huge display of
the extraordinary Samsung Galaxy S 3 as we film and broadcast at the same time
while the fishes are swimming around the
Galaxy S3 unit. This ship seems to be very appropriate
for a summer open underwater cinema for
fishes so we are going to use it. So we need to turn on the camera
Hop, let it just start recording –
there we go – cool. Donno you can see it…
Where are we ?
There we are – hop! And now our fishes… ops! I think that is ok. Hope so that those bubbles
here won’t turn off the cam BTW, do NOT TRY this at home! The battery of the S3 is really big
and powerful. It is possible in case of
an eventual shortcut circuit to cause death to some
of your fishes. This is dengerus,so
do not try it at home! Isn’t that incredible ?! Unfortunately the WiFi isn’t
working under water. Else I would use skype
to call the fishes and ask ’em what’s up ?!
What they have to say, But on this depth the
WiFi isn’t working… May be we can get some signal
near the water surface. Anyway let put this
phone that way Though this way it films the
infinity. May be that way
is better, opppppps! Samsung Galaxy S 3
underwater Those bubbles are shaking it
a bit, but you can see
how the fishes are staring 🙂 Amazing! I think this is fair enough
for today’s presentation. Have a nice day and
thanks for watching! In case you like press the
Like button and if I get
100k+ likes I promise to
film it in a swimming pool
Thanks! [to the S3]:
Come on… Thank you!

24 comments on “Samsung Galaxy S 3 in a fish tank

  1. Liqui what ?
    They are too busy with the iphones I guess this is why they don't have it for Galaxy S3. Anyway they do not suggest putting any phone in water, nor they held any irresponsibility in case your phone dies even if you wet it while liqupeled. Sorry to disappoint you – this is not liquipel 🙂

  2. i just got my s3 yesterday and it was pouring rain today which got in my back pack where my phone was and now i dont have an s3 anymore. smh

  3. LoL, why do you think so ?
    Sorry, for the late replay, I was on vacation … The video is real 🙂 There was just this special protective wrapping that was used during the filming. Sorry to disappoint you but each and every frame you see is real.

  4. Не е калъф. До колкото ми е извествно всеоще няма такава джаджа за S3.

  5. Sorry to hear that, the S3 is not a waterproof device. Try to remove the battery and leave the back cover open for 2-3 days so the phone can dry, tho water may already have killed your phone.

  6. put it in rice ( unboiled )
    same thing happened to me except water bottle spilled in my bag
    i left it in there for around 5 days and it works like a charm 🙂

  7. It's a good advice, I word for my grandmother's phone, she left in pocked and put that cloth in the laundry machine.

  8. Sorry for the late replay.
    It's was custom made by me, can't find it for sale. Wanted to make a video call over skype and do an interview with the Fishes, LoL but the WiFi signal turns to be very weak underwater due to the high frequency… It is very risky to put the S3 underwater even with protection.
    Drop me a private message… Thank you.

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